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The Seven Sons of Brahma and Yu-tiv



Oahspe, First Book of God; 24/16.23

[Jehovih to Brahma's family:] Now I declare to you who are assembled, the time is at hand, and you are all so many parts in My work. Even as through My angels you named these sons; so also according to their names, I will establish My kingdom.





The family of Brahma consisted of Brahma, Yu-tiv and Seven Sons in order of birth: Whe-ish, Vus, Vede, Git-un, Oos, Sa-it, Hog.


Brahma and Yu-tiv were the closest to perfection up to that time (in Spe-ta). Previously the spiritual knowledge was locked up with the celibates as in the time of Zarathustra, but Brahma had both spiritual and earthly knowledge --- he had the virtues of Zarathustra and the knowledge and experience of the earth. Brahma and Yu-tiv were the closest to Jehovih as a unit. Because Brahma and Yu-tiv were the highest grade of couples (Brahma was grade 99) to be raised up to their time, one of their purposes was to produce their seven male children. Male because they were going forth in certain vibrations; and manifesting in the corporeal world which is in the realm of CORPOR, Son of Jehovih; and therefore it was necessary for the seven to be male as their vibrational pioneering would open a portal for future mortals to pass through.


Because Brahma and Yu-tiv were so close to the Great Spirit, their first born manifested the closest to the AH --- the foundation --- the unity of all. Through Whe-ish the unity / foundation, along with a sense of both its practice and its meaning, was brought forth into the corporeal consciousness. And so all subsequent mortal births could and many would, partake of the gateway that Whe-ish opened. That portal took a person to an understanding, through the corporeal mind, of mankind's unseen foundation.


Recall that each of the six sons of light was to become a teacher and establish a school, 24/20.24-25. The students of Whe-ish following his example, thus strengthened the portal he had opened. This allowed subsequent generations to attain to that understanding, i.e., made it possible for mortals to attain to the sense, experience and even understanding of the underlying unity of man with the foundation of all. The continued perception, practice and use of that gateway through generations of Faithists made it easier for man, and especially now kosmon man, to attain to that gateway and to pass through it to the unity.


Similarly, Brahma and Yu-tiv's remaining five sons of light each manifested differently according to their birth order and the purpose for the upliftment of humanity. For, according to which pulse of creation each was born within, so in their sequence of birth, they each opened a portal to that particular pulse of creation. (For those desiring corporeal confirmation, note that relatively recent psychological studies of sibling characteristics have suggested certain common tendencies depending upon their sequence in the birthing order.)


Thus, each son exemplifies one of seven primal portals, each necessary for man to experience and perceive in order to understandingly comprehend the All Person and the ways of His (Jehovih's) creation. Thus, each son was as a key, to unlock a previously unattainable portal by the es within man. It had been unattainable because prior to that time, man was not sufficiently balanced in corpor and es, which is required to perceive and enter the portal / gateway. Accordingly, Whe-ish manifested an inborn constitution oriented from within the unity of the foundation; and because Brahma and Yu-tiv nurtured the child to follow the light of Jehovih, so he (Whe-ish) was able to develop within sufficient fullness of that unity to go forth in it,


Likewise each of the remaining sons exemplified the sense and experience of an individual constitution oriented toward one of the primary seven conditions of creation. Each portal opened by one of the seven sons has many characteristics. This writing touches upon only a few of the most significant traits. Keywords pertaining to each of the seven gateway / portal experiences with their manifestations, are summarized at the end.


The gateway opened by Hog was of a different character than the previous six sons. Hog contained the distillation of the Osirian philosophy and he was its epitome. (23/13.11; 24/17.2). Said another way, Hog was the highest best of those who could not perceive or believe that spirits and the spirit realm existed, but that only corporeal things existed. Nevertheless, Hog was good for goodness' sake, virtuous for virtue's sake. Jehovih through His God told Hog: Of your darkness I will make light that will reach millions. Your sacrifice is the sacrifice of a very God among Gods. (24/17.11) ||


Verses 24/17.12-23 go on to explain much of the purpose of Hog. To seal this purpose within humanity, required sealing within the fabric of humanity the truth of: Hog's wisdom merging with the wisdom of Jehovih. This occurred upon Hog's awakening to the spiritual survival of his deceased father and mother who manifested via sar'gis before him. His realization opened wide the seventh portal for the non-believing man to enter into the reality and possibilities of spirit life beyond the corporeal realm. (The great Thothma late in that cycle would bring this to its heights, balancing both the corporeal and the spiritual, but giving the primacy to corpor --- this occurring when man reached his greatest corporeal development, and the earth reached the midpoint of its cube circuit.)



