Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih






10/4.1. Jehovih said: Aph, My Son, put a wall of pillars of fire around the land of Whaga; plant them close together, like a hedge. For the false Gods and false Goddesses of hada, when perceiving their habitation going down into the water, will endeavor to escape to Jud and Vohu, and other countries.

10/4.2. But you shall not let even one escape; for they have migrated to this division of the earth because of its sumptuous productions, the better to feast their evil desires.

10/4.3. And you shall spread a net around the borders of Whaga, against the line of the ocean and to the high north mountains; and the net shall encompass the continent of Whaga, and its height shall be a thousand miles, and in thickness, so deep that no spirit of darkness can escape and find the way abroad.

10/4.4. And when you have spread the net, you shall send a sufficient number of ethereans of great power to the large kingdoms in hada, and to the false kingdoms. And you shall also send a sufficient number of ethereans down to the earth, to Whaga, so that each and every mortal, whether man, woman or child, shall have five to attend them. And those who go to mortals shall take sufficient birth‑blankets with them; for at the time of destruction, when the mortals go down in death, your servants shall receive the liberated spirits on the birth-blankets, and carry them to the atmospherean column of ascent. And here your hosts shall receive them, and provide them with food and clothes, as is required for es'yans.

10/4.5. But it shall happen that many who perish in the waters, will be mothers with children in the womb, which live by fetal, as is proper in My sight, for I created them so.

10/4.6. Therefore, give special care to all such fetals, for they are without sin. And when the mother is dead corporeally, and the fetal also, bring away their spirits, but together; and provide a volunteer angel of fetal power, and deliver the infant spirit to her to be nurtured until the proper time of weaning; and in the same place, provide a home for the mother of the child, so that she may inherit its love and mirth.

10/4.7. When the voice ceased, Aph, Son of Jehovih, looked over the hosts, as if in search of a sign that the time had come; but again Jehovih spoke, saying:

10/4.8. In the misfortunes of a fallen world, I created food for the warm love of My etherean Goddesses. See them here in millions; each one in hope of receiving a prize of that which was lost in darkness, and to thus raise up sons and daughters who shall rejoice in everlasting paradise. Do not think that I gave the talent of love only to a mother for her child, and there the talent ends; for as the talent in its incipient |289| age binds her soul to her child, so does the same talent, in My Goddesses, overspread a helpless world.

10/4.9. Are they not like midwives and mothers to thousands and millions of souls being delivered from corporeal bondage into everlasting light? And who can number them? Here stands a hundred million from Laygas; a hundred million from Inopta; two hundred million from Karduk; a hundred million from Buchk; two hundred million from Nin; two hundred and fifty million from Luth'wig; a hundred million from Pied; two hundred million from Raig; fifty million from Naivis; two hundred million from Dak'dak, and two hundred and fifty million from Od.

10/4.10. I spoke in the etherean firmament, and they have answered Me. But they do not come as curiosity seekers, nor with empty arms; but, see them, arrayed with their thousands and millions of small equipments suited to the newborn! What thing is there under the sun that they have not remembered to bring with them in some part, whether regimen or drapery, to rejoice the souls of those who are to be cut off from corpor?
























































289  beginning or initial








10/5.1. Jehovih said: Now I will bewail you, O earth. The glories of your heavens that are past and gone, shall be a lesson to the Gods. Your heaven Hored, once the place of the wisdom of My Son, Sethantes, upraised, behold it is measured and gone down. And Moeb is no more. Yeshuah is fallen. Where the plateaus of many resurrections once floated, there are now miring |290| vampires and millions of souls that neither hear nor see, but are ceaselessly burrowing deep in everlasting darkness.

10/5.2. The plateaus are broken up, the substance scattered and unorganized; nor is there a vestige left to show the glorious work of the Gods from earth's past days.

10/5.3. Hear Me, O Gods and Goddesses, for in witnessing these deep miseries, the soul is quickened to retain great wisdom: Thus I created man; out of darkness I created him; and My holy angels taught him to walk upright, and gave him My commandments so that he could advance to eternal light. But because man did not obey the commandments of My God and Lords, he fell. Nevertheless, a few obeyed the commandments and did not fall, raising up heirs for the glory of My heavens above.

10/5.4. I have made an example of this kind of man, on all the corporeal worlds I have created; for those who did not fall, became exemplars |291| before the fallen; for having faith in Me and My works, they did not question My wisdom and justice.

10/5.5. But of those who fell, this is the history: They questioned first, My Person; next My Wisdom; then My Justice; finally My Power. And after that proclaimed the folly of God and his Lords; consequently they usurped |292| to themselves to say: There is nothing higher than man. And they said of themselves: I am the highest.

10/5.6. Hear My voice, O Gods and Goddesses; for, as out of a contrary wind I give a mortal sea‑captain a wholesome lesson, or as out of a severe winter I give a corporeal farmer a lesson in providing for his household, even so, on the brink of a wicked world, I give you a lesson in the management of My kingdoms. For, from this time forward, the earth shall not fail, nor her heavens above her. How, then, shall My Gods not rule over her in wisdom and power?

10/5.7. Since many angels assumed they were the All Highest, they put aside the commandments, one of which was: to not permit the spirits of the newly dead to return and dwell with their mortal kindred; for they, not knowing about the higher heavens, will teach falsely concerning Jehovih and His everlasting kingdoms.

10/5.8. And it came to pass, that when one commandment was set aside, the others were also; and it followed that the spirits of the newly dead, who were without knowledge of heaven, led mortals in their own way.

10/5.9. For they dwelt together and slept together; and in dreams and visions, mortals judged themselves to be wise, not knowing they were obsessed in sleep; and for the desires of the flesh, they found acquiescence in spirit, |293| having no higher God or Lord.

10/5.10. And as one spirit returned and fastened itself on a mortal, so did another and another, till hundreds and thousands of spirits dwelt in one corporeal body, often driving away the natural spirit that I gave at the time of conception. And these mortals did not know it; and they became void of direct purpose because of the confusion of soul, and were worthless on the earth.

10/5.11. Jehovih further said: From this time forward, for a long season on earth, the spirits of the es'yans shall not be permitted to return and dwell with mortals. But the earth shall be encompassed on all sides with walls of emun, |294| and supplied with ashars to bear away the spirits of the dead in the hour of death.

10/5.12. But there shall come a time when mortals are capable of comprehending these matters, at which time, their kindred spirits shall return at intervals from their holy labors in heaven, to see them and talk with them face to face.










290  plunging and sinking into the ooze, muck, slime and filth; and like in quicksand, they cannot pull away

















291  models representing a pattern and life of virtue






292  arrogated, assumed control, claimed as a right



























293  no expressed objection, perhaps neutral silence, and certainly no inspiration to practice restraint












294  choking atmosphere. --1891 glossary








10/6.1. And now Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: When the etherean hosts were arranged in due order, I called out to You, O Jehovih, saying: In Your Strength and Wisdom, O Father, join the heavens above with the earth below!

10/6.2. And the end of the etherean column that extended to Chinvat, on the border of the vortex of the earth, was made secure by the pressure of Your wide heavens.

10/6.3. Again I said: In Your Strength and Wisdom, O Jehovih, join the heavens above with the earth below!

10/6.4. And the end of the etherean column that extended down to the earth was made secure around the borders of Whaga, by the sea and the high mountains to the north.

10/6.5. Again I said: O Jehovih, deliver the earth from evil, for Your glory, forever!

10/6.6. And the vortex of the earth closed in from the rim, and lo, the earth was broken! A mighty continent was cut loose from its fastenings, and the fires of the earth came forth in flames and clouds, with loud roaring. And the land rocked to and fro like a ship at sea.

10/6.7. Again I said: O Jehovih, deliver Your heavens, which are bound like a chain, to a rotten carcass.

10/6.8. And again the vortex of the earth closed in on all sides, and by the pressure, the land sank beneath the water, to rise no more. And the corporeans went down to death; and the fetals and familiars gave up the battle; neither did they have anywhere to stand, nor did they know how to go to any place in all the heavens, but were lost and crying out for help.

10/6.9. And my hosts hastened in all directions with their birth‑blankets, and received the druj, fetals and es'yans, in the millions and millions; gathered and delivered them to the fountain of light, where I had provided atmosphere for them; and they were placed within. So great were their numbers, that even Gods had scarcely seen anything like it before; and in order to attest before You, O Jehovih, I had them numbered, using the sections of the divisions of my Gods and Goddesses in order to do so.

