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Fields of Man's Endeavor





What is a Field?


As mortals we know that a field consists of a region filled with substance / soil that supports life growing within that region. The region / field itself is bounded.


From that beginning, Jehovih's angels have inspired man to find more abstract fields and name them. Thus, for instance, by experimenting we have learned that electricity also has a field---called an electromagnetic field---within which it exists and operates. Also there is a field of study; an occupational field, a field of vision, and so on. There is of course also a field of education within which the practice and theory of teaching is applied and the crop grown is students.


In such a way, then, the earth is viewed by high raised ethereans and Gods as a garden producing under their tending, a crop of human souls to inherit Jehovih's greater fields and realms.


But tending to the crop of human souls is not a static occupation. Souls must be developed and perfected over time till at last man has reached his full ripeness. While the field under the stewardship of our elder brothers and sisters was more or less stable under a condition of homeostasis, yet in Kosmon as indicated in Oahspe, responsibility for sustaining such a state of equilibrium has been given to man. This is man's outer realm endeavor. And it includes all his outer realm fields of study and application---essentially everything seen around you with physical eyes and experienced with the five physical senses including buildings, machinery, equipment, transportation systems, communication systems, storage and retrieval systems, schools, hospitals, etc.


Man also has an inner realm endeavor to attend to, for he has also been given responsibility over developing his inner fields such as his soul, his spirit, his mind, and his inner form. More than that, he has been given responsibility over perfecting himself in the field of man, the order of man --- both inner and outer as well as both together --- and finding the optimal / highest-best balance for Jehovih's sake.




The Foundation of Fields and the Seven Eras of Man


The foundation for man's understanding of fields was first given in the Tablet of Se'moin. It remains the deepest ultimate source for not only understanding the foundations of our seen field we call the universe, but for understanding the basis of our foundational unseen fields.


The only two conditions given in Se'moin that have no seen field connected with them are Ah and Oh --- Foundation that comes out of the unseen field, and that which resides above the Foundation. These, then, are the first pulse / condition of the unseen field, and the second pulse / condition of the unseen field. All following pulses / conditions of Creation have a seen field.


But just because a field is perceived doesn't mean that it is necessarily understood. Hence, man's progress through the seven six previous eras helped him to understand the seen field called earth or corpor. He was also introduced to the unseen field --- the Es --- but for the most part it remained beyond his capacity to have much mastery over it, much less wise mastery...until we reached Kosmon's time commencing in 1849 ce.


Man was first introduced to the idea of fields in the 3rd era --- which is connected to the 3rd pulse of Se'moin (Esk, i033, 35/D.03) --- where he learned of the upper field (heaven/sky) and that it had a connection to the foundation --- Ah, the ground (earth) where man was. And the angels of Jehovih first taught man to live in community, which is an unseen concept that descended from the seen field above (sky via the angels), but representable to mortals in that era and perceived by them as increasingly desirable. By the end of the era, the idea and desirability of community was deeply and sufficiently sealed within man's soul --- for man was captivated by the foundation above him, and he desired to be obedient in all things.





Yet, throughout that third era the earth remained a mystery to man. But Community gave him an anchorage, a stability and security by which he could try to understand the earth. For he was enticed to look downward --- the earth beckoned him and he looked down into it. And lo, the voice of satan (self) rose up to him. The mysteries of earth, and self, and the enticing voice of satan rising are all signified in the symbol of Esk (i033, 35/D.03) by the descending horns of the upper foundation that extend below the foundation, below the earth.


The parameters set by the sky (the unseen) via the angels of Jehovih were / are signified in the Esk symbol by the sides of the arc blocking the way backward or forward on the lower foundation --- earth. This served to keep man within certain bounds. Accordingly, man looked up, but also he began to peer downward into the abyss. Thus in the 3rd era, man began to wonder and ultimately wander. But although man wondered and wandered and looked downward into the earth to fathom its mysteries, he as yet favored the voice of the angels of Jehovih.