The Sequence for Man's Growth


We use as example, Whe-ish whose name literally refers to the WIND. Being the first born he manifests the first foundation of creation and his name (Wind) signifies also the subtlest foundation. Recall the Great Spirit was taught first as the WIND -- Eolin. The reason being: Corporeally you know the wind exists but you cannot see it. By analogy, the Great Spirit exists and although you don't see Him, you can perceive His presence in the movement of the creation, even as you know the wind exists by its presence moving the leaves and branches of trees. And even as EOIh is the Unity of All, so the foundation signified by and lived by Whe-ish, exemplified the Unity of All.


Now all this can be found in the Tablet of Se-moin and bear in mind that Se'moin was the very first comprehensive - and therefore the foundation - explanation given to man's understanding of the system and order of Creation and is still relevant today and will still be so a gadol from now. Accordingly Whe'ish, as the first born, was the first corporeal expression of the outer realm foundation within the consciousness of man who had both his corporeal and spiritual members (i.e., modes of perceiving) in unison with the outer realm foundation AH.


In similar ways, each of the seven sons manifested their lives in accordance with the conditions first revealed in Se'moin. Each was a spiritually awakened, fully corporeally developed man who exemplified one of the first seven conditions / pulses / experiences of Se'moin. (Hog experienced his spiritual awakening while he was yet a young man and so he continued in his development of his spirituality within his inherited bent toward corporeal knowledge thereafter.)


More fully revealed, they collectively opened the way for man to perceive the creation from a higher (i.e., from a spiritual) perspective. In order to understand creation with the corporeal mind, man needs to orient all incoming information in order to make sense of his world. Man needs to know answers to the WHAT, the WHO, the HOW, the WHEN, the WHERE, the WHY and the WHICH (i.e., which manifested reality) of the created world. Each of the seven sons exemplified one of those perspectives, each adding a spiritual dimension to the issue / question, namely Whe'ish (foundation) to the what, Vus (perception regarding others) the who, Vede (truth) the how, Git-un (time) the when, Oos (space) the where, Sa-it (abundance) the why, and Hog (fact) the which.



Why only Seven Sons


Seven is a universal building block of development --- once the sequential cycles reach seven there is a change, usually a collapse (as is demonstrated in Se'moin). And so you have not only seven sons but many groups of seven --- there are seven degrees of initiation; seven main chakras; seven ages of life (ages 0-7, 7-14, 14-21, 21-28 and so on up to 7 x 7 = 49, to which add one year to the fulcrum point, which completes the first half of a full time for man's life). These building blocks are also found in Se'moin and they are also found in the grades of man in the following way. Grades of man range from 1 to 100 --- Jehovih being 100 and grade 1 is animal man.


There are seven degrees / grades of initiation, then you repeat those seven, seven times which will bring you up to grade 49 which is ONK in Se'moin, at which point you develop toward the Fulcrum Point of grade 50 which in Se'moin is SED. (Notice in that regard the resemblance of Sed to a balance scale.) Simply stated, the first seven groups of seven signify an orientation looking upward, and the development of one's anchorage. Once 50 is reached a midpoint is attained signifying a change -- as in moving from the left wing to the right wing of Sed. And when you have your bearing then you proceed to the higher perspectives that allow you to look down with some objectivity. That is, you continue to ascend while at the same time become increasingly aware of the movements of the deepening depths beneath you.


Once the first lot of seven grades repeated seven times are complete, you are attaining the next set of seven grades repeated seven times which bring the grade to 99 --- man can never reach 100 because only Jehovih is All Perfect. That is, from zero (i.e., man is created blank) a person climbs through developmental degrees and stages of 1-49 to build one's anchorage, Then to 50 at the fulcrum, Finally, building in one's Sed, from 50, climb another 7 lots of 7 degrees each = 49 grades; and 50 + 49 = grade 99 --- the highest grade attainable by mortal man.



Key Words for the Seven Sons


1) WHE-ISH being Unity and Foundation, is the answer to the question of WHAT --- the most encompassing general answer. The 1st cycle being the first manifestation of the first cause has a key word of LOVE. Whe-ish emulates the sound of the wind and Whe-ish being first born is positioned closest to the Great Soul --- the unseen.


