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i000 Symbols Depicting Glossary Words.











i001 Symbol of the Creator's Name.

i002 Etherea.

i003 Snowflakes.

i004 Photospheres.

i005 Earth and Atmospherea.

i006 Earth and Plateaus of Lower Heaven.

i007 Earth, Needles in the Atmosphere, and Plateaus.

i008 Se'muan Firmament.

i009 X'Sar'jis.

i010 The Earth in Jy'ay.

i011 The Earth in A'ji.

i012 The Earth in Hyarti from Nebulae.

i013 Asu, the First Race.

i014 Some Races of Man. I'hin, I'huan, Yak.

i015 The First Harvest.

i016 Ah'shong and Ethereans Come to the Red Star.

i017 Pre-Flood Outline Map of the World.

i018 Post-Flood Outline Map of the World.

i019 Star-Worshippers.

i020 Onk or Zodiac.

i021 Atmospherean heavens founded by Fragapatti.

i022 Ug-sa or Uh-ga.

i023 Took-shein, Flathead King.

i024 Che-guh, Flathead Queen.

i025 The False Osiris.

i026 Isis.

i027 Tablet of the False Osiris.

i028 The Nine Entities.


i028a Jehovih.


i028b Tae.


i028c Corpor.


i028d Uz.


i028e Esfoma.


i028f Es.


i028g Ha'k.


i028h Kosmon.


i028i Seffas.

i029 Tablet of Grade and Ingrade.

i030 First, Second and Third Resurrections.

i031 The Tree of Language.

i032 Panic (Earth) Language.

i033 Tablet of Se'moin.

i034 Tablet of Bienei.

i035 I'hin Tablet.

i036 Tablet of Kii Language.

i037 Tablet of Emp'agatu.

i038 Tablet of Zerl.

i039 Iz and Zerl.

i040 Qadeth Iz, The Divan Seal.

i041 The Signature.

i042 Panic, Yi'haic, Vedic, Hebraic and Sanscrit Primaries.

i043 Tablet of Ah'iod'zan.

i044 Tower of Gall.

i045 Tablet of Fonece.

i046 Tablet of Ancient Egypt.

i047 Tablet of Hy'yi.

i048 Ceremonies in Sun Degree.

i049 Tablet of Kii Ceremonies.

i050 Port-Pan Algonquin.

i051 Tablet of Anubis.

i052 Bible of the Mound-Builders.

i053 Tablet of Bah-ghan-ghad.

i054 Tablet of Tau-ghan-ghad.

i055 Tablet of Baugh-ghan-ghad.

i056 Temple of Skulls.

i057 Temple of Skulls close up.

i058 Tablet of Emethachavah.

i059 Ceremony of Holy Mass (Moon).

i060 Illustrations of Corporeal Worlds.

i061 Light in Space Illustrated.

i062 Sun and Earth Light.

i063 Primary Vortex.

i064 Secondary Vortex.

i065 Third Age of Vortex.

i066 Fourth Age of Vortex.

i067 Organic Wark.

i068 Shattered Wark.

i069 Manifestations of Vortexya.

i070 Vortexian Lenses.

i071 Vortexian Currents.

i072 Dissection of the Great Serpent.

i073 Tow'sang.

i074 The Cyclic Coil.

i075 The Earth in the Crossroads of Horub.

i076 The Earth in Ocgokuk.

i077 The Earth in Kas'kak.

i078 Earth in the Arc of Bon.

i079 A'ji'an Forest of Aghanodis (Missing Plate).

i080 Lo'iask.

i081 Ji'niquin Swamp.

i082 Arc of Kosmon.

i083 Orachnebuahgalah.

i084 Map of the Etherean Roadway, Plate 1 of 4.

i085 Map of the Etherean Roadway, Plate 2 of 4.

i086 Map of the Etherean Roadway, Plate 3 of 4.

i087 Map of the Etherean Roadway, Plate 4 of 4.

i088 Orian Fields 1 of 9.

i089 Orian Fields 2 of 9.

i090 Orian Fields 3 of 9.

i091 Orian Fields 4 of 9.

i092 Orian Fields 5 of 9.

i093 Orian Fields 6 of 9.

i094 Orian Fields 7 of 9.

i095 Orian Fields 8 of 9.

i096 Orian Fields 9 of 9.

i097 Anoad.

i098 Etherean Worlds and Roadways for Sun-phalanxes.

i099 Serpent's Orbit.

i100 Cevorkum, Roadway of Solar Phalanx.

i101 Mathematics of Planetary Oscillations.

i102 Deviation of the Line of the Solar Vortex.

i103 Prophetic Numbers.

i104 Serpent.

i105 The Earth in Se'mu.

i106 Sha'mael.

i107 Creator's name sign, with horizontal line only.

i108 Zarathustra.

i109 Po.

i110 Abram, later named Abraham.

i111 Brahma (the first and true), with Yu-tiv.

i112 Ea-wah-tah, also known as Hiawatha.

i113 Thothma (Hojax).

i114 Capilya.

i115 Moses.

i116 Chine.

i117 Sakaya.

i118 Ka'yu, also called Confucius.

i119 Joshu.

i122 Fate.

i123 Feminine of Jehovih.



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