10/6.10. Of druj and fetals, there were sixteen billion six hundred million. Many of these had lived on earth as fetals and druj for thousands of years, although many others of them were not capable of everlasting life. Next, of the first resurrection there were thirty‑six billion; and of the second resurrection, three hundred and five million. But during the last hundred years, the earth brought forth no one capable of everlasting life except, indeed, the remnants of I'hins.

10/6.11. Now when the earth was delivered, and there was no escape for the spirits of the dead, or any returning to mortals, I called out to You, O Jehovih, saying: Give me of Your power, O Jehovih, and I will carry up all the plateaus of hell and the heavens of the buried continent! And Your hand came like the blade of a sword, flaming like fire, and swept over the ocean of the sunken land, cleaving all asunder. And, lo and behold, the anchorage of my feet was cut loose, and the spheres of heaven at my command.

10/6.12. Your voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Descend, My Son, down to the floor of the resurrection; and go into the midst of the place of ascension, and take My Daughter, Fiatisi, with you, for I will add to your glory, the resurrection of all whom your eyes have seen.

10/6.13. So I descended; and there took Fiatisi, Daughter of Jehovih, with me; and when we had come into the place commanded, Your power came upon the place, and it started upward; and soon it turned on its vertical axis and rose higher and higher, turning and rising; and we saw we were loose from the earth, and we no longer rotated with the earth, but rose slowly upward, watching the earth rotating beneath us.

10/6.14. I said: Upward, O Jehovih! Upward, O Jehovih! Upward, O Jehovih! And all the hosts repeated the same words, for our wills and knowledge were as a unit, in which we had strength in You, our Creator!










10/7.1. Jehovih spoke in the firmament, saying: Bring the newborn into the forests of Uk'loo and the ji'ay'an roads to the arc of Noe, in the etherean heaven of Hautuon; and when you have established them on a world of their own, leave Gods and Goddesses with them, to sort them, and provide according to their necessities; for all things shall be provided to them in such a way that they can attain to knowledge and individuality.

10/7.2. And when you have placed them, hasten with My Son, Neph, back to the earth, where I have labor awaiting regarding the ships of the I'hins. || And so, in that way, the newly born were delivered.

10/7.3. Then I (Aph) departed as soon as possible, taking leave of Fiatisi, thanking her for her assistance in this great deliverance. With me, I took Neph, Son of Jehovih, and another thirty thousand Gods and Goddesses, besides ten million ethereans, who each had thousands of years' experience in heaven and on various corporeal worlds; and we came back to the earth, to the ocean where the land had gone down.

10/7.4. And when I came to the ships in which the I'hins had escaped, finding the Gods who were in charge of them, even as I had previously commanded, Your voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Bend the currents of the winds of heaven, O My Son; shape the course of the ships so that they fall into groups; and you shall divide the groups, making four groups in all. And by the winds of heaven you shall drive the groups (fleets) of ships, and bring them to the four different lands of the earth, according to its previous history and adaptation.

10/7.5. For in all countries, My chosen shall begin laying down the foundation of My everlasting kingdom, and they shall never again be destroyed by the people of darkness of earth or heaven. |295| ||

10/7.6. So according to the labor Your commandments put upon me, I divided my hosts, making four divisions of them. And I said to Neph: Direct them, O God, to those countries Jehovih has shown you, for you know all the earth; remember, you are still God of earth.

10/7.7. God (Neph) said: By Your light, Jehovih, I desire two ships to go to the north land, which was not sunk, for they shall be a testimony in time to come. Let Your Gods, therefore, shift the winds and drive two ships aside from the rest; and at the same time, my messengers will go and lead the way to the north land, in which direction Your Gods shall shape the winds of heaven.

10/7.8. Now those in charge of the wind currents divided the ships and drove two of them off to the northern land. And the Gods and angels turned the currents about and drove the four groups of ships in four different ways, according to the directions of God, Son of Jehovih. The messengers of God led the way, showing the Gods and angels of the wind, the countries designated by Jehovih. |296|

10/7.9. So it came to pass that in one hundred and fifty days, all the ships of the Faithists were in the ports; and the people went ashore, in the different countries where they had been taken. || Again Your voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Behold, My people are few in the world, and lest they take the ships and sail about, and so get divided and lost, you shall send your hosts down to the sea at night to sink the ships.

10/7.10. When I told God (Neph) what You had said, God said to me: My angels shall inspire the I'hins to take all things out of the ships, and tonight your hosts shall fulfill the commandment of Jehovih. || And so it happened; the I'hins took all their goods out of the ships, not knowing they were inspired; and that night I sent angels down, and they sank the ships.

10/7.11. And in the morning the I'hins saw their ships had disappeared, and they said with one voice: Truly, I know I was inspired, for I would not rest till all the goods were taken out of the ships. Let us, therefore, build an altar to the Lord, and sing and dance, because he is with us. And when God (Neph) saw that their souls were propitious |297| for good works and miracles, he stationed his ashars around the altars, and sent other ashars into the countryside where they gathered fruit which was growing wild, and brought it to the I'hins, casting it on the altars of the Lord, even while the people danced.

10/7.12. Thus I fulfilled the work You commanded of me, O Jehovih, and so I surrendered my commission to Your Son, Neph, God of heaven and earth.






































295  That is, never again would the earth be brought to such a low place of darkness as to be near unredeemable, nor would the Faithist ever be destroyed in entirety. The Faithist of today is living proof that the foundation was never destroyed.


















296  The countries directed to are Jaffeth (China), Shem (India), Ham (Egypt), and Guatama (America); the two ships to the north country going to Japan. More detail is given in the accompanying "The Lords' First Book" (11/).



















297  favorably inclined, receptively disposed, auspicious, conducive








10/8.1. Neph, God of earth, said: Behold, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, by the power and magnificence of your work I am bewildered in your presence. Who can come so near the Almighty? Who but Jehovih has attained beyond the power of your soul? Who has wisdom like you, except the Great Creator? You have stretched a line beyond the moon, and by your spoken word crushed in the side of the great earth, as if it were nothing. You have said: Arise! And a world moved at your command! Yes, you have the love and esteem of millions of Gods and Goddesses.

10/8.2. And you came against the winds of the earth, saying: Turn here or turn there, and lo, the winds moved before your words as an obedient child to its father's voice. You call down the fire of heaven; it comes at your bidding; and you say: O Jehovih, put Your hand under the heavens of the earth, and immediately a light and floor, wide as the earth, fly into the place of your desire.

10/8.3. Now, behold, You have said: O Jehovih, I surrender my commission; I have finished that which You commanded me to do. For which reason, O Aph, my soul has great sorrow. But because you have labored a hundred days and cleaned up the whole earth and her heavens, as one might sweep the floor of a house, I am bowed down in gratitude.

10/8.4. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: O Jehovih, what have I done that Your Son's love has come to me? The more I become one with You, O You Everlasting Creator, the more You show me plainer and plainer that I am nothing. And yet Your Son, seeing I am merely a figure moved by Your hand, heaps praise upon me. Shall a man lose sight of the Almighty!

10/8.5. Nevertheless, O Jehovih, who is so weak when it comes to love, as I, Your servant? Because You have quickened me in wisdom and power, so have You made my love as a place that can never be supplied to the full. How shall I find strength to leave this, Your Son, on the far-off earth? Will I not glory in his love and great esteem; and yet do I not know that I will repine |298| because I do not have him with me?

10/8.6. Hear me, O Jehovih, for I will swiftly measure Your Son. Scarcely forty thousand years raised up to etherea, and yet You made him God of heaven and earth. For three thousand years he struggled in the battle against evil and darkness; and the broad heavens in the etherean world looked on in sympathy, love and hope, because of his tenacity, wisdom and power.

10/8.7. It was like one man fighting against a house on fire, and the place filled with helpless babes. And yet Your God never ceased, not once rested and said: It is useless; but forever renewed the battle in new ways and stratagems. As a light shows better in the dark, so did Your Son Neph, O Jehovih, move the souls of even Gods and Goddesses in Your exalted heavens.

10/8.8. Then came Your voice, O Father, saying: Go, O Aph, My Son, and deliver the earth. || And, behold, the congregating of Gods and Goddesses! So eager to fly to the assistance of Your honored Son!

10/8.9. And God (Neph) said: One favor, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, I ask of you; which is that you shall stay three days and honor the throne of God. For I will have it founded and ready; and my Lords shall have the honor of speaking to you face to face?

