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The Cleanup



Why is mankind today tossed about as if flotsam in the ocean?


Why indeed...because his systems and orders have lost their sure anchorage, these continually cast man overboard without a lifejacket. Abandoned as jetsam, man surges about in the waves, coughing, spitting, grasping for anything floating. Finding some scrap, he clasps on, riveted with fear---in great foreboding refuses to let go! The ones that consider themselves fortunate have found one of the many ships about, only to discover that it too is sinking.


The origin of man's present condition resides in the tale begun long ago when eoptian man first sprang forth. From then forward, along his course through the dan'has, man paid for his progress in great measure from the light he subsumed from his environment. Despite his coarse habits and gross actions, his subsequent soul growth resulted in the next generation having slightly improved provender. And that generation in turn would pay for that progress by what they took. But man's taking was haphazard and destructive. He took but gave little in return. And so it continued to our day---man would take from the earth and its milieu; but take very little from spirit. Arduous was the labor by Jehovih's kingdom to get man to desire spiritual food.


Oahspe Book of Osire; 18/6.13, 14.


And now, touching the law of the resurrection, remember, this is the same in all the created worlds, which is, that the spirit of man grows by giving away whatever the spirit has to give.... As the corporeal man accumulates corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulates the spirit of any man.


For he who locks up the light of the Father that is in him, cannot obtain more light; he who locks up goodness of heart, cannot obtain strength of spirit....



This taking from the earth and its milieu while giving little in return, actually caused a deficit in the soul of the earth. We can think of it as a loan that pre-Kosmon man took from the stores of the earth and its heavens, but failed to replenish. As in all corporeal worlds having an eoptian age, the note becomes due at the beginning of Kosmon's time, which in our case began in 1849. All is not so bleak as might first appear. For total repayment is not required at this time, but rather a balancing of the books along with a sincerity payment and a restructuring of debt.


We use this metaphor because corporeal banking, which, in unconscious imitation of Kosmon, corporeally-oriented man has placed central to his life. For, even as Kosmon, Daughter of Jehovih, signifies repository, as in books, libraries, stores, granaries, and banks, so in the Kosmon Era her time has come into ascendancy. And although corporeally-oriented man ignores the higher es aspects of Kosmon, yet he, as well as all mortals are being called into account by Jehovih to balance the books between corpor and es, so as to replenish Kosmon's vaults.


This debt extends to the soul realm as well. For in the soul realm, as in the corporeal realm, whenever something is disturbed it creates a void which then gets filled from the immediate surroundings. If darkness in a person's soul is in ascendancy, then that darkness will rush in to fill the void. If instead light stands in ascendancy, then light rushes in to fill the void. For the period of one Measure (24 dan'ha cycles), man has been creating some mighty ugly soul forms, or rather deformities, in the densest regions of substance. He has taken and not replaced. He has destroyed and not built. He has created in immense numbers, monstrosities of malformation. Distorted by the focus of self, they emerge in Kosmon as obstacles to man's advancement as he approaches the bottomless pit of the abyss, or more precisely, as the ground he stands upon inexorably gives way to the abyss.


The only hope for man's survival, the only way to effectively deal with the ever widening and deepening pit of the abyss, is to turn from the beast to Jehovih. OUT OF SABEA COMES KOSMON (caption for the image Arc of Kosmon in Oahspe). Which means, Kosmon comes from man learning to effectively deal with the evil in the nature of the beast everywhere. To effectively deal with that evil and the beast, requires the way of Jehovih---which for man in the early days of Kosmon, means following Jehovih's light, even if many of the followers cannot yet accept His name nor His person. In more concrete terms this means turning from a culture of death to a culture of life, more specifically to a culture of the spiritual life balanced by a culture of the corporeal life---with the spiritual life and man's highest es, in charge. (Man determining his 'highest es' is usually referred to by the phrase, 'highest light'. While the unlearned may not understand the term 'highest es', everyone thinks they have an idea of what 'highest light' means.)


Next time we take a closer look at the details such as the unfolding of events.








All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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