2) VUS answers the question of WHO. This differentiates one person or thought from another in abstract and in specifics, one learns to discover who is or are the sources of any particular issue or situation --- it is about learning differentiation from which comes the practice of WISDOM, i.e., WISE DOMINION. WISDOM being a key word of Vus. Learning to DISCERN one from another is thus very important for the 2nd condition, of which, Vus came forth as the first representative embracing both a fullness (but not completeness) of both es and corpor. In other words, it is through that portal opened by Vus that we learn to DIFFERENTIATE between corpor and es; only then can we afterward DISCERN whether a thought or action is inspired of corpor or of es.


3) VEDE answers the question of HOW. A keyword is TRUTH. More than truth as an abstract principle, truth also refers to an expression of truth, and not necessarily the whole gamut of truth (which can never be achieved anyway since only the All Person Jehovih is All Truth, the Whole Truth in all time and place).


Vede also signifies perfect, meaning that it is the best for the time and place, as when the language of Vede superseded Yi-ha to bring man into his next phase of development in the time of Osire. Because this first flowering of the Vede language came in Shem light connected to the soul, so its clearness, conciseness and brevity allowed for the precision necessary to man during the Osirian cycle, Thus the Vede language was considered perfect compared to the confusion caused by Yi-ha. In other words, the first Vede language was Perfect for expressing the truth of a finding.


Over the course of the Osirian cycle, the Vede language lost much of its higher meanings, which had the effect of narrowing the scope of its precision or blunting it to a relative coarseness. In the next dan'ha cycle one of the languages Zarathustra taught in was Vede, and he restored much of the higher uses that had been lost to the language and introduced new concepts. Subsequently, the Vede language underwent a second flowering.


By the time of Spe-ta, the Vede language had once again fallen from its high estate; it was certainly not considered to be the perfect language. But the Shem light connected with the soul light still sufficiently remained within the language, although its potency remained mostly dormant yet enough would shine though to make it suitable for expressing higher truths. In other words, by the time of Spe-ta, although the Vede words were there, man could not construct them sufficiently to reveal mountaintop truths, but only hillside truths.


That would change with the coming of Brahma and Yu-tiv. When they had their third son, the angels announced him as Vede, which at the time meant Truth. Brahma could and would reach the mountaintop and give forth from there using the Vede language. And by inspiration, Brahma reinvigorated the language, restoring many words, and overall imbuing the Vede words with higher, even more comprehensive meanings. His son Vede recorded those words and they became known as words of Truth. And the name given the book into which they were written was called Veda (the Book of Truth). Simply stated, then, Vede is a language that expresses a truth, generally a comprehensive truth, but without claim to represent the whole truth.


Notice that the man Vede was not a singular player but one of a compact, a unit --- namely a family. That is, Vede also signifies COMPACT which also signifies POWER, for example, the saying : "The truth will set you free" --- because there is POWER in TRUTH. The greater truths are not single disconnected realities or a fragment of a reality. Instead, a greater truth consists of realities connected to each other, i.e., having context that yield comprehensiveness -- meaning the interconnections of breadth and perspective yield a richness blended into a one course meal, suitable food for the mind, spirit and soul of upward aspiring man. Thus, the greater truths are those that serve to illuminate and induce upward. The greatest truths are those that via organization (group, collective labor), work in concert toward producing a reality, a creation whose very sinews are built of TRUTH inducing toward Jehovih. In other words, the Greatest Truths can only be found through Compact. Written or spoken communication can also rise to manifest a compact of words, or images, or music, or movements, or their combinations.


4) GIT'UN, which answers the wonderings as to WHEN, has to do with TIME and TIMING. When you engage some ongoing activity, your success or failure depends greatly upon timing of your entry and the result varies accordingly. Git-un was the 4th born. Being midway between ends allows you to partake of either end, that is, to all appearances to be fully immersed in whichever end you choose, yet at the same time a part of you remains wholly separate. For instance, your heart (seat of your spirit) can fully partake of your mind (thoughts, memory, etc., and your heart can also fully partake of your soul (source of your feelings and seated in the lower belly). Yet your heart, your spirit, can also remain removed from thoughts or emotions so as to make a choice of how to proceed. Another example of immersion is the child living as a fetus within the womb of the mother. The child lives fully immersed within the mother's spirit, mind, and especially the feelings of the mother's soul. Yet Jehovih also gave the child its own spirit. Timing affects a person's destiny: good timing results in its harvest coming back to you via Fete (Brotherhood of Iesu; #67 Se'moin); bad timing results in its harvest coming back to you via Fate (see, e.g., 21/9.14-16 & image i022 Fate). Thus it is that IMMERSION will result in either integration or some amount of disintegration --- that is, one's timing will result either in HARMONY or some degree of DISHARMONY. For example, in music if the timing of all the instruments is not uniform, DISHARMONY will result.


