Oahspe Study and Faithism 

From the Darkness into Light Part 4



How did the races of man help man move from the darkness into light? What was their role and heritage for man on his way toward Kosmon. And what does their legacy presage for man in Kosmon?






Heritage Into Kosmon


With the advent of Kosmon, man turns to reconnect with his roots, at first toward the corporeal origin as it were. He will experience the prowess of the Druk and his joy of going forth in the world of corpor, building for self's sake. Some will go farther and seek to become the Alpha and at the head of all other beastly things. Some of that beastly realm will then continue toward what the beast-man considers to be the foundation and fullness of all. And so, unbeknownst to them, they will slide toward the condition of Yak and spiritual idiocy. So man's social order will see strong alphas for their own self-aggrandizement seeking to create and lead yak-like servants. But on that track under the wiles of the Beast, they will ultimately destroy themselves, and their beastly buildings return to the corporeal elements from which they came. For like the Yak, they shall have reached an end point in the limits of degradation which destination is extinction. These are the uzians who reap their own destruction.


Such a scenario is made possible in part because man arriving at Kosmon, continues on in the Na--male--going-forth-beast-mode of Corpor and Seffas. This Na mode had been sustained by Seffas, Son of Jehovih, during the first Measure, being the first 24 cycles (Sethantes through Lika) of the eoptian man. The entire measure, although entailing a certain amount of Es development, was oriented to building the corporeal man and make him ready to begin his Es development in earnest once Kosmon began.


But after Kosmon began, the momentum of the Four Heads of the Beast continued on in man. And (save for those who chose Jehovih or His Light, man's chosen) escape from the beast came through the promise of corporeal developments, corporeal understandings, and corporeal potential, and in particular in science as savior. But the beast in man in his quest for self-aggrandizement will attempt to sabotage and undermine even that which is keeping him afloat.


As a result, man hurtles toward the abyss of no return as exemplified by the Yak. The strongly corporeally-oriented man continues falling faster and faster toward spiritual denial and spiritual idiocy, disturbing and destroying all that he lays his hands to. And if continued unchecked he will eventually destroy all connected to him or in proximity to him. Whether he checks himself or man rises up to check him remains to be seen. In all this it should be remembered that the earth is under the guidance of Jehovih and His Gods and angels working with man toward the birth of Kosmon Man.


If man in early Kosmon chooses to reconnect with his origins, he will sooner or later look beyond his immediate forebears toward the I'hin. And in attaining that, Kosmon man will then continue farther to connect with his Asu heritage. This allows man to experience life as the trees experience life. He may then proceed farther and explore the roots of corporea, experiencing the conditions within which the various inanimate forms exist and are moved.


Where Yak was the point beyond which objective disintegration away from man toward the corporeal elements occurred, man will find that through Asu and then to the roots of the Tree of Life, man can experience subjectively the condition of the corporeal elements, without himself objectively disintegrating. Jehovih allowed a symbol / emblem / example of this in the Monstrosities that came from the union of Yak and Asu---the power of procreation had disintegrated (uziated) away from the monstrosities, who thus died without creating offspring. If we form a ring from our races we find that the monstrosities stand opposite the I'huan-to-Man line.



The arrow in this diagram (which is tracing the going-forth direction of the Wheel of Life) indicates the Asu and I'hin rising toward the light (which culminates at the zenith), but only the I'hin is oriented toward eternal life. The I'huan-Ghan-Man rise indicates the pinnacle of the species of man and the rise in and toward perfection and the fullness of eternal life. As the direction of the arrow's path around the Wheel continues past the zenith, it turns downward showing that the Druk is oriented more toward the earth and darkness but still would have a relatively strong connection to es, though he nearly always abused it. The Yak is downward oriented, incapable of rising; and overwhelmed by soul malformations he becomes subject to all other races of man. The Monstrosities signify the opposite intent of man's species. Where Man moves toward the All Knowing and the fertility of animated es, so oppositely moved the Monstrosities toward All Ignorance and the infertility of the inanimate elements (corpor per se, see, e.g., 38/8.1).


Because Asu had risen up in Se'mu'an times out of the darkness and the elements, the link is there for man to experience the elements via his Asu heritage. Prior to kosmon, few mortals would know that they were experiencing the elements through their Asu heritage. Now that man in Kosmon has become capable of comprehensive judgment, he can knowingly experience the inanimate elements subjectively through his Asu heritage. And having discovered subjectively through that heritage the conditions of the elements of the earth and corpor, man will afterward rise up from those roots into the Tree of Light which comes through the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is through the blood and corpor, i.e., through our corporeal forebears. The Tree of Light grows from the Line of Light given by Jehovih to the righteous who keep His commandments.


The growth of wisdom in man, as the earth grows older, is the tree of light.(36/0.10.)


God said:... The Father has spoken; Him I reveal; in Him, bestow the Tree of Light.(36/6.1.)



The Tree of Life also supports all life on earth. Both Trees require good soil, nourishment, holy cultivation, and wise stewardship. May all find it in their place to nurture the Tree of Life so that the Tree of Life may flourish within.










All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition






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