Book of Jehovih




CHAPTER 7 Jehovih





04/7.1. Jehovih said: Let a sign be given to the inhabitants of the earth so that they may comprehend dan'ha |96| in the firmament of heaven. For even as I bequeathed |97| to the earth a time for creating the living, and a time for angels to come and partake of the first fruits of mortality and immortality, so shall man, at certain times and seasons, receive testimony from My hosts in heaven.

04/7.2. || And Jehovih caused the earth, and the family of the sun to travel in an orbit, the circuit of which requires of them four million seven hundred thousand years. And He placed in the line of the orbit, at distances of three thousand years, etherean lights, at which places, as the earth passes through, angels from the second heaven come into its corporeal presence. As ambassadors they come, in companies of hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands, and these are called the etherean hosts of the Most High.

04/7.3. They come not as single individuals; nor do they come for a single individual mortal.

04/7.4. And Jehovih gave this sign to man on earth; which is to say: In the beginning of the light of dan'ha, the spirits of the newly dead shall have power to take upon themselves the semblance |98| of corporeal bodies, and appear and talk face to face with mortals. Every three thousand years Jehovih gave this sign on earth, so that those, who learned the powers and capacities of such familiar spirits, could bear testimony regarding the origin of man on earth. |99| || Jehovih said: And when it shall come to pass in any of the times of dan'ha that these signs manifest, man shall know that the hosts of the Most High come soon after. |100| Let him who will become wise, enumerate |101| the great lights of My serpent, |102| for in such times I set aside things that are old, and establish My chosen anew. ||





96  a time of great light

97  assigned, bestowed, granted, gave




















98  appearance, likeness, resemblance





99  The Spiritualism movement fulfilled the sign mentioned in this verse.

100  This bible Oahspe is one of their fruits.

101  often more than merely getting a count, but gathering data, not unlike what a modern day census or scientist does

102  solar system, solar phalanx, great serpent; see image i072 Dissection of the Great Serpent






i072 Dissection of the Great Serpent.   (see image only)



04/7.5. In the time of the earth, when man was brought forth from mortal to immortal life, the earth passed beyond se'mu. The angels of heaven remained with corporeal man, but not in the semblance of mortals, but as spirits; and by virtue of their presence, strove to make man wise and upright before Jehovih. Upon the earth the number of such angels was millions. To these angels Jehovih spoke:

04/7.6. Behold the work you have taken in hand! It was commanded to you all, to partake of all the fruits of the earth except of the fruit of the tree of life, which is of the knowledge of the earth and heaven, lest you lose your inheritance in etherea.

04/7.7. Behold, you now have sons and daughters on the earth; by your love to them you have become bound spirits of the lower heaven. Until you redeem them in wisdom and power even to the sixth generation, you shall not rise again and inherit My emancipated heavens.

04/7.8. To which end |103| you shall be co‑workers with one another in system and order. In My name you shall become an organic body and known as the heaven of the earth, or lower heaven, which shall travel with the earth.

04/7.9. And I will allot to you a Chief, who is wise in experience in founding heavenly kingdoms; and he shall appoint from among you, officers, messengers, ashars, asaphs, and es'enaurs, |104| and you shall be numbered |105| and apportioned to your labor and places, like in My other lower heavens on other worlds.

04/7.10. He who is Chief shall be called God of this heaven and the earth, which are now bestowed |106| to his making. |107|

04/7.11. And God shall have a Council and throne within his heavenly city; and the place shall be called Hored, because it is the first kingdom of God in this firmament.

04/7.12. And God shall rule on his throne, for it is his; and his Council shall rule with him; in My name they shall have dominion over angels and mortals belonging to the earth.

04/7.13. And God shall appoint Chiefs under him who shall go down and dwell on the earth with mortals; and the labor of these Chiefs shall be with mortals for their resurrection. And these Chiefs shall be called Lords, |108| for they are Gods of land, which is the lowest rank of My commissioned Gods.

04/7.14. And God and his Lords shall have dominion from two hundred years to a thousand or more years; but never more than three thousand years. According to the regions of dan (light) into which I bring the earth, so shall the terms be for the office of My Gods and My Lords.

04/7.15. And God and his Lords shall raise up officers to be their successors; these officers shall be appointed and crowned in My name by God and his Lords.

04/7.16. At the termination of the dominion of My God and his Lords, they shall in these, My bound heavens, gather together all those angels who have been prepared in wisdom and strength for resurrection to My etherean kingdoms. And these angels shall be called Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, for they are Mine and in My service. |109|

04/7.17. And in the time of dan I will send down ships from etherea to God, his Lords and the Brides and Bridegrooms; by My etherean Gods and Goddesses, these ships shall descend to these heavens to receive God, his Lords and the Brides and Bridegrooms, and carry them up to the exalted regions I have prepared for them.

