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Saviors and Religion




Neither shall you have any God, Lord or Savior, but only your Creator, Jehovih! And you shall worship none other, from this time forward forever. I am sufficient for My own creations.


Oahspe Prologue; 02/1.18.




To understand the relevance of Saviors and Savior Religions today and historically, we can find in Oahspe a framework through which to view the past and find the order and progression of man to this our time and even into the future.


Oahspe does this by supplying the highlights of a comprehensive account of man's maturation. First was Asu (known as Adam in the Eza bible tradition --- this is not one man but the first of the species of man), who was the beast/animal, then there were the various races of man and finally the man of today in Kosmon. In this era of Kosmon man is to reach maturity --- ready to become perfect in his order. Oahspe's imparting of that progression becomes a significant reason for reading Oahspe in chronological order starting from its beginning through the historical parts and into the topical books and then to the end.


Accordingly, we find in the Oahspe prologue a short synopsis of man's progress through the seven eras from his very beginning as Asu. We discover vthe various means that man's consciousness was developed to grow in awareness of the spiritual aspects of Creation and the power of the Unseeen. This included the embodiment of spirit in material such as stone idols, symbols and concepts, as well as Gods and Goddesses in human form in heaven, some of whom falsely claimed earthly incarnations. But it is only in the seventh era of Kosmon, now underway, that man is matured to worship the Creator only.




Why are there still Savior Religions in our Time?


The dawn of the seventh era (Kosmon) began in 1849, but we still see Savior religions some 168 years into Kosmon. This makes it clear that all of mankind is not "on the same page", or more precisely, not of the same grade of consciousness, understanding or perception. This is understandable, since the grades of man can be graphed on a bell curve continuum, and so we find in Kosmon that there are those who are quickly awakened to the All One and those who yet cling to some form of the beast, including false Gods and Saviors. 


Yet Oahspe reveals that in the past, Jehovih provided man with Gods, Lords and Saviors for the different grades of men. While the Faithists --- first the I'hins and then the Ghan Faithists --- upheld worship of the Creator throughout man's history, there were many others who were not yet capable. Of these latter, many required a Savior figure.


Saviors are those who essentially say, "follow me and my ways and you will be saved, for I will bring you to the Father."|| Of course whether or not that Father is the Great Spirit, or a false God, or false doctrine is another issue.


Some Past Saviors - True and False


Hapacha was the last "Savior of Man" in Guatama leading to the Great Spirit, after which no more Saviors would be established; and I'hua'Mazda was the final "Savior of Man" for the Great Spirit in the Eastern Hemisphere continents; after which no more were required.


But the lower grades of man were still susceptible to the lure of Saviors. A false God (or Goddess) might claim, for instance, that his (or her) death brought about rebirth of Springtime, or of the sun at Daybreak, that is, he or she died so that man could live, and in that sense, the false God became a Savior of man, that is, saving him from endless winter or endless darkness --- thus in essence falsely claiming to have control over the life and death of mortals.




Baal, Osiris and Ashtaroth



The cunning of the false Osiris (whose religious seat was based in Ancient Egypt) was that he combined the Savior concept into the Godhead, that is, the Savior and the Godhead became as One Entity. Thus, Osiris claimed he was the Father over all, Baal was the supposed Son who had control over whether a mortal lived or died, and Ashtaroth, the supposed Daughter who had control over fecundity (fertility), essentially the bringing forth of new life, birth. That is, Baal had death and Ashtaroth had life. Or rather, Ashtaroth decided if you would be saved because of progeny (the labor force, the old age Social Security, retirement and pension plan of those days) and saved because you were fed, since your grain must germinate and grow and new lambs must be born. Whereas Baal, in holding the key to heaven, provided for your resurrection, and thus, too, decided when you would die. And Osiris stood astride and above both as the Center above and between them, and he was in that position because he was master over both (or so went the doctrine). That is, Osiris provided for the conditions of life and death, and in that sense he was the maker and holder of system and order, the Maat of the Egyptians. These claims of course were all false, but nevertheless, these false Gods became bound to those who believed and worshipped them, and the bound Gods had to eventually raise their followers up to the 3rd resurrection.


What happened in the following cycle was that Looeamong, Ennochissa and Kabalactes, set up a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Of that Trinity, the Triune Confederacy was the head, that is, the Father; each of the three Gods were the Sons of the Father; and the Holy Ghost was the Unseen Holiness that one could feel and become attuned to (although they rejected the notion that the Unseen Holiness came from an All Person of the Universe).


Where the Savior part came in was when they reacted to the success of God, Son of Jehovih's efforts through Sakaya and Ka'yu. Since many mortals were influenced by the teachings of these two true prophets and paid less heed to the Triunes, the Triune Confederacy set up 49 Saviors who were to die martyred deaths. These Saviors were to point to the Holy Ghost and the Trinity. The Trinity was promulgated by its founders and supporters as the greatest highest heavenly organization of those closest to and upholders of that which was Holy and of the Holy Ghost. But alas for the Triune Confederacy, mortals began to worship the Saviors instead of the Holy Ghost, and so, lost all reverence or regard for the Trinity. Accordingly, each of the Triune Gods moved to eliminate the competition and then felt impelled to take on themselves the role of Savior.


