The Book of Knowledge





CHAPTER 4 Knowledge





37/4.1. God said: To all peoples on earth, and to the spirits of the lower heaven, I declare in the name of Jehovih! Through Him and by His hand I have been lifted up. Hear me, O mortals! Give ear, O you spirits of the dead! The Father has spoken. The secrets of His glory are in my keeping. By Him I reveal; in Him I am mighty!

37/4.2. I was in darkness, but am now in light. His presence is upon me. Understand my words, and be wise in your lives.

37/4.3. Do not seek to disprove Him; do not seek to prove that these things cannot be; do not seek to deny His Person or Spirit. That was my bondage. In bitterness of heart I was bound in darkness. For those who deny, those who try to disprove His voice, are in darkness.

37/4.4. He is the same today and forever. The prophets of old found Him; so also can you. But He does not come to the denier or the disprover.

37/4.5. He who will find His Person must look for Him. He who will hear His voice must listen for it.

37/4.6. Are there not those who hear and see the spirits of the dead? This is su'is. But ethe lies higher. This is hearing Jehovih, seeing His hand.

37/4.7. Who can believe, not knowing this? Who but His prophets have the just compounding of words? They do not utter and quibble as men, but give forth as Gods. Consider this: Seek to become one with Him, by proclaiming and practicing Him.

37/4.8. Go forth, saying: Now I will find You; now I will hear You, O Jehovih! Your voice shall become my words.

37/4.9. This is the secret, O man. This is the attuning of yourself with Him. Seek, then, to make Him your own holy book. Are you like a servant coming to a master, wanting him to read and write letters for you? Such is not Kosmon. |1514|

37/4.10. Be a man in the presence of Jehovih! Be a woman in the presence of Jehovih! Build up your kingdom at once. It shall be yours in heaven. Do not think that you can sin by coming to Him. Sin lies the other way.

37/4.11. Tae said: Now I will apply myself to Your works, O Jehovih. Yours is a book that never errs. The times You bestow shall be my signposts. Is this not the most exalted science under the sun?

37/4.12. So Tae collected histories from the arc of Bon to the coming of kosmon; and the sons and daughters of Jehovih quickened him to remember all the knowledge that had come into the world from the revelations of that day. When Tae had completed his labors he made a tablet of events, and classified them, and he called the tablet Orachnebuahgalah, |1515| because it was of the line of the tree of Jehovih, being the last of the fruits of the Hebrew language. But the people called it the tablet of prophecy, signifying, the mathematics of both evil and good.

37/4.13. And Tae divided the time of the tablet according to the darkness and light of the period, and for four hundred years prior, and in all, it spanned three thousand four hundred years.

37/4.14. Tae said: According to the light of my Father in heaven I will call the ends of the tablet dan'ha, for these are the quickened times mentioned by the prophets of old. Not only will I prove whether they are true or not; but I will find the motion of the Great Serpent (solar system) and this will determine its orbit.

37/4.15. For since Jehovih has made years, has He not also made cycles, and will the cycles not comport |1516| with the rules of its members?

37/4.16. Accordingly, Tae determined that an arc was three thousand years, but that the dans varied from fifty to six hundred years.

37/4.17. Tae said: Though You, O Jehovih, have made Your arcs three thousand years, You have wisely varied the heights of them. I will now compute the events within the cycle of Bon and find the members born into atmospherea, and the times of their abiding lights.

37/4.18. And Tae perceived that he could determine the dominions of the lower heaven, and from this revert to the earth and discover what had been in ages past. Then Tae classified cycles at three thousand years, and the wave [time --ed.] of the Great Serpent at two hundred years and four hundred years. He subdivided these again, and found that every thirty‑third year was alike on the earth as to heat and cold, and from these he discovered the nebulous regions within the vortex of the earth, and the cause of the variations in the times of falling meteors.

37/4.19. Next Tae subdivided the thirty‑third year into eleven, and he found the variation to be one in ninety‑nine years. Then sorrow came upon his soul, and he cried out to the Father.

37/4.20. Tae said: O Jehovih, where have I gone wrong? In all my calculations I was puffed up with promised surety, but in my furthest research I am tripped up. The power between the sun and the earth could not make this defect. Jehovih heard the voice of Tae, and answered him through His son Corpor.

37/4.21. Corpor said: Why do you repine, |1517| O Tae. You have taken for granted that a power exists between the sun and earth, because, unwittingly, philosophers have taught it. Did the philosophers of old not say the sun was the Creator?

37/4.22. Tae then cast aside the philosophy of this day, and proved that the attraction of any corporeal world does not exceed seven of its own diameters, and many of them less than two diameters. He also measured the satellites and their distances from their central corpor, and he perceived that the diameters of the vortices could be determined by the loss or gain in the velocity of the satellites.

