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Oahspe, Book of God's Word; 21/22.9 - 11; 15.


I'hua'Mazda spoke to Zarathustra, saying: What is the most potent thing? Zarathustra said: The eye is the most potent. The eye is most to be feared; yet the most desirable. The eye of man can go away from man; his hand cannot go away from him, nor his foot. Man's eye can go to the mountains; to the clouds, the moon, sun and stars.


I'hua'Mazda said: If the eye of man is his most potent instrument, what then? Zarathustra said: The eye of Ormazd is His most potent power over man. So Zarathustra made a picture of an eye, and placed it over the altar. Then I'hua'Mazda made the people covenant anew, but this time to the I'hua'Mazdian law, the Ormazdian law. And they said: I know Your Eye is upon me night and day; nothing is hidden from Your sight, O Ormazd!


And I'hua'Mazda commanded them to place a picture of an eye over the altars in all places of worship.


Zarathustra inquired of I'hua'Mazda as to what was the best, most potent thing for the generations of men. Then I'hua'Mazda answered, saying: The best, most potent thing for the generations of men is to teach the very young child the ever presence of the All Potent Eye, which sees into the body of mortals, and into the soul.





The New Age


In these modern times, which some now call the Information Age, many have rejected the traditional paradigms of their particular culture, occurring to the greatest extent in the Western world. Having been exposed to other more logical, more interesting, more novel, etc. paradigms and systems of belief, such alternatives to traditional religious and spiritual concepts and dogmas, have more or less coalesced and are generally known as "New Age". This extensive and varied category (which has formed primarily from the combination and recombination of various religious doctrines and dogmas of East meets West, as well as other traditions ancient and not so ancient), has been a strong challenge to more than a millennia of Christian suppression and domination.


Buddhism and Brahmanism (Hinduism) have become popular alternative religions for many who, having rejected Christianity or Judaism, still sense the need for spiritual and religious guidance and beliefs. Thus practices such as eastern style meditation and yoga; and dogmas such as reincarnation, karma and astral travelling have become popular among many westerners without actual adoption of the full Buddhist or Brahman religions as practiced among their traditional adherents.


Alternatives they may be, providing some escape from oppressive dogmas of Christianity, yet such alternatives are traps of misconceptions themselves. From Oahspe we know that the four main religions still practiced today, Christianity, Mohammedanism, Buddhism and Brahmanism, were established by false Lords and Gods who preferred the warrior path instead of the way of the Great Spirit, Whose way has always been the way of peace and non-resistance among the non-flesh eating tribes.


To establish their respective false religions with mortals when these religions were just beginning in a world where many ancient evil religions flourished, the heads of these newly formed false religions (false because they denied the Great Spirit and corrupted the doctrines of the Faithists) adopted and changed some true and some not so true doctrines of existing beliefs and religions in order to attract believers and followers. To reach mortals they inspired mortals with bibles and scriptures through their mortal emissaries. (See also What is the origin of Christ; Who was Jesus of Nazareth; The Bible Decoded; Reincarnation Decoded). The most significant aspect of all these false religions was that they rejected the Person of Jehovih, the Great Spirit and supplanted a human/angel/false God figure instead.They also made false claims of being the very Creator, or simply denying the existence of the Creator (as in Buddhism).



The Fable of the Third Eye


The talent of su'is, hearing and seeing with the spiritual eyes and ears is extensively covered in Oahspe. Su'is is a spiritual inheritance of all people, but for many it is a subjective experience often being felt as feelings, instinct, imagination, etc. These four false religions (as with any false religions in general), having originated in the lowest heavens, also wanted humans to receive their spiritual messages so that they would accept the doctrines and saviors and thus seek to go to the heavens of the false Gods after death --- and so the false Gods cultivated mortal seers to be under the control of their underling angels.


The cultivation of seers by false Gods can be traced back to Ahura some 8,000 years ago when he inspired mortals to compress the foreheads of mortals to suppress the forebrain (cerebral cortex) so as to drive the consciousness up into the crown regions of the head, where light is perceived (involving the pineal gland as well, which modern research has shown responds to light and dark to prepare for sleep as well as assisting with visions and dreams.) See also The True Story of Abraham.


Head compression was not the only method by which "psychic" powers and visions were pursued among mortals. Aspiring Shamans and seers used various techniques such as herbs, monotonous sounds, even drilling holes in the forehead and other parts of skulls to induce abnormal and non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Keep in mind that mortals are inspired and influenced (with or without their knowledge) by the spirit world and their inhabitants. The search for ways to artificially repress the waking conscious mind so that the curtain between the spirit world and physical world is thinned, no doubt originates from spirit world inhabitants and their purposes.


Consequently, in certain sects of Buddhism there is significant focus upon "activating the third eye" as a sub-goal toward emancipation into "Nirvana". As with other spiritual practices adapted by false religions, the third eye concept is subject to doctrines of the Dharma (the Doctrines of the False Buddha who is believed to be the savior and leader of the way to Nirvana), and as such is shaded by the falsity of the religion itself.


Oahspe reveals the origins of these false religions and the truth which had been obscured by their manipulation of it. Thus we find that the concept of "activation of the third eye" compared to Oaspe's su'is and ethe sense, is like trying to achieve a fine slice with a blunt bar of rusty iron instead of a finely honed scalpel.


The originators of the Third Eye concept took a perfect concept and confined it in a dark shroud so that they could use it for their own purposes. Their purpose was to harness the power of The Eternal symbol of the All Seeing Eye of the Creator, who is never depicted or thought of as human or angel by those who worship Him. Yet by locating the All Seeing Eye on the human form, the Buddhists eliminated its boundlessness and assumed man as the embodiment of It, and their Buddha and saints as having attained Its Perfection. Such a misappropriation was a cunning ruse to steer the ignorant away from the Person of the Creator and coax worship of human characteristics. Buddhism supplanted the Creator with their human Buddha, ignoring the Creator and His Gods, instead worshiping a human savior with a limited philosophy. Buddha himself can only reach an illusion of Nirvana since he himself is only an illusion having been conjured up as part of establishing the Buddhist religion. Oahspe reveals that there was no Buddha in fact, only a misappropriation of the life of Sakaya to construct a savior. Yet the Creator, not born of woman, Father and Mother of all the living is Boundless.


Let mortals have their two corporeal eyes and their two spiritual eyes, along with all their members of sense, and let them know that sight and perception is born of the Great Spirit and His All Seeing Eye.





A representation of the All Seeing Eye of the Creator. Bordered by the holy triangle and rays of light, It is not confused with merely human characteristics. As His living children, we inherit our senses from the Creator, always remembering He is the source of all. As with the symbol of the sun, which to Faithists is emblematic of the Creator because He is the Highest Light, so the symbol of the All Seeing Eye is emblematic of Jehovih's Everpresence Everywhere.







All Oahspe references are from the Oahspe Standard Edition 2007