Being midway between the ends, also signifies balance, but different from the three-dimensional balance required in Truth (Has it a foundation? Is it partial to anyone other than to Jehovih? and Does it make sense, i.e., Is it intelligible/logical?). And it is different from the two-dimensional balance between opposites, required in DISCERNMENT, that is, after DIFFERENTIATION between opposites, one discerns on the scale how much contribution (significance, weight) each has in a given situation. The Four Dimensional balance also takes Time and timing into consideration and places it in the scales.


5) OOS signifies space and answers the question of WHERE, which is where something is in space, denoting location. Another keyword is SYMMETRY because LOCATION gives rise to SYMMETRY --- you cannot have symmetry without location. For example in art and composition the lines, mass, color and other elements need to be in the right place. It’s the same with composing with words or music --- beats, phrases, intervals, etc., need to be in the right places to create a pleasing balance. Various SYMMETRIES in turn give a form a particular feel or flavor. Note at 5 (as in Se'moin) there is a move from the outer to the inner foundation. It is for that reason that artwork, music, and other aesthetic endeavors can induce reveries.


6) SA-IT signifies ABUNDANCE. 6 also represents the IDEAL and MUSIC (which is flow) and answers the question WHY. The WHY is because whatever the chosen ideal is, the person moves toward it to establish it. ABUNDANCE is one of the meanings of MUSIC and FLOW which are made up of harmony, symmetry, percussion, voices, etc. --- when you put them together you are aiming for a richness of sound --- which is "abundance of the elements that it is made of" in a harmonious, symmetrical flow. For example a meadow has a flow of life populated harmoniously with various points of symmetry of flowers, grasses etc., creating a symphony of many elements. The whole effect of which yields abundance, abundance being an IDEAL of JEHOVIH"S CREATION. And so the IDEAL toward which people move is ABUNDANCE --- abundance signifies the perfect balance between the inner and outer foundation. Oppositely, a sparcity signifies an inner and outer foundation out of balance.


7) HOG Signifies FACT and answers the question of WHICH. What we consider to be a fact is the fullness of an ideal. Because it is not a fact until it is brought forth into a manifested reality which is the fullness of the ideal. To be full requires an abundance of the ideal. Thus FACT is something that requires an abundance of the ideal. FACT is something that is perceptible to the senses --- that is how corporeans without the es sense must have a fact. For an atmospherean, atmospherean things are fact and for ethereans, etherean things. Only a mortal with su'is can perceive unseen facts (atmospherean) and one with ethe sense can also perceive etherean facts.


REVELATION is a keyword of the seventh condition. Having experienced appropriate FACTS is a necessary prerequisite to understand revelations. Being able to UNDERSTAND is a keyword for the 7th condition. When facts are placed within context (higher truth), they lead to the ability to UNDERSTAND. In fact, to get to the point of FACT requires prior experience and sufficient development in the previous six conditions. For instance, to identify a fact actually requires Discernment (a trait of the second condition). For which reason, Hog's portal was not opened (could not be opened) until he received the REVELATION necessary for him to awaken to the truth of the existence of spirit.


The teachings of the first six sons of Brahma and Yu-tiv contained the story of Yu-tiv and Hog, and how he was awakened to the reality of spirit. As for Hog himself, he pondered long and deeply during the remainder of his life as to the meaning and purpose of the spirit world and as to the existence of a Great Spirit overseeing all.


The seventh condition, as noted, marks a change. It signifies the fullness of an ideal and the fruits that come of it. For those clinging to the beast, they try to hold on to the old ideal but eventually are forced by circumstance to let go, and they fall, usually hard, into the field of a new condition (as found in the following pulse, #8). As to those who follow and emulate the light and wisdom of Jehovih and especially as manifested through His kingdom which is overseen by His chief officer, God and his hosts, such in fact being Faithists in Jehovih, when these come to the end of an old ideal, they ride the current of Jehovih inward to a new field, into which they gently land (sustained by the Leaf of Life in the field as in Se'moin #8). And this new field is better suited to their aspirations and tastes so as to give rise to a new ideal, or rather there arises within each soul a desire to find the ideal of the new field. But that is another journey whose telling must wait for another time.









All Oahspe references are from the modern language edition: Oahspe Standard Edition 2007







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