37/4.23. Where vortices had matured in form, he called them wark, as they had been called among the ancients, and the wark of the earth was one million five hundred and four thousand miles in circumference, but the vortex of the sun in the places where the earth rides, is three thousand years [in circumference --ed.], which is to say, one year of the earth's wark is equal to one year of the sun's vortex, which is as one year to three thousand years in the trail of the serpent (sun), and this again gives the orbit of the Great Serpent (solar system) four million seven hundred thousand years. |1518|







































1514  But through developing your own talents, you can learn to do it yourself!















1515  see image i083 (with text) for an example

















1516  agree, accord, correspond, harmonize































1517  express unhappiness, lament, fret, grieve
























1518  see images i099, i100





i099 Serpent's Orbit. 1 = Equivalent: 4,700,000; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Other orbits for other phalanxes. [Note that 1 = orbit of the solar phalanx of earth. --ed.]   (see image only)






i100 Cevorkum, Roadway of Solar Phalanx. a, a, a, lines of different currents; b, b, b, transverse currents. The crossings denote the localities of the highest etherean light. The numbers, with their signatures, show the densities through which the great serpent passes each cycle. The lines across the cevorkum denote a cycle of three thousand years, but overdrawn (magnified) one thousand times in order to be apparent to the eye, i.e., one to 4,700,000. || Where the image says: [This is] Cut A. See next page || this points to cut B, which is image i101 (with text): Mathematics of Planetary Oscillations.

(see image only i100)



37/4.24. Tae said: All things in proximity impress each other and to find the roadway in the earth's travel is to find what has been and what will be. If, therefore, the past history of the earth's people for three thousand years were written truthfully it would disclose the roadways of one cycle of time, and this must be repeated with each thirty‑third cycle |1519| with one deviation in ninety‑nine cycles, and half a deviation in eight cycles (a gadol), which is equivalent to twenty‑four thousand years.

37/4.25. And Tae measured the past cycles for twenty‑four thousand years, and the sons and daughters of Jehovih |1520| were with him, every one contributing a part.

37/4.26. This, then, is the genesis of the cycles, i.e., First Jehovih and His Times, and all the created things from without a beginning. And Jehovih was the Unseen, which is spirit, and the Seen, which is His Person and body.

37/4.27. By being in mastery over His Person, Jehovih created countless worlds of which the corporeal earth is one, and He created the living on the earth, and the time was one gadol, i.e., twenty‑four thousand years.

37/4.28. Thus Ha'k was Second Born. In Ha'k came se'mu, and this was the first time of the earth. And they (Ha'k and se'mu) covered the earth abroad with Asu (first race of man), till ho'tu came, and Jehovih ceased creating new living things; |1521| and the second time of the earth was ho'tu.

37/4.29. With ho'tu Jehovih sent Seffas, the Third Born, word‑maker, with a sword; and in the seventh cycle of Seffas the continent of Pan was peopled over with men raised up to words and deeds of blood.

37/4.30. And yet in other prior cycles the earth had prospered only on one continent (being Pan), and even in the beginning none could be inspired to go abroad and live with Asu. So Jehovih saw wisdom in the arc of Suth, who held dominion for three thousand years; and he begot Iz, who was in dominion three thousand one hundred years; and he begot Aph, who reigned three thousand six hundred years; who begot Apollo, who reigned two thousand eight hundred years; who begot Osiris, the first, who reigned three thousand three hundred years; who begot Abraham and Brahma, who reigned two thousand four hundred years; who begot Moses and Capilya, who reigned three thousand four hundred years; who begot Kosmon, the Fourth Born, of which this is the thirty‑third year; and the Great Serpent is in the sixty‑fourth Huy |1522| of the orbit of c'vork'um.









1519  In other words, the first cycle is one, then add or subtract 33 cycles to get the next near-identical cycle.




1520  that is, Tae, Es, Kosmon, Ha'k, Seffas, Esfoma, Uz and Corpor















1521  that is, no more new types of creatures or plants; but the already-living could reproduce


















1522  Notice there is a forty-ninth Huy in the image i095 below (Orian Field 8 of 9, at bottom near right side). Are the Huy fields related? Are they one and the same, and an error in transmission made , so that they should read the same?





i088 Orian Fields 1 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the first nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [Evidently the first cycle (cycle of Sethantes) was considered to be a seeding or planting cycle, filling the earth with the races of man, especially those capable of everlasting life; and so, the first dan'ha was with Ah'shong (07/2.5-6; 07/9.16). Accordingly, this image shows the fields for the cycles of Ah'shong, Hoo Le and C'pe Aban (cycles 2, 3, and 4). That is, the solar phalanx, including the earth, would have traveled through the left 1/3 of image i088 during the dan'ha cycle of Ah'shong; through the middle third during Ho Le's cycle; and finally, through the right 1/3rd of image i088 during C'pe Aban's cycle. --ed.]   (see image only)






i089 Orian Fields 2 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the second nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Pathodices, Goemagak and Goepens; cycles 5, 6, and 7.]

