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Herbivorous diet (Vegan) along with cleanliness and purity of mind, body and spirit sets the foundation for the spiritual man in this Kosmon Era --- and this is according to Jehovih's command as set forth in Oahspe.


Oahspe Prologue, (02/1.16)


Behold, the seventh era has begun. Your Creator commands your change from a carnivorous man of contention, to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and there shall be no more war on the earth.||




Herbivorous means subsisting on plants --- A vegan diet is a plant based diet which has no animal substances, that means not only the exclusion of animal flesh but it also means no milk, no eggs, no fish, white meat, lean meat --- in short nothing that comes from an animal.


The Herbivorous diet not only allows other animals to be free of man's dependence upon their substance, as in hunting, robbing nests and hives or animal husbandry for flesh, eggs, milk, hair, fur, skin, etc., but it also allows man to rise to the perfection of his kind, which is the foundation of the Kosmon Era.


Oahspe, Book of Es 29/20.45.


I come in kosmon to free not only the corporeal man, but the spiritual man.  [To receive freedom, man must give freedom.]




Question: If you do not harm an animal, does that make it OK to consume its milk?



Response: Notwithstanding the unsuitability of milk for the biology of man, milk now (in Kosmon) has been proven to be the cause of many diseases in humans. Then too, there is the contamination of the blood by animal substance affecting the spiritual grade of man --- If we were to focus on what happens to the animals (cows, goats, sheep, camels, even horses have been and still are sources of milk in the human diet) we find that animal abuse is inherent in all aspects of production.


There are many milk producers who claim their product comes from happy cows feeding on organic pastures, and some even conduct pre-arranged tours of yards, sheds, and fields.  But a closer inspection of any dairy farm will prove that this is simply not true.


Dairy cows are mostly artificially inseminated ---artificial insemination without consent is rape for humans, why would it be otherwise for animals?


Male dairy calves are the backbone of the veal industry and are removed from their mothers at birth or soon after, fed on an anemic diet and kept immobile to soften their muscles then slaughtered routinely in infancy. 


Milkers (cows can naturally live at least 20 years), are sent to slaughter after two or three years of milking because it is less profitable to keep an older cow than to replace with a new milker ("the average cow is removed from the dairy herd around age four and marketed for beef." --- wikipedia).


There is sufficient evidence of cruelty and animal abuse associated with all forms of animal husbandry available to anyone who wants to know – "Earthlings", "Forks over Knives", and other informative videos are available free on the internet as well as a plethora of free written information.


Book of Inspiration: 34/8.8, 11-13.


My angels said to man: Become one with your Creator; these are His direct inspirations: ....

To not kill.


To not do violently against His creatures.


To be considerate of the liberty of all the living.





Question: What about the Shepherd kings. They drank the milk of goats?



Response: We find in Oahspe, The Lords Fifth Book (19/3.19-24) the historical account of the lost Ghans, whose descendents became the Shepherd Kings. They did not eat flesh, but being lost and without food supplies, they learned to live off the milk of the wild goats to survive. This was a deviation of a long established vegan diet, which also proves that the vegan diet has been around for longer than the ova-lacto vegetarian diet. But for the sake of physical survival they took to suckling (fetaling) rather than die or become flesh eaters, and this became the diet of their descendents. This practice however, was not shared by the other tribes of Faithists who were not lost.


The practice of living off milk became prevalent in Shem (India) as a result of Aryans, coming from the north/west into India, who herded cattle which they consumed (Wikipedia). In the presence of the dense population of Vind'yu, which could not sustain excesses of meat consumption draining farmland resources and the spiritual climate, the use of cattle evolved into milking cows and oxen (male offspring) for plowing. Consuming the milk, however, never took hold among the Faithists of Jaffeth and Guatama. Ironically India today is now []2016 the TOP exporter in the world! And the 4th largest exporter of leather!


Even though there was a widespread practice of consuming milk in Vind'yu and the regions west, the Faithists of Ham (Ancient Egypt and after Moses, in Canaan) and those of Vind'yu also maintained a vegetable only diet (vegan, herbivorous), as can be evidenced historically and also in Oahspe's Emethachavah ceremonies in the Book of Saphah.


The prophets of these regions in the last sub-cycle before Kosmon, Sakaya and Joshu both sprung from Faithists who had lived for many generations on herbivorous (vegan) diet. Indeed, both of these prophets espoused the importance of cleanliness of diet, as well as spiritual purity. (The Essene Gospel of Peace).




The Perfection of Man


Kosmon is the time of mankind reaching perfection in his order (as other animals are perfect in their order) and this involves man taking responsibility for his actions. Up until Kosmon Jehovih allowed man to eat animal substance and he was sustained by the presence of Jehovih's heavenly kingdoms. But in the Light of Kosmon, Jehovih's kingdom no longer purifies (or uplifts beyond the ethe of the poisons) through the presence of His Hosts. So now it is left up to man alone to suffer the consequences, and by this suffering, change his habits and addictions.


Today in Kosmon, man is given dominion over the lands, water and air. Indeed we know that mankind must take responsibility for his environment or else it will be destroyed by his own hand. He has to learn the wise use of energy resources --- Animal agriculture and War are two of the biggest consumers of resources and are absolutely unnecessary in fact they are absolutely destructive. And we find that again this is evidenced in the first commandment in Oahspe for the Kosmon Era --- to become Herbivorous (vegan) Men and Women of Peace.


Another excerpt from Oahspe further highlights the perfection of man is to become a peaceful herbivore (vegan).


Oahspe, Book of Inspiration; (34/12.30-40).


Jehovih said: When I command the nations of the earth to peace, behold I raise My hand above the carnivorant's head.


As there was a time when I created every animal perfect in its order; so also shall such a time come to man. And now is the dawn of that time. Therefore, I named it Kosmon.


As the spider learns to build her web without a book, and the bees to dwell in a queendom in peace and industry without books, written laws, and instructions on how to do this and that, even so, now is a new birth to the generations of My people.


By My direct inspiration upon them they shall learn to do all things perfectly, in the order of man for which I created him. Man shall know how to do things easily, and without the long labor of books, and without being shown or instructions given.


As of old, I commanded you to have dominion over every living thing I created; so, now, I command you to take the earth and the waters of the earth and the air above the earth into your dominion also. And you shall rule over them; to drive away the heat, and bring the cold; to drive away the cold, and bring the heat; as you will, for the benefit of all the living.


To accomplish which, you shall now, first of all, adapt yourself to your Creator, according to My highest Light upon you: To put away your own disharmony in your blood and flesh, and in your soul. Opening the way for My inspiration to come direct to you, so that you may be one with Me.








All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007