Which is to say, it was not Looeamong's nor Ennochissa's nor Kabalactes' original intention to be Saviors, but merely to eliminate the evil Gods. But, they were drawn into becoming Saviors; and yet that particular chain of events was only one of many nearly continual things that keep pulling them further and further into becoming themselves evil Gods. The lesson? Fighting evil with evil does not work; it will encompass you in the end, ensnaring you; in other words, "Dance with the devil and you're sure to get burned". A lesson they, their officers and staff, and many of their hosts now know with crystalline certainty.


Saviors Today


So while the major religions of the world continue to exist among the world's people, their original founders are busy working to recompense and make good the last couple of thousand years of misleading and enslaving billions of souls. We can be sure that they are making great efforts to extinguish the worship of their false personas and helping their erstwhile subjects to be able to comprehend the true Creator.





The following Oahspe verses may help illuminate the subject of Jehovih, Man and Saviors.



Book of Sethantes; 05/20.17 - 19.


Response: I put away myself for You, O Jehovih! Make me one with You! I put away the earth for Your kingdom's sake, O Jehovih! Make me one with You! I put away Your Lord and Your God, O Jehovih, for sake of You! Your Lord and Your God raised me up and made me strong, but lo, the small spark of Yourself within my soul has grown to be a giant, bowing to none but You, O Jehovih! O make me Your Bride (Bridegroom), O Jehovih!


Onesyi said: The lame and the weak shall have a crutch, but the glory of the Father is to see His Brides and Bridegrooms walk alone. Whoever is wed to Jehovih shall never again, for self's sake, say to any man, woman, Lord, God, person or thing: Help!


Response: God and the Lord were my Saviors; without them I would never have known of Your exalted heavens, O Jehovih. Your Spirit calls me forever upward. Your Lord and Your God taught me to look upward; yes, they prayed for me. Now I am strong before You, O Jehovih! From now on, I will pray to You only; but never for my own benefit, nor for glory, ease, rest or exaltation; but that I may be quick, strong and wise to do Your will forever!



Book of Fragapatti, 20/20.2 - 6.


The Voice of Jehovih came to Yaton'te, saying: Behold, O My Sons and Daughters, this heaven and this land shall not be like any other place; for here shall rise in time after, those who shall begin the founding of My kingdom among mortals. For in the lands of the East, and the heavens of the East, I have given them Lords and Gods before whom they fall down and worship. But in this heaven, and this land beneath it, there shall not be given any Lord, or God, or any person born of woman for their resurrection.


To this end I have created this subjective heaven and her plateaus, and they shall endure till the dawn of kosmon, and the overthrow of war and mortal kingdoms. From this throne I will come in that day, through My Chiefs, and reveal the histories of My kingdoms. And I will radiate outward, around about from this heaven, until My kingdoms encircle the whole earth, and until the earth's heavens are Mine also.


And whether the I'huans are mortals or spirits, you shall not teach them to worship anyone, except the Great Spirit.


For a question will rise among mortals in the beginning of kosmon, as to whether mortals are ruled by the angels of heaven. And I will prove it before them that in this land, all Gods, Lords and Saviors shall be cast out, and mortals shall become worshippers of the Great Spirit, being ruled to that end by the inspiration that shall descend from this heaven, through the spirits of the I'huan race [Ancestral Native Americans]. And they shall know that I, Jehovih, alone rule over all, and within all My works.


Be wise, My Sons and Daughters, for as you now find little aspiration among the hosts of wandering spirits, so the same lack of aspiration will be manifested among mortals in the beginning of kosmon. The Voice ceased.



Book of Fragapatti; 20/24.31.


Nor shall you, under any circumstances, permit Gods, Lords, or Saviors to be established as worshipful beings, either in these heavens or on this part of the earth. For this land is dedicated by Jehovih for the overthrow of all idols, of God, and Lord, and Savior, and of everything that is worshipped, except Jehovih, the Great Spirit. Neither shall any of these idols be established with effect in these heavens or on this land. But be most circumspect to establish Jehovih, the Light of light, the All Person, in the souls of angels and mortals.



Book of Fragapatti; 20/26.14, 15.


And now Jehovih's light appeared beyond the throne, rising like a new sun, reddish tinged, emblem of the Western Light, in honor of Hapacha. And it rose and stood above Fragapatti's head in great brilliancy. Then Jehovih spoke out of the Light, saying:


With My breath I create alive the earth born child; with My hand I quicken the newborn spirit; and with My Light I illume the soul of My Faithist. Behold, I dwell in the All Highest place, and in the lowest of created things; whoever finds Me, I find also; whoever proclaims Me, I proclaim in return. Hapacha, My Son, Savior of men! Of My Light you shall be crowned!



Book of God's Word; 21/14.4.


Second, I'hua'Mazda, His Only Begotten Son, born of the Virgin Mi (the Substance Seen). Pure and All Holy; Master of Men; Person of Word; Essence of Ormazd revealed in Word; Savior of Men; Holder of the keys of heaven; through Whose Good Grace only the souls of men can rise to Nirvania, the High Heaven:



Book of Cpenta-Armij; 24/7.10.


And man ceased to worship all idols, Gods and saviors; worshipping the Creator only.






All Oahspe references are from the Standard Edition Oahspe of 2007