04/7.18. All those who ascend shall be called a Harvest to Me, through My God and Lords. And the time of My Harvests shall be according to each dan, which is two hundred years, four hundred years, six hundred years, and five hundred years; and these shall be called My lesser cycles, because they are the times of the tables of prophecy which I give to My servants.

04/7.19. But at no other times, nor in any other way, shall My Harvests ascend to My emancipated worlds in etherea. For each and every dan'ha I have created seven dans, and to each dan given six generations of mortals. ||

04/7.20. The angels understood the commandments of Jehovih according to their knowledge in the etherean heavens; being heirs of other planets, and having died in infancy, and having matured in the es worlds; but they did not understand the Creator regarding the practice of the lower heavenly kingdoms. And for that reason their knowledge was incomplete.

04/7.21. Jehovih said: I do not condemn you because you have become joint procreators with the asuans; for you have done two services to Me; which are first to teach yourselves corporeal things, so that you can understand and sympathize with corporeans, and second, you have caused the earth to become peopled with those who are capable of immortality.

04/7.22. Observe now what shall happen on the earth: Those who are of your flesh and kin who cohabit together shall rise in wisdom and virtue; but those who cohabit with the asuans will bring forth heirs in the descending grade of life. The first shall bring forth heirs to everlasting life; but the second shall bring forth heirs that shall go out in darkness. |110|

04/7.23. In the dominion of which matters your God and Lords will instruct you, so that you may, by inspiration and otherwise, learn to control the behavior of mortals to everlasting life. And so that these labors are not too severe upon you, I created the dans and dan'has in the firmament, at which times you can be relieved from the watch by other angels from other worlds coming to exchange with you.

04/7.24. This also I put upon you: That to rule over mortals to virtue, by your own wills governing them in all things, is contrary to My commandments. For what honor has any man if made to do a thing?

04/7.25. But you shall give My light to mortals, leaving them to choose. It is better for them to suffer some than to grow up in ignorance of the stings of disobedience.

04/7.26. Know that I make this a willing service on your part; because you have bound your affections on the earth, to your own kin, you willingly become guardian angels over mortals. Yet I did not make a separate law for you; as it is with you, so shall it be with the spirits of these mortals when they are born into the es world: They will also desire to become guardian angels over their mortal kin.

04/7.27. But these spirits, never having known My higher heavens, will be unsuitable for the office of ashars; they would only be the blind leading the blind.

04/7.28. To prevent which, God and the Lords shall provide these spirits in the first resurrection with places to dwell in; and with occupations and opportunities for education. For I do not desire them to remain bound to the earth, but to rise up and inherit My etherean kingdoms.

04/7.29. And in this also you shall be discreet in governing them, giving them the light of My heavens with some liberty to choose and to perfect themselves. Otherwise they would only be slaves in heaven. According to their weakness or strength, so shall you provide for these new spirits entering My es world.

04/7.30. Therefore those of you who are appointed by My God and My Lords as guardians over mortals shall be called Ashars, and you shall report to your respective Lords, according to the section of the earth where you may be. And ashars shall have many watches (work shifts).

04/7.31. And those of you who are appointed to receive the spirits of the dead into heaven shall be called Asaphs, and you shall report to your respective Lords and their kingdoms.

04/7.32. And the ashars shall make a record of every mortal as to the grade of his wisdom and good works; and when a mortal dies, and his spirit is delivered to the asaphs, the record shall be delivered with him; and the asaph, receiving, shall deliver this spirit, along with the record, into that place in these heavens which is adapted to his grade, where he shall be put to work and to school, according to the place of the resurrections which I created. |111|

04/7.33. As you shall thus become organic in heaven, with rulers, teachers and physicians; and with capitals, cities and provinces; and with hospitals, nurseries, schools and factories, so shall you also ultimately inspire man on the earth to the same things. |112|

04/7.34 And mortals who are raised up to dominion over mortals shall be called kings and emperors. As My Gods and My Lords are called My Sons, so shall kings and emperors be called sons of God; through him they shall be raised up to their places, and given dominion for My glory.






















103  outcome, result, purpose








104  Ashars are guardian angels over mortals, asaphs are guardian angels over the spirits of the newly dead, and es'enaurs are heavenly singers and musicians.

105  In Oahspe, to number or to be numbered is to count or be counted, but also other information is ascertained such as grade and rank of a person; and so a person is classified as well. This is not unlike a census, where not only a count is obtained, but other pertinent information collected.