10/8.10. Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: By Your permission, O Jehovih, I will stay three days and three nights with Your Son, God of heaven and earth, and I will honor his throne and speak face to face with his Lords, so that I may win their love.

10/8.11. In three days' time the kingdom of God was founded, and situated in atmospherea, near and over the land of Jaffeth (Chine'ya), but the plateaus extended with two wings, so as to embrace Shem and Ham (India and Egypt); and the Gods, with their Lords and attendants, went to the kingdom.

10/8.12. Now, there were with God (Neph), two million spirits (earth‑born) in the second resurrection, who had volunteered to serve another two hundred years for the founding of the new kingdom of heaven, and they were well learned in official capacity, knowing how to found plateaus, with factories, mansions, hospitals, nurseries, and all places required in heaven for the newborn, so that God only had to say: Do this, or that; and it was done, and without error.

10/8.13. And now, five hundred thousand etherean volunteers from the hosts of Aph, Son of Jehovih, came before God; and they desired to remain two hundred years with God and his hosts.

10/8.14. God (Neph) said to them: Behold, the earth has passed Tryista, and it is no longer lawful for any but earth‑born to hold the places of sub‑Gods, sub‑Lords and marshals; and since you are raised from different stars, and from different etherean circuits, what shall I do that you may be honored, and also profitable to yourselves in development?

10/8.15. Gaitivaya, chief spokesman for them, said: We desire only to be laborers. For what is two hundred years to us? Appoint us, we pray, not to the I'hins, for they are already advanced, but appoint us to the natives in the divisions of the earth, especially to those who speak only a little, and who burrow in the ground. Nor do we desire a place in your heaven, but we will abide with mortals, and in the first resurrection of those who are born in darkness.

10/8.16. God said: You shall remain, and your people with you. For, since you have volunteered to leave your high estate to come and dwell for one dan |299| on the lowest of all places, laboring for the blind and dumb, |300| you shall be recompensed with the love of millions in time to come.

10/8.17. Then God departed, and Aph, Son of Jehovih, went with him, and they came into the middle of the kingdom of God, where they halted, and God said: Here I will build my throne; and, as Sethantes, in the ancient time, called his place Hored, so will I also call my place Hored; and on the earth it shall be called the Mountain of God, for it shall be my home.

10/8.18. So God stretched forth his hand to Jehovih, saying: Throne of Your throne, O Father! And from the heavens above a great light came down and settled in the place of God and Aph, Jehovih's Son; and presently, the light gathered up from the atmospherea, substance, and made it shining and condensed, at which point, the attendants of such matters brought and laid the throne of God, and then fenced it around with pillars of fire, like Hored of the ancient days.

10/8.19. And God ascended and sat on the throne, and Aph also, sitting at the right hand of God, and the four Lords of the earth at the left hand; but the fifth Lord, Eolait, stood down at the foot of the throne. And he said: Behold, the division of the earth that was mine is sunk beneath the sea; how, then, shall I sit on the throne of God?

10/8.20. God said: Since your labor has been taken from you, you are a parable |301| on the newly dead, who have lost the earth, but have no place in heaven. Since the es'yan serves a time through the proxy |302| of others, so shall you, in that which I will bestow upon you. Know, then, that you shall sit at my right hand, for you shall be my assistant and Vice‑God during the time of my sojourn; |303| and after that, whatever you will.

10/8.21. Eolait said: You have honored me, O God! Jehovih's will be done! So God rose up, raising his hand, and said: O You All Light, crown Your Son: Vice‑God of Hored; for Your Own Glory, forever!

10/8.22. And as the light of etherea descended into God's right hand, he shaped it into a crown and placed it on Eolait's head, with the usual ceremony of such rank in heaven. And Eolait came and sat at the right hand of God. And in that same moment, Aph, Son of Jehovih, rose up; at which point, God, the Lords, and all others whatsoever, sat down, for the place was as if Jehovih had appeared in person. |304| Aph said:

10/8.23. As a father is made to comprehend his own early life by looking upon his infant son, so have You, O Jehovih, forever raised up before my eyes the images of times and conditions long past. In these, Your Lords, You have called me back to the time and place when You and Your Son first crowned me a Lord and a Vice‑God over one of the divisions of my native star.

10/8.24. And my soul rose up to You in fear and prayer; for I understood how unmindful mortals and angels are of the labor of Gods and Lords, and prone to rate themselves as Chiefs of all created things. But Your Voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Do not complain, My Son, against the self‑conceit of mortals and angels, nor of their criticisms of My Gods and Lords; for to such boasters I provide trials, which they do not perceive till they are encompassed by them. Suffer them, |305| therefore, to grow in their own glory within your dominions, for I have sufficient labor for them, either on earth or in heaven.

10/8.25. And I perceived Your wisdom, so I applied it through my angels; and when my people rose to the first resurrection, and the second resurrection, behold, I knew where to place them so that they could prove themselves all in all. And Your light came upon me in my place, saying: As you have profited in the first lesson, so shall you comprehend the second, and even up to the etherean heavens.

10/8.26. Nevertheless, O Father, You allowed all things to harass me and perplex my soul; and I was filled with fear and reverence because of the great responsibility You gave into my keeping. So great were my tribulations and trials that I called out to You in Your holy place to remember all other Gods and Lords in Your whole universe.

10/8.27. And You said: Hear the words of Your Creator, My God, My Son: For I created man to enter heaven as helpless as he entered earth life, and dependent on those above him, so that he might comprehend the unity between high and low, strong and weak, light and darkness; and I placed him in My mills, where he would learn that even as others grind for him, so should he grind for those beneath him.

10/8.28. For of what profit under the sun is it for My Lords to come down from their liberty and glory in My etherean firmament, and become Lords over the grovelers |306| in the flesh, or over the es'yans in darkness? Shall selfishness reign in heaven, and every one for himself? Have I not proved it on the earth that the love of doing good works to others is all that ensures a rich harvest of love in return?

10/8.29. Because they stoop from their high estate in order to promote My children whom I created alive, are they not becoming more one with Me? Even so is all exaltation in heaven; for as I stoop down to the dumb earth and water, and quicken them, making man, so have I stooped lower than anything can in all My universe. And those who follow My example, raising the low to make them have joy in life, are on the road to attain to all power, wisdom and love. ||

10/8.30. Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: I perceived Your wisdom, O Father; and Your power and wisdom came upon me tenfold. Then I sought forever after to go to the lowest and darkest places; but, lo, when I had grown in Your judgment, You spoke again to me, saying:

10/8.31. O Aph, My Son, because you have found the key to unlock the doors to the highest heavens, behold, you are too mighty for small labor. Come, therefore, with Your Creator, for I have a whole etherean world to be at your command, and your wisdom and power are required at My hand.

10/8.32. And I obeyed Your call, O Jehovih. And then, after a season, You called me again, and again, and made my labors extend into many etherean worlds. But I loved to look back and glorify You for my first Lord‑dom, and to treasure the millions of loves I found in those days. And again, O Father, You have blessed me to meet many millions of them in this pruning of the red star, the earth.

10/8.33. Now You have called me to speak on the throne of Your God of earth. Alas, Your God has said: O Aph, Son of Jehovih, come and honor my throne! Whereas, O Jehovih, I am the most honored of men and Gods because I have again opened my mouth before You and in Your name. All glory to You, O Jehovih, now and forever!

10/8.34. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, sat down, and God signaled the marshals, who proclaimed freedom for two whole days. At which point, the Gods and Goddesses of Aph's staff filed past the throne, and after them came the hosts of God, and then the hosts of the Lords, for they all desired to pass near and look upon Aph, and receive the signal of his blessing.

10/8.35. And afterward, all the people joined in with the es'enaurs in singing a song of glory to Jehovih, the All Highest. And when it was finished, the multitude turned to recreation and social intercourse.











































298  desire someone's presence; feel their loss; miss them




































































299  200 years in this instance

300  those unable to speak; the inarticulate



























301  counterpart, symbolic equivalent, a narrative

302  agency, auspices, action, means




303  referring here to the duration of God's administration












304  This doesn't mean that the people mistook Aph for Jehovih, Who, after all, cannot be seen in form of man, but that the feeling in the place was such, that the presence of Jehovih was strongly felt when Aph stood up.