(see image only)






i090 Orian Fields 3 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the third nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Hycis, See'itcicius and Miscelitivi; cycles 8, 9, and 10.]   (see image only)






i091 Orian Fields 4 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the fourth nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Gobath, F'aiyis and Zineathaes; cycles 11, 12, and 13. Notice the arrow that shows direction of the great serpent's travel.]   (see image only)






i092 Orian Fields 5 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the fifth nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Tothsentaga, Nimeas and Neph; cycles 14, 15, and 16.] (see image only)






i093 Orian Fields 6 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the sixth nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Aph, Sue and Apollo; cycles 17, 18, and 19.]   (see image only)






i094 Orian Fields 7 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the seventh nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Thor, Osiris and Fragapatti; cycles 20, 21, and 22.]   (see image only)






i095 Orian Fields 8 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the eighth nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the cycles of Cpenta-armij, Lika and Che'sivi'anathaotes (Kosmon cycle); cycles 23, 24, and 25.]   (see image only)






i096 Orian Fields 9 of 9. Travel of the great serpent during the ninth nine thousand years after man's creation, showing the Orian fields in etherea, with their comparative densities and symbols. [This image shows the fields for the upcoming future cycles of 26, 27, and 28. Notice that the border lines of the fields are shown differently from previous images. This is because, while the boundaries were as shown when Oahspe was made, yet, boundaries sometimes change; hence the displaying of their indefinite nature. Also densities may change as necessary.]   (see image only)



37/4.31. It came to pass, that when the earth had entered into the thirty‑third year of the arc of Kosmon in the etherean firmament, Jehovih spoke out of the midst of heaven, and there were quickened up those whom His holy angels had prepared to hear the Father's voice.

37/4.32. Jehovih said: All who hear My voice shall know Me, and comprehend My Person. And all those who hear Me and behold My presence shall be called Tae, for they are the first fruit of the resurrection in Kosmon. Of such were the Faithists in the arc of Bon and in the cycles prior to that period.

37/4.33. And Tae shall come forth in Me, for he is My word, speaking in his labor to that end, and not by books nor by the words of the mouth.

37/4.34. And I will quicken Tae and he shall be as a new race on the earth, practicing holiness by good works, and by associative labor, dwelling in peace and love with one another, abnegating self in all things; for My kingdoms are of such people; and Tae shall lay the foundation of My kingdom upon the earth.

37/4.35. To the organic associations who labor in Me, I send representative angels from My etherean worlds; but to him who lives for self, and by isolation and inorganically with neighbors, I permit the angels of atmospherea to minister. Nor shall My hosts of the second heaven (etherea) come to those who are wrapped up in the earth, for they are like a reservoir for the spirits of darkness.

37/4.36. And it came to pass that Tae was like one man, being attuned with the Father, and the light of the past and present came upon him. And the second heaven was let down to the earth, and the hosts of etherea ministered to Tae, and quickened him, so that he could understand what it was to hear the voice of Jehovih, neither depending on the sacred books of the ancients, nor on the angels of heaven.

37/4.37. For Jehovih had said: In that day each and every one shall be as a covenant with Me, speaking and conversing with Me. They shall be as seers and prophets themselves, making their own sacred books, rites and ceremonies; and these shall stand above all else that have ever been.

37/4.38. When Tae pursued su'is, which is the reading of unseen impressions, he was also developed in ethe, which is the overtaking of |1523| the vibrations of things long past. For as one may cast a stone in a lake, and it waves the water, and the air above it, so also do all things vibrate to the uttermost places. He who has developed in ethe, becomes like an unraveler of tangled threads; and things that are past are like an open book. And the books of the libraries of heaven are open to him, for he not only sees and hears the spirits of the dead, but he goes forth out of the corporeal body (for such no longer have sin and self in them) and he sees and experiences the glories of heaven, and returns again to his corporeal body unharmed. |1524|

37/4.39. Tae took the histories of men from the time of Moses to Kosmon, and for the periods of war and destruction he made spans of darkness, and for the periods of peace and goodwill among men, he made spans of light, for he saw that the actions and behaviors of nations were governed largely by the unseen worlds around them. And these spans formed a map of light and darkness, as it had been for three thousand four hundred years. And this became like a key to unlock the past, and a base to foretell the future. |1525|

37/4.40. So he made plates (drawings) and tables of the firmament above, for even as they reveal the past, so do they also become like an index to what will happen on the earth for the next three thousand years, and they unfold the conditions of nations now on the earth and show what their places in heaven will be.
















































1523  perceiving of, comprehension of, mastery over











1524  The consciousness goes forth objectively into the Es, and the corporeal body is left behind; but the corporeal body remains alive (given reasonable parameters of time and environment) till the consciousness with its es body, returns.






1525  for an example, see Orachnebuahgalah image i083 (with text)




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