It wasn't until the 4th era when man obeyed the beast, believing that Satan was his friend and looking out for that person's welfare. Instead, war came into the world. Nevertheless, man plumbed the depths of the lower field. This is shown in Se'moin's fourth pulse (Esak, Cosmos, i033, 35/D.04) where we see that the lower field --- the field beneath the foundation is bounded, and therefore capable of being perceived or seen.


By the time of Aph, the depth of man's plumb reached to the bottom boundary of the lower arch. That was not what caused the continent of Pan to be sunk. Man was intended to reach that low point. The problem was that the earth's roadway could not be made deeply thickly black enough (not enough time?) for raising them adequately high enough (09/2.24).


[Those in deep darkness must be raised at first gradually, slowly, starting with the density (deep blackness in the case of Pan) of atmosphere that the druj had been feeding upon. If the ethereans could produce only an inadequate amount of that requisite blackness in the time given, this would mean that the numbers of spirits and mortals in deep, deep darkness were too much / overly abundant (09/3.7-13) for man to continue beyond that point, because not enough of him (collectively) could be lifted to sufficiently keep the rest uplifted through the dan'ha. So they lopped off a continent to reduce the numbers and make the earth garden manageable once again.]


Now, in the 4th pulse there are two fields, an upper and a lower. In the fifth pulse we again see two fields but differently. As the outer foundation (ah) separates the upper from the lower fields in the cosmos (#4), so in the fifth pulse an inner foundation (Eayo, i033 35/D.5) has come forth amid the field separating the left field from the right field. The inner foundation signifies the inner realm. Accordingly, at the beginning of the fifth era Aph lays the tetracts on the shoulders of mortals (10/13.11).


In the fifth era (02/1.8-10) man has come to understand at least initially that satan was not there for man's well-being or happiness (02/1.8). Instead, Satan had caused man to turn to his own concerns and thus away from his family or from any other tug upon him (02/1.9). This caused man to develop his individuality (his inner self) at the expense of others, by differentiating his individual self from the collective. So man listened to satan and became carnivorous, losing the Voice of Jehovih and ultimately losing memory of Jehovih which manifested as disbelief in Him (02/1.10). So far as man was concerned, there was only that which lay in front of him and that which lay behind him. And although he experienced the inner realm via the tetracts, and though he developed his inner self, yet he did not acknowledge the potency of either the higher realm or the lower realm, believing his self (satan) as all sufficient and potent above all things.


In the sixth era, the two foundations of outer and inner are combined into one reality. This creates four fields bounded by reality (see Hoi, i033, 35D.5). For the first time the places of the four sacred directions / paths appear before man. But simultaneously the Beast has claimed the four fields. Thus arising in the 6th era are the Four Heads of the Beast (02/1.11), which in this day are the four religions of Brahma, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed (02/1.12-13).


Because the 6th pulse or cycle of anything signifies the ideal, so we perceive that it was the ideal of the Beast, especially in the outer realm, that prevails through most of the sixth era of man. Be that as it may, Jehovih through His God and hosts, secured growth for man in his inner foundation sufficiently so that by the fourth dan'ha of the sixth era (Bon) man was able to keep alit the Tree of Light within him.


Thus for the seventh era, Man's inner foundation although weakened and much corrupted by the end of Bon, nevertheless remained in sufficient strength for the Kosmon era to blossom forth on schedule. Man will reclaim the four fields for goodness' sake. Ultimately he shall reclaim the fields for Jehovih's sake. How that shall come about shall be dealt with later.


May you be blessed with the four entities of Peace, Love, Soul, and Eolin --- the blessings of the four fields that man longs for (35/H.5.8, Sa'uss, in i037--note the four fields). The four fields can also be found in Hoi, the ideal, as well as in Eloih (the Sustainer of the Good; 35/D.9). When man can place those blessings within the Wheel of Life and has learned how to sustain them, so such entities shall reside as constant companions to man.







All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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