305  bear the burden of them, allow them, permit them




























306  given to base pleasures; those who thus grovel








10/9.1. When the time came, God called his proper officers, and they proclaimed his presence, and the people came to order. Then God said:

10/9.2. Even as it was before the submersion, so shall it be now, and you shall fill the same places as before, every one to the place provided. Nevertheless, from this time forward, all work in heaven and on earth shall be new, and as if nothing had been. Let my Lords, their attendants and ashars, prepare for their departure; and they shall receive, as they desire, from other volunteers who have come into my kingdom, and these shall be assigned to labor suited to them, whether it be with mortals or with spirits in the first resurrection.

10/9.3. And to my marshals, messengers and asaphs: Hear the word of your God, which is that you proceed throughout atmospherea, selecting and appropriating all suitable places for the spirits of the dead; and that you apportion builders and workmen, and erect factories, schools, hospitals, nurseries, and all other suitable places, adapted to receiving those of the first resurrection, as is done in all atmospherean heavens. And all who are thus received shall be called es'yans for the first five years; but after that, they shall be called es'seans, signifying having separated from corporeal desire, being full residents of the es world. But those who will not become es'seans, being the spirits of druk‑mortals and hard bound to the earth, shall be called druj, signifying wandering spirits of darkness and of evil; and those who engraft themselves on mortals shall be called fetals, signifying sucklings, and these names shall continue in heaven and on earth to the end of the world.

10/9.4. Where you may perceive the fault of leniency of the Gods and Lords of old, you shall be circumspect |307| in these times; for never again shall the rod of water chasten the living earth.

10/9.5. When God completed giving all his commandments, and the people were ready to depart, the es'enaurs and trumpeters sang and played a hymn adapted to the new heaven and new earth; and when this was finished, Aph, Son of Jehovih, spoke, saying:

10/9.6. Behold the light of the high heaven opens. Your Son, O Jehovih, longs for a great labor. I go on a journey farther than ten thousand suns. Fiatisi, Your Daughter, O Jehovih, and Goddess of a thousand worlds, has set apart (scheduled a time) to join two corporeal stars in a far‑off heaven, on which a billion shall be delivered into spirit life in a single day. With her, by Your Will and Power, O Jehovih, I go! But yet do not let these, Your Gods and Lords and all their hosts, surmise |308| I will forget one single soul of all who are here. And when the next dan appears, behold, I will return to them to enjoy a portion of their sweet love. Aph is done.

10/9.7. And now the Chief descended and sat at the foot of the throne, and God, suffused with tears, came down and took his hand, saying: Behold, he who is greatest makes himself least of all. Arise, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, and crowned Immortal God of the Arc of Noe, Son of the Almighty, arise and go your way.

10/9.8. So Aph rose up, and shaking hands with God and his Lords, descended to the borders beyond the foot of the pillars of fire, and his hosts with him, being ten million in number, where the proper persons had in readiness an ascending otevan with wings, into which they all entered.

10/9.9. At a given signal the otevan started upward, but toward the east, and, swift as a shooting star, it sped forth, and presently disappeared in the distance.






































307  mindful of all the circumstances of the matter, prudent, painstaking, careful, on guard, diligent














308  be of the opinion that, conjecture, speculate, suppose, feel, think, believe, imagine








10/10.1. Jehovih said: Neph, My Son, God of earth, hear the voice of Your Creator. For as you called on Me in your sore hour of trial, so did I come to you and deliver the earth and heaven, through My Son of the arc of Noe in etherea. Remember now the upraised of Hautuon, heaven of darkness, in Uk'loo, in the firmament, for they are yours until the next dan appears on the earth.

10/10.2. God said: I have heard Your voice, O Jehovih; but what shall Your servant do? Behold Aph, Your Arc‑Son, has left the upraised children of darkness with Gods and Goddesses, who transcend Your servant so much in wisdom and power, that he can scarcely look upon them. How, then, shall it be with me, Your servant?

10/10.3. Jehovih said: Nevertheless, the upraised children of darkness are your own family, and the glory of your house in heaven shall be the light you shall make manifest in them. Do not fear, the Gods and Goddesses understand this matter.

10/10.4. Therefore, when you have put your kingdom in order, and established the heaven of the earth in all its parts, and stationed messengers between your throne and the thrones of your Lords on the earth, behold, you shall leave your Vice‑God to rule in your place for a season, and you shall go to Hautuon, in the etherean forests, for you shall be expected by them.

10/10.5. God said: Your will be done, O Father. I perceive Your wisdom, glory and justice. Now I will sojourn on my throne one year, and then you, my Vice‑God, shall relieve me while I go visit my rebellious children in Uk'loo, where Gods and Goddesses are overseeing them.

10/10.6. The Vice‑God said: Your will be done, God of heaven and earth. So it came to pass that in one year, God had established heaven so well that he could control the affairs of angels and men into the way of everlasting life.

10/10.7. God informed his Council, which consisted of five hundred thousand etherean men and women, of the words of Jehovih, adding:

10/10.8. And I will stay one year in Hautuon, so that I may become known to them whom I have raised up. But at the end of that time I will return here, bringing back as many new volunteers from there as Jehovih may command.

10/10.9. It was known in heaven that God would leave at the proper time; and, to honor him in Jehovih's name, ten million of his hosts came from far and near to see him depart. And when God saw them, he proclaimed a day of recreation; and the people mingled together, and especially to re-converse on the matter of the deliverance of earth and heaven and the going down of Pan, as it had been.

10/10.10. On the following day, all hands being refreshed and assembled in order, according to the discipline of Gods, God spoke from the throne, saying:

10/10.11. Hear the words of your God, and rejoice in the founding of a new heaven. Be wise in heeding that which I shall utter, and make yourselves steadfast in all proven things. |309| Here are millions who stood by my side in the name of the Creator, in the days of darkness in heaven and earth. For three thousand years our battle lasted; and from out of the darkness, behold our prayers went up to Him Who is over and above all.

10/10.12. And your God said: Surely Jehovih will deliver when the vortex merges into Hi'dan; and you all repeated the same thing; and the unity of our souls' desire reached up to the Orian Chiefs, Jehovih's mighty Sons and Daughters.

10/10.13. For, as it is proven that a man in conflict with himself accomplishes nothing, while he who is in harmony with himself is mighty when he rules himself to a good purpose; so has it been proven that the unity of many angels can, by force of their own wills, control the place and proceedings of a world. And by your faith in this matter with your God, you became a star of faith in Jehovih, which is the mastering of all things to His glory.

10/10.14. And those who were without an All Highest in Person, |310| were without power, and of no effect, except to build up discord to our proceedings. While those who assumed to be Gods and Lords, but ignored Jehovih, were not sustained; for having nothing higher than themselves, they rose only to themselves.

10/10.15. Which is manifested on earth, even as it was in those days in heaven: boasting of good works or of good prayers, but housing themselves about with the earnings of others. |311| Did these false Gods and false Lords not set up self and worship it? And the fruits of their inspiration, and of their slaves under them, were the angels they sent to rule over mortals, for the glory of their philosophy. And so mortals of themselves also soon said the same things, which were: Behold, there is no God nor Lord of wisdom in heaven and earth.

10/10.16. And by that means, the doctrines of the false Gods and Lords overturned even their own kingdoms, changing heaven into hada. |312| But when the Light of Jehovih came, you and your God and Lords were one with His voice. For which reason, you have been preserved in victory. And now it has come to pass that your God and Lords have established a new heaven and new earth for the glory of the Father. And he |313| who labored so long in your love, now goes to the other wing of the battle, where your brothers and sisters, toiling with those in darkness, will rejoice to hear of your fruitful labors.

10/10.17. Then God turned to his right, and said to Eolait, Vice‑God of Jehovih: Because you were robbed of your division of the earth, even while you were doing good work, Jehovih has bestowed |314| you well. You shall, therefore, hold the triangle of the Gods of heaven until your God returns.

10/10.18. With that, God hung the triangle on Eolait's neck, saying: In Jehovih's name, all hail, God of heaven and earth? The hosts of millions responded: All hail, God of heaven and earth!

10/10.19. And God (Neph) came down and sat on the foot of the throne, in the custom of Gods. And he who had been anointed came down and took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, and go your way! And God rose up, and the two, with their marshals and attendants, went down to the borders, at the line of the pillars of fire, where the proper persons had ready a ship with mantles and curtains; and God with his host of five hundred thousand, entered the ship.

10/10.20. Meanwhile the es'enaurs sang an appropriate anthem of Glory to Jehovih the Highest.