106  presented, given, conferred, gifted

107  i.e., he (God) can make heaven in the way he sees fit







108  Collectively they are called Lords. A female Lord is called a Lordess. If undifferentiated in context, then Lord or Lords can refer to either male or female; same holds true for God; thus Goddess is the feminine.














109  Atmospherean spirits who, after sufficient spiritual maturation are prepared to be raised to etherean heavens, are called Brides and Bridegrooms, because they are then wedded to Jehovih. Greater description is found later in Oahspe.





































110  cease to exist


























































111  i.e., the type of work and schooling received depends upon one's place in the resurrections





112  Thus, as we shall further see, civilization is not attained by any social evolution innate to man, but through the inspiration of angels reflecting the organization that is in heaven.



CHAPTER 8 Jehovih





04/8.1. Jehovih said: God shall cause a record to be kept in heaven, of his dominions and those of his Lords. And he and they shall enjoin |113| it upon their successors forever to keep a like record.

04/8.2. And in the times of My harvest a copy of these records shall be taken up to My etherean kingdoms and filed with My Orian Chiefs and Archangels |114| in the roadway of the travel of the great serpent, |115| for their deliberations regarding the progress and management of the inhabitants of the earth and her heavens.

04/8.3. Do not think, O angels, that the resurrection of your heirs and their descendants who come up out of the earth is an easy matter, and of steady progress devoid of mishaps and woeful darkness.

04/8.4. The angels under you shall become at times rebellious and defiant; disregarding your laws and decrees; and they shall desert your heavenly places and go down to the earth in millions and hundreds of millions. And they shall drive away the ashars, and then assume guardianship over mortals. But they shall develop no righteousness under the sun; and they will inspire mortals to war and destruction. And these angels will themselves take to war and evil throughout the place of your heavens.

04/8.5. With the foul gases of atmospherea they shall make weapons of war and places of torment. With these elements they shall make suffocating hells in order to cast one another into chaos.

04/8.6. And mortals slain in war shall be born in spirit into chaos on the battlefields; and entering the es world in chaos, they shall not know that they are dead (as to earth life), but shall still keep fighting right and left.

04/8.7. And enemy shall take enemy in these heavens, and cast them into the places of torment, which they shall have built, and they shall not know peace or wisdom.

04/8.8. And the work of your heavens shall become as nothing. You shall go about delivering hells and the spirits in chaos. And your labor shall become exhausting; truly you shall cry out because you came and peopled the earth.

04/8.9. For I have also created this possibility for My creations, so that both angels and mortals shall learn to know the elements of the heavens and the earth, and to know the trials of love and misfortune.

04/8.10. Nor have I made wisdom possible to any man or angel who does not know My elements, and the extremes of evil and good which I created.

04/8.11. But in the times of great darkness, which shall come upon earth and these heavens, I will bring the earth into dan'ha; and My ethereans shall come in My name and deliver them.

04/8.12. And again for another cycle they shall be left with the lessons given to them; but they shall fall again in course of time. But again I will deliver them; through My Gods and Goddesses I will cause them to comprehend the magnitude of My creations.

04/8.13. As you travel from heaven to heaven (via ships) in this atmospherea, so shall you also inspire mortals to build corporeal ships, and sail across the oceans, so that the inhabitants of different divisions of the earth may become known to one another.

04/8.14. And when the inhabitation of the earth shall have been completed and the nations shall have established civil communion around from east to west, in that same time I will bring the earth into the Kosmon era, and My angel ambassadors, Gods and Goddesses, shall render up the records of these heavenly kingdoms. |116|

04/8.15. Through them I will reveal to mortals the creation of My worlds, and the history and dominion of My Gods and Lords on the earth, even from this day down to the time of Kosmon. ||

04/8.16. And Jehovih caused the angels of atmospherea to assemble together and organize the first kingdom of the heaven of the earth. And the place was called Hored, because it was the place of the first organic abiding place for the first God of this world.

04/8.17. And Hored was situated over and above the mountains of Aotan in Ughoqui, east of Ul, of that country afterward called the continent of Pan. |117| ||

04/8.18. Thus ends the inorganic habitation of the earth and her atmospherea.






113  impose, require, charge





114  Both Orians and Archangels are ranks of ethereans. Orians are ranked above Archangels.

115  The words Great Serpent means solar phalanx [solar system]. --Ed.




























































116  And here they are, in part, in this Oahspe.












117  The continent of Pan (see map i017) is covered in fuller detail later in Oahspe.










i107 Creator's name sign, with horizontal line only.   (see image only)






i017 Pre-Flood Outline Map of the World. Showing the Locality of Pan, the Submerged Continent.

(see image only)




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