Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy







i102 Deviation of the Line of the Solar Vortex. A, A, road of travel [from right to left (see the arrow for circuit 1 in image i099 (with text) Serpent's Orbit) --ed.] of the vortex Tow'sang, or solar family of the Great Serpent. B, B, deviation (of the vortex) from a straight line. C, C, C, C, vortices of other symptoms of worlds. D, D, D, D, dan, dan, dan, dan; that is, from D to D is three thousand years. The open space in the curve B, B, near the center of the plate, indicates the place of the Serpent in this day [i.e., at about 32 A.K. --ed.].

(see image only i102)







i101 Mathematics of Planetary Oscillations. Zero (line of velocity), with the two arrows, and the parallel lines crossing, are the signs of boundary to a vortex. The oscillations of a planet are shown in the curves. In order to reduce the Panic signs to English, see Book of Saphah; also see image i100 (with text) Cevorkum.   (see image only i101)




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