10/10.21. At a given signal the ship started upward, amid the applause of millions of angels assembled; and like a star it shot upward, higher and higher, till it was seen no more.
































































309  That is, be aware of, objective about, and supportive of that which has proven wise (so as to best sustain and advance the system and order of this kingdom and its resurrections).

















310  meaning the 'All Highest conceived of' is a Person and is always here In Person (being the Everpresence of Jehovih)







311  This is an abstract form of vampirism.










312  atmospherean regions of darkness, being comparatively darker than that to which it is being compared




313  God referring to himself







314  recompensed, rewarded, honored, blessed








10/11.1. The Council of Hored being still in session, God (Eolait), ascended the throne. And the light of Jehovih fell upon God, so that he was almost obscured from sight, and the voice of Jehovih spoke, saying:

10/11.2. Hear My voice; as by My Presence and of My Own Self I made each self, and gave to each, power of words, so am I in Light manifest by soul words to My etherean hosts. O Lords of earth, as you have provided ashars, and above them asaphs, and between all My kingdoms allotted messengers, so shall you also for barbarians provide familiar spirits, who shall be subject to the order of the ashars and their Lords.

10/11.3. I create alive all mortals, whether I'hins or barbarians; and your labor shall be not only with My chosen, whom it is easy to save, but also with those who do not know Me or My es worlds. For besides those destroyed by the flood, behold, the earth is still covered over with men, women and children.

10/11.4. In the time of Aph you received volunteers from Osi, in etherea; place this matter into their hands. ||

10/11.5. This was done, and they were divided up into groups. Then, since the angels of heaven had already numbered the corporeans, the ethereans were distributed accordingly. And these ethereans selected and apportioned familiar spirits to abide with the barbarians. And these familiar spirits were the fathers, mothers and friends who had recently died, but still sojourned in the first resurrection. So the officers provided places on earth for these spirits and persuaded them to reappear before mortals in order to prove continued life; but the officers never showed themselves.

10/11.6. Jehovih has said: Provide the way, but cause the familiars to do the labor. Neither shall you make a familiar of the spirit of a young man or a young woman, lest they become fetals.

10/11.7. So it came to pass that a new department of heaven and earth was opened and founded during the absence of Neph, and in one year it was prosperous.

10/11.8. At the end of one year God returned from the Hautuon Colony, bringing with him five million volunteers, who were of the third resurrection. And, it being known in Hored when he would return, a great concourse of angels gathered together to receive him in honor, and to welcome the volunteers.

10/11.9. So that, when God's etherean star descended, the Vice‑God, Eolait, proclaimed a recreation of ten days, which was to follow immediately after God ascended the throne and regained his presence. And so, while the es'enaurs were singing, the star alighted, and the marshals and hosts of honor proceeded to their places, and received God, who, at once, ascended the throne and saluted Eolait, Son of Jehovih, saying:

10/11.10. By Your Will and Power, O Jehovih, Your Son |315| rejoices in the time of this proceeding. Eolait said: Welcome, God of heaven and earth. And he saluted with the sign of Jehovih's name, and was answered in like manner.

10/11.11. Without further ceremony, he took off the triangle of the Gods and placed it on God's neck, saying: In Jehovih's name, receive the gift of the ancient Gods.

10/11.12. Hardly had this been accomplished when the larger star‑ship alighted on the floor of the Congress, before the Council, and near the altar of Jehovih; and the five million volunteers alighted, amid the applause of the many millions assembled.

10/11.13. God, being reinstated, said: Let the marshals proclaim ten days of recreation. For we shall account to our special loves how we found matters in Hautuon, and of the power of Jehovih manifested.




























































315  this is God (Neph) referring to himself








10/12.1. The voice of Jehovih spoke through God, saying: Because a new heaven is established, and because the old has been raised up, let signs be manifested, by which mortals and angels in later ages may know what has happened. Otherwise it shall come to pass, that mortals and angels will forget the flood and the purging of the earth. Consider now, O Gods and Goddesses, what shall be done?

10/12.2. Eolait spoke on behalf of the Council, saying: What shall we do, O Jehovih? And Jehovih answered, saying: Because I come near the earth in its early days, and farther off as it grows older, men will say: Alas, the folly of the ancients! || For I gave fear and faith as a heritage when men were weak in judgment; but with the growth of wisdom, I take away fear and the substance of things not proven to the judgment.

10/12.3. Jehovih said: In kosmon, men and angels shall ask for proofs. One will say: How is it possible to relate (report) the words spoken in the distant past? Another will say: How can it be proven that the old heaven was taken away?

10/12.4. Hear, therefore, the words of your Creator; and when one says: Behold, in those days few men had the gift of words and speech, answer him, saying: Yes, and heaven was the same way; because they did not have words, they could not be made to understand.

10/12.5. And another shall say: The Creator rules in large matters, but not in the small; |316| and another shall say: Because the angels come in kosmon, so could they have come in the distant past. |317| And you shall answer them, saying: Who knows the plan of an earthquake, whether it is small or large before Jehovih? Is He not ever present? And do certain conditions not bring certain results? And they will answer: Yes.

10/12.6. Say to them: Give, then, a name to the Highest Cause beyond all research; and they will say: By the ancients called Jehovih. And they shall perceive they have entangled themselves in a net. For if the condition of ignorance on earth begot ignorance in heaven, how could the light of heaven come afterward to the earth except from above (from a higher heaven of enlightenment, i.e., from etherea)? Since, then, the light of heaven came from above, who else could have invented the wisdom of a flood to come upon the speech of diverse nations? |318|

10/12.7. Give them, therefore, words in heaven and words on earth, pertaining to matters of this nature, and make these sounds sacred, so that it shall be proven in Jaffeth, Shem, Ham, Guatama, and in the heavens belonging to these lands. The voice of Jehovih ceased.

10/12.8. God said: You are All Wisdom, O Jehovih! Now I have a place for the new volunteers who came from etherea. For, this shall be their matter and business with the familiars who dwell with the barbarians. So, accordingly, they were allotted. And they were enjoined |319| to sing to mortals the song of the flood; and they thus established its history to endure forever on earth.
























316  For example, He creates the universe, but does not trifle Himself with causing a flood on some small planet; or, granting that, He may have made the world and made the flood to destroy the wicked, but He would not trifle Himself with words and languages of mortals.

317  That is, the argument would seem to be: Since the familiar spirits in kosmon knew little more than mortals; and of heavenly matters, what they did impart was contradictory to one another; then would not the angels manifesting to mortals in that bygone era also have manifested similarly? And since the angels in kosmon came as familiars with only enough power to prove their existence after death, then the angels in the time of the flood were no more powerful nor advanced. Thus, angels labor in small matters, but not in the large. But even if they could plant words into mortals regarding a flood---on the large scale of things, why would it matter? Why bother with trivia?

318  In summary, mortals did not make up the story of the flood because at the time of the flood they had neither the speech nor knowledge to make up the story of diverse nations undergoing a flood simultaneous to all.

Indeed, if earth was covered with animal-like humans who spoke in grunts punctuated with an occasional simple word, how could they spread tales of a worldwide flood, much less give a reason for it? How would they even know about the diverse nations of earth? How much less then, could they have perceived the wisdom of needing a flood?

Neither could the report have come from the lower heavens of the time, for they were also filled with the dumb. Therefore knowledge of the flood was passed down to mortals by angels from a higher heaven. Nor is it otherwise understandable that the nations under question all had the same explanation.

319  instructed, commissioned, commanded








10/13.1. All things prospered in heaven for many years; neither were there great wars on earth, nor famines, nor epidemics. And the Lords of the earth had sufficient loo'is for all the Faithists, so as to control I'hin marriages to bring forth sons and daughters who would rejoice in heaven.

10/13.2. And as fast as they died on the earth, these angels were carried to heavenly places suited to them, where they were handed into the care of asaphs and entered as es'yans. But the Lords appointed no loo'is over the barbarians; and only commanded the ashars to watch for their spirits in the hour of death, and, if possible, to bring them to the organic places of God in Hored; and mostly they were. This continued for many years; but eventually the familiar spirits aroused the barbarians, and they began to have dreams and see visions, for their familiars talked to them during sleep. And when this became common, Jehovih said:

10/13.3. Behold, the time has come to appoint loo'is to abide with the barbarians. For in this I will reveal a great secret, which is that My chosen on earth cannot subdue it; for they are a harmless and defenseless people. Therefore, I have wisely created the barbarian; for he shall drive away and destroy all evil beasts and serpents; and the forests shall fall down before him.

10/13.4. For this purpose, the loo'is shall select marriages with the intent of raising up great kings and queens. But, since in the old days, the kings depended on the prophets of God for counsel, and thus were advised against killing anything I had created alive, and they quarreled with God's prophets, so in this time of the new heaven, you shall permit the kings and queens to consult the spirits of the dead with the talents I have given them.

10/13.5. This was done also; and the barbarians were attended by familiar spirits, many of whom took upon themselves any name pleasant to the ear, some of them calling themselves God or Lord, or after the name of some great king of the past. And these familiars, being stupid, |320| supposed themselves to be such persons.

10/13.6. The result of their stupid impressions was to inspire the barbarians to believe they were attended by Gods or Lords, or by the spirits of kings or queens; and so they held up their heads and began to think. For as it had been said by the Gods of ancient times: Some are led by flattery, some by self‑conceit, some by duty, some by love of righteousness; but there are others who can be led to self‑improvement by persuading them they are specially chosen by some God or Lord, or the spirit of a famous king or queen, to work wonders.

10/13.7. God said: There was a certain sick man who could not be cured by the physicians; and a foolish woman came along, seeing visions, and said to the sick man: Tomorrow you shall be healed. God has been trying you; but you have proven yourself in soul, and your God will withdraw the spell of your infirmity; behold, your God stands beside you.

10/13.8. Now on the following day, the sick man put forth his own spirit, rose up and was well; for which reason, it has been acknowledged that even deceit may accomplish what truth could not. Allow, then, the familiars to lead the barbarians on for a season, but be watchful, and at the proper time appoint new spirits to be with them.

10/13.9. God said: Instruct the Lords that the time has now come to reveal to mortals, especially to the I'hins, the seven tetracts; for, as the ashars are withdrawn a pace, so shall mortals advance a pace.

10/13.10. Which is to say: These are the inheritances of all men born on the earth: Anash, which is persistent stubbornness, by word or thought; Zimmah, wicked device; Ra, delight in being bad; Belyyaal, worthlessness; Aven, vanity and self‑conceit; Dibbah, slander and reporting of evils; and Sa'tan, to be a leader, and especially to the delight of the other six entities.

10/13.11. These are the members of the beast of all men and women under the sun; nor is any one without them in some manner or degree. Go, therefore, to the Lords and say to them: Jehovih has set the beginning of the resurrection through Aph, His Son, Chief of the arc of Noe, to lay the tetracts on the shoulders of mortals. |321|

10/13.12. The marshals of the Council provided messengers who were immediately sent down to the different divisions of the earth; for the tetracts were some of the words selected in heaven to be given as everlasting names, by which, in after ages, the tribes of Faithists could be discovered; and they were given alike to the Faithists of Guatama, Jaffeth, Shem and Ham, who were the sons of the arc of Noe preserved on the earth in that day. For these words, inherited by the Hebraic, Vedic and Algonquin languages, were provided to be synonymous till the coming of the Kosmon era.











































320  When Oahspe uses the word 'stupid' it is not in the pejorative (belittling, disparaging) nor derisive (abusive) sense, so common today, but refers to those in a mental and spiritual stupor, being dull and slow witted, generally devoid of wisdom and lacking much spiritual intelligence or mental acumen.







































321  And the mortals shall be made aware of the tetracts and learn to take responsibility for them. All, whether as mortals or angels, must transcend these expressions of the beast in order to inherit the higher heavens.








10/14.1. The voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: Behold, the time draws near when Aph, My Son, shall commit the care of Hored and her affairs to another God, for four hundred years. This, then, is the commandment of your Creator, O God: Hored shall advance to the second resurrection; but the first resurrection shall be established with My Lords.

10/14.2. And when the Lord has a sufficient number of souls who are advanced to take the second resurrection, then they shall be brought to this, My holy place, where they shall be further prepared, even for the next resurrection.

10/14.3. This was accomplished. And for the first resurrection, heavenly kingdoms with thrones for the Lords were established, both on the earth and also in the divisions of the Lords. Thirty‑three years were allotted to these Lords' kingdoms for a resurrection, because thirty‑three is the division of dan corresponding to one hundred dans to each cycle. |322|

10/14.4. Accordingly, every thirty‑three years after that, there was one migration of a group from the Lord's first resurrection to that of Hored, which was God's second resurrection. In accordance with that, the light of dan fell on two hundred years, four hundred years, five hundred years, six hundred years and one thousand years, which became the base of prophecy for each cycle from that time forward, for a long period.

10/14.5. God said: Close the gates of Hored, and from this time forward, only those of the second resurrection may enter. And it was so. And God extended Hored over Jaffeth, Shem and Ham, to the second degree; but of Guatama, her heaven was as follows: The Lord made two kingdoms, the first and second resurrections, and allotted the first to a proxy in his own name, but over the second he presided in person, teaching his people by proxy of God in Hored. For the distance of the sea lay between these heavens, and the access could not be made in the diminutive light of thirty‑three. Nevertheless, the Lord and his attendants maintained an etherean ship that enabled him to cross the sea at intervals of eleven years.

10/14.6. Accordingly now, in the second resurrection, new colleges were established in heaven, and the spirits began the study of elements and illustrations in es and uz, |323| and the process of travel and of carrying corporeal entities. And these spirits were at times, under ashars, taken down to mortals to assist in miracles and legerdemain. |324| For the lessons in the second resurrection embraced the mastery of corpor in analysis and synthesis.

10/14.7. After the first year of God in Hautuon, he went there every eleventh year and remained one year of the earth's time; so that in two hundred years he made eighteen visits. Now on his first visit he brought back with him a certain number of volunteers, who had been those raised by the arc of Noe; and the next visit he brought back twice as many as the first; and the next time, three times as many as the second, and increasing for each of the eighteen visits. And with the last visit, it was estimated that in total he had brought back one billion volunteers. And they were raised to the second resurrection, having been under the training of the Gods and Goddesses of Hautuon, under the direction of Aph, Son of Jehovih.

10/14.8. And now that the time of dan was drawing near, and Aph was expected to return to provide for the ascent of Jehovih's harvest, God looked up with a cheerful heart; for it was evident that by the expiration of the two hundred years from the submersion of Pan, many of the spirits delivered from the earth in that day would be prepared to take the second resurrection. And on that, God prophesied, saying: Through You, O Jehovih, in another hundred years I shall have delivered them into etherea as Your Brides and Bridegrooms.





















322  33 x 100 = 3300; i.e., 3300 years would seem to be the ideal dan'ha length, while 3000 years is the average length.
























323  For example, illustrating the properties of an element in the spirit world (es), then condensing it to corpor and examining its properties, and then dissolving (uz) the element back to es (its atmospherean form).

324  magic, sleight of hand, conjuring of things, etc.








10/15.1. Jehovih spoke in the light of the throne of God in Hored, saying: Behold, a star comes!

10/15.2. The voice ceased, but God and his hosts knew the meaning, for it was the time for Aph to return and complete his deliverance of Neph and his hosts, and his Lords and their hosts.

10/15.3. So the Council members were moved to look into the firmament; and the messengers who had heard the voice, and who were departing on their various missions, also looked upward, even as they sped forth to their places; and they proclaimed it in all the heavens of the earth, and to the Lords and their divisions of the earth.

10/15.4. And the angels of heaven and those who resided with mortals, were stirred up, and because of their contiguity |325| to mortals, the latter comprehended that something unusual was about to happen.

10/15.5. The Council of Hored did not know how they should proceed, for the event was to surpass in magnificence anything they had ever witnessed.

10/15.6. God said: I have heard Your voice, O Jehovih. I know a star comes, and its glory shall be great. Give me light, O Father. How shall Your servant know the decorum |326| of Orian Chiefs? Behold, I am as one abashed with obscurity |327| in Your wide universe!

10/15.7. Jehovih's voice answered, saying: Do not fear, My Son. And let your Council be strong also. Proceed at once to decorate your people, in preparation for receiving the resurrection. And as to those who are to be My Brides and Bridegrooms, clothe them in white. ||

10/15.8. The whole Council heard Jehovih's voice, and they ordained officers to proceed throughout atmospherea and put in effect Jehovih's commandment. And the decorated angels, and those prepared as Brides and Bridegrooms for etherea, were ordered to form in companies near the throne of God in Hored; and the officers of companies were also provided with badges, on each of which was inscribed an account of their labor on earth and in heaven, the number and nature of their charities and self‑sacrifices for others' good, and their grade in purity, power and wisdom. And the privates were decorated with stars to illustrate the same things, in degree and number; and the stations of their file |328| in Hored were provided in the order of music, rating them according to their chord and discord, and their social adaptability.

10/15.9. For these things were done before etherean judges, to whom Jehovih had said: Let the people pass before you so you may judge them, that being assorted and arranged, they shall make one harmonious whole; for it is only by this means that they will have power to ascend and endure in My regions of light. || There were one million of these judges, and they took up their stations in different parts of atmospherea, wherever the second resurrection had been established, every judge choosing a district for himself or herself, for they were both men and women.

10/15.10. And as the angels passed before them, the wisdom of the judges was so great that they could comprehend all each person had ever done, either on earth or in heaven. And by signals, the proper officers were advised how to decorate and adorn all of them.

10/15.11. And as fast as companies of one thousand passed, they were provided with conductors, who took them to their places, which had been previously determined by the command of God.

10/15.12. While this work was proceeding, lights began to appear in the firmament above; these were the marshals of the Orian fields in etherea, in their star‑ships, taking course for Hored, and their number was legion. |329| But presently one brighter and more powerful than the rest made its way from the western arc of Onah'yi, and it steered directly to God's throne, growing brighter and larger as it came. And when it entered past Chinvat, and was well within the vortex of the earth, in the belt of the moon's orbit, its light spread across the whole atmosphere of heaven, and Hored was illuminated, and the angels of Hored were stirred up with enthusiasm.

10/15.13. The brilliant star did not prolong the suspense of the angel world, for he who sailed it was a God of millions of years; and by his wisdom, attained to such mastery that the elements of earth and atmospherea gave way, as if appalled by a heaven on fire. Down to the arena of the Council of Hored came the star‑ship, whose majesty outweighed all ceremony, a very crown of magnificence. And he who came, attended by half a million, was Sue'ji, marshal for that which was soon to follow.

10/15.14. God rose up, saluting, and all the hosts rose up; at which, Sue'ji ascended the throne, greeted by God and his Council. Sue'ji said:

10/15.15. By Your will, O Jehovih! And God said: In Your name, O Father, Creator! Welcome to Your Son! And presently all the place was aglow with a golden light, which, of all colors, ranks first in heaven, and the voice of Jehovih descended on Sue'ji, and He said:

10/15.16. Well beloved, come! Long enduring, come! Of patience and steadfastness, My sons and daughters! Behold, I came in the darkness and delivered Mi, for she was heavily laden with twins. And one dwelt with the mother, but the other I sent to nurse in Hautuon. And they are now grown to maturity, a son and daughter twin.

10/15.17. Turn to Hautuon: Lo, the twin comes! She was the puny child; but look upon her, O you Gods and Goddesses! Her billions come as an avalanche of ji'ay'an worlds. Open your arms, O My beloved sons and daughters.

10/15.18. The voice ceased, and Sue'ji said: When the harvest of Hautuon arrives, attended by the Gods and Goddesses who helped deliver the children of darkness, and who have changed them into beacons of light, behold, there shall be three days of recreation in atmospherea; for the hosts of Hautuon shall be shown their native world, and where they came from; and they shall read the lineage of kin and condition from which they were rescued by Jehovih's sons and daughters.

10/15.19. But on the first day, behold, Aph, the Orian Chief, will descend in all his glory. And on the fourth day all your upraised sons and daughters shall ascend into the etherean worlds, where there are waiting to receive you, trillions of souls, long since dwellers in Nirvania. Sue'ji ceased speaking, having given commands as to the stations of his marshals for the earth and her heaven.

10/15.20. God sent his messengers, saying: Go to Wak'hah and say: God says: My heavens have been numbered, and the account of my laborers rendered and recorded in the libraries of Hored. And of all the hosts who have labored with your God, behold, you, O Wak'hah, stand on the highest grade. Come, therefore, to the throne of your God and be anointed God of heaven and earth for the next four hundred years, and as long after that as Jehovih wills!

10/15.21. The messengers, attended by one thousand marshals, departed for Adjun, the place of labor where Wak'hah dwelt, being a physician's nurse for es'yans and still‑born mortal children and those killed by abortion. And they delivered the message of God, to which Wak'hah replied: Thanks, O Jehovih! Tell God I will come. But first let me surmise: I have been all my life, now some thirty thousand earth years, trying to learn where I would be most serviceable to Jehovih and His sons and daughters. And when I judge that I have found it, lo, a summons comes from another direction, saying: Come here. And so it seems Jehovih forever hurries us onward, faster than our wisdom can discover the requirement. || So the marshals provided an otevan, and Wak'hah was conducted to Hored, even to the foot of the throne of God, where he was saluted and received under a rod with water, according to his rank. |330|


















325  proximity; closeness; contact









326  proper order and system, rites and ceremonies, standards of behavior, protocol, etiquette, proprieties; in other words, God wanted to know how to provide a reception suitable to Aph and his hosts

327  abashed = humbled, humiliated, embarrassed; obscurity = a deficiency in light, a lack of light, relative darkness















328  line, queue, array




























329  enormously large number; too large to estimate easily













































































330  Note here that rank is different from grade. For example, an angel may labor in a position of lower rank (a physician's nurse ranks lower than a physician, for example), and yet have a very high grade of service to others.








10/16.1. Nearer and nearer came the visiting stars, the etherean ships from thousands of worlds, with countless millions of emancipated souls, dwellers in the Nirvanian regions of Jehovih. And when they reached the boundaries of the earth's vortex they halted a while, to form in ranks, so that their glory would add to one another. While they thus stood in the great vault of heaven, a gateway opened amid the stars on one side; and from far beyond came a strange and mottled sun, swaying to and fro; and this was the great fields and forests of Hautuon letting loose the billions of the delivered earth.

10/16.2. God and his hosts saw it. And every soul burst forth one universal shout of applause. It was coming straight to Hored. And as it came nearer, the curtains, sails and streamers, made of yellow, blue and red fire, began to wave and surge, like a ship in a rough sea, but steadily holding course in the undulating elements. Presently guardian ships could be seen, thousands and thousands, traveling beside the laboring sun, the hosts of Hautuon.

10/16.3. And the guardian ships were themselves like stars, and carried millions of etherean souls who had been Gods and Goddesses on many worlds; and they formed wings for the Hautuon avalanche, to hold steady the course to the red star, the earth of mortals. And thus, in honored discipline, came the fleet of Jehovih's worshippers, who, only two hundred years before, were like vermin delving into darkness; deep buried in death, as their only knowledge; and to whom, Great Jehovih and His exalted worlds were unknown.

10/16.4. Brighter and brighter grew that great waving sun, sailed by the immortal Gods; growing larger and more imposing, till, when it entered the earth's vortex, it became like living fire, large as the earth, and of brilliant colors from black to adamant, |331| with blue, white, purple, yellow, scarlet, pink; of all shades; and living; and sparkling; with the broad curtains suspended, deep as the breadth of a world, and with sails and flags that reached upward, high as the moon.

10/16.5. Midway in the vortex of the earth it stopped; and the multitude of stars beyond, now gathered in, majestically, from every side, till nearly throughout the fabric of the earth's atmosphere, there was not a place that did not glow with Jehovih's fire of heaven. Music, which rose from the throne of God a little while before, now ceased; for here was the play of elements in harmony, which is the same as music to the ear of mortals.

10/16.6. The kaleidoscope of splendors hardly stood still, but kept moving, changing and forming by the decrees of the Gods and Goddesses; as a general on earth manipulates his armies, in the evolution of arms, |332| so in majesty and splendor, the marshaling stars constantly evolved new and glorious changes, stretching across the whole firmament of heaven.

10/16.7. And now another gateway opened amid the stars; and a cluster star was seen approaching from the southeast. It was like a star surrounded by stars, and brighter than all the others. This was the star‑ship of Aph, the Orian Chief. At the sight of which, all souls in the firmament turned in pride and wonder. In the play and management of worlds, he had attained to be swift and mighty, above all the countless millions of Gods and Goddesses assembled. And at the sight of his etherean star, angels and Gods whispered: Aph! And the magic of his name, widely known in the Nirvanian fields of the emancipated heavens, spread abroad, till every soul uttered, Aph! in all the regions of atmospherea and on the earth.

10/16.8. Nearer and nearer he came, nor did he stop at Chinvat, the boundary of the earth's vortex; but steadily, and with power, sailed on till his star stood in the doorway of heaven, and here halted as if to complete the immortal scene.

10/16.9. But a moment more, and all the avalanche of the glorious worlds around, moved onward toward the earth, surrounding it on every side, and with the star of Aph making headway for the throne of God in Hored.

10/16.10. This was the morning of the third day in the tide of dan, in which there were still four days left. But now the marshals took their parts. First, Sue'ji, Chief over all the rest, cried out from the throne of God: All hail, O Aph, Son of Jehovih! And the words were caught up on every side, and uttered in one breath around the world. All the while, the great star‑ships and sun of Hautuon gathered in, nearer and nearer, till, like a net, they joined and filled the earth's atmosphere in the east and west and north and south, and below and above; on every side. And the words of the marshal: All hail, O Aph, Son of Jehovih! traveled like an echo over all the heavens.

10/16.11. Then Aph's fleet drew near; he and his hosts alighted, and he ascended the throne, saluting, saying: All hail, O Neph, God of heaven and earth! And this was also uttered by the millions of hosts. After which, the signs and ceremonies of the Gods were briefly concluded, and a recreation of three days proclaimed. So the angel hosts came forth out of their ships, or by the endless chain sped to any quarter of the earth they desired to visit. And for three days and nights the visitors dwelt on the earth and in the lower atmospherea; inspecting how the earth was made; its land and water; its mountains and valleys; its beasts of prey and beasts of burden; its birds and fishes, and, above all, its mortal people and spirits who lingered about the earth, the great story tellers, who knew no higher heaven. Then the visitors surveyed atmospherea and the works of God and his Lords, including their nurseries, hospitals, factories, schools and colleges.

10/16.12. On the fourth day the marshals called order; and so great was the discipline of the hosts and the arrangement of the starships, that in a moment of time, order reigned among all these countless millions of people.

10/16.13. Now, during the recreation, the Chiefs from many worlds, as well as Gods and Goddesses, mingled together, and exchanged their varied experience in the wide regions of Jehovih's universe: of the management of both corporeal and es'ean worlds; of the cosmogony of etherean planets; the surveying of roadways; turning worlds from their orbital course, or changing their axial rotation; the deliverance of millions of souls into the ji'ay'an fields; the creation of new corporeal worlds and the dissolution of others, and the gathering together of the spirits disinherited, and of their final resurrection. Neither did there seem to be any end to Jehovih's universe, where such wonders go onward forever!

10/16.14. When order was restored, God commanded Wak'hah to rise to be anointed, and God said: In Your name, O Jehovih, I anoint this, Your Son, God of heaven and earth for the next four hundred years. Guide him in wisdom and love, O Father.

10/16.15. And God gathered from the abundance of eth'ic and made a crown and placed it on Wak'hah's head, saying: Hail God of heaven and earth, Jehovih's Son! This, in turn, was shouted by the hosts. Then God took off the triangle, the sam'gan, the heirloom of the Gods of the red star, the earth, and God hung it from Wak'hah's neck, saying: Take this heirloom, the symbol of three entities in one, and wear it for the glory of the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

10/16.16. To which Wak'hah, now God, answered: Your will be done, O Father, Creator and Ruler over all. And all on the throne stood aside, and God (Wak'hah) ascended the throne and sat in the center, at which time the es'enaurs chanted, and the hymn sounded around the whole earth. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, spoke, saying:

10/16.17. In four hundred years, O God, I will come and deliver you and your harvest, and your Lords and their harvest, for the glory of Jehovih, the Unapproachable Almighty! Amen.

10/16.18. And now Aph went and sat down at the foot of the throne, at which, God came down according to custom, and took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, Son of Jehovih, and go your way! And Aph rose up, saluting, and he and his attendants departed and entered his star‑ship. The es'enaurs chanted, the trumpeters played, and the solemn march of Jehovih's sea of fire sounded from heaven and earth.

10/16.19. The marshals now put the great works in order: Neph and his attendants were stationed on the right of Aph in a ship newly built; next to him, the ships of his Lords and their attendants; after them, their marshals from the different divisions of the earth and atmospherea; next to them, the ships of the messengers; then the factors, then the nurses, then the physicians, and so on; and finally the divisions of earth‑raised, who were now adjourned to the sun‑avalanche, those raised from earth being of the same rank as those from Hautuon. These comprised the harvest of Neph for Jehovih's emancipated realms; and the number of souls exceeded all other harvests raised up from the earth.

10/16.20. And now came the time for the ascent, and Aph said: Give us of Your power, O Jehovih! And his words were echoed in all places in heaven and on earth. The plateaus trembled and oscillated. Again Aph said: Of Your power, O Jehovih! Arise, O Heaven! Arise, O Heaven!

10/16.21. And the plateaus of the sphere started from their foundations, and slowly moved back and outward away from the earth. The es'enaurs played the march; the ethereans tore off strips of fabric and threw them down to Hored, and then formed flowers and leaves and perfumed them, casting them out to fall in the lower heavens.

10/16.22. Outward, outward, moved the etherean world, then parted the breadth of the earth, and then rose slowly upward. Presently it turned on its own axis, up to now, one entire world; but with its rotation, the different stars began to individualize and separate, all except the harvest of Neph, which was the central figure, led onward and upward by Aph, Son of the Great Spirit.

10/16.23. Faster and faster rose the glorious scene, and more awe-inspiring, and sparkling with splendor! Nor could one from Hored scarcely look upon the dazzling light. But higher it rose, and onward, toward its far‑off destiny, till it disappeared in the firmament above.







































331  sparkling, reflective, shiny clear like a diamond

















332  a set of disciplined and orderly movements in the field by military units








10/17.1. Now atmospherea was like a new heaven, stripped of visitors and ready to resume labor after a glorious festival. So God at once dispatched all hands to their places, and the factories, schools, colleges, nurseries and hospitals, were once more alive with willing workers.

10/17.2. And Hored prospered in every department; and so did the departments of the Lords on earth; and mortals also prospered under the light of the Great Spirit.

10/17.3. For four hundred years God reigned in heaven, and his Lords under him, and the second dan of Aph fell upon earth and heaven. So God appointed An'on as his successor. And now Aph and his attendants came to deliver God, his Lords and those people prepared for their resurrection up into etherea.

10/17.4. And the number of Jehovih's harvest was one billion souls.

10/17.5. And God (An'on) reigned his time, and his Lords under him, and they were also delivered by Aph, but by proxy, and the harvest of Jehovih was eight hundred million souls.

10/17.6. And his successor, God of Hored and atmospherea, and his Lords fulfilled their dan, and they and their harvests were delivered by Aph's proxy also; and the number of souls delivered was six hundred million. And Jehovih commanded Aph to commit atmospherea and the earth to the successors of Ra'zan of Garowista, in Ems of the etherean phalanx of eighty Ar'doth.

10/17.7. The next harvest of God and his Lords was two hundred million souls. After that, the earth passed into the a'ji of Urk'stand for eight hundred years, and the light of the upper heaven was lost to earth and atmospherea; so there was no harvest for the etherean realms. And because of the darkness in atmospherea, it began to fall in hada; and the seven entities of tetracts took root in Hored, overspreading the dominions of God and his Lords. And many in heaven rose up, and, proclaiming themselves Gods or Lords, obtained followers, some to the extent of three million souls.

10/17.8. These false Gods made slaves of their followers, exacting service, and in return giving pitiful homes and regimen; and by the labor of their slaves, embellishing their mansions and cities in hada.

10/17.9. Jehovih had said of old: I keep death forever present before mortals so that they may not forget the change from corporeal to spirit life; otherwise they would dispute it possible for these things to be in My hands. But My resurrections in heaven are far apart, and its inhabitants lose faith in those above them. Through faith, all power and glory is attained; therefore I have exacted that angels cultivate faith in the next resurrection. |333| ||

10/17.10. But during the last thousand years in atmospherea, there being no resurrections to etherea, many fell into disbelief of the emancipated heavens, and so, began building up heavenly kingdoms on their own account, and for their own glory. And in order to have exalted kingdoms, they sent their slaves back to mortals to inspire them with the glory of their false God's kingdoms, so that others in turn might become slaves also.

10/17.11. So confusion began in heaven again, and it reacted on mortals, through the angels' presence, and war and misery spread over the nations and tribes of men on earth. Thus ended the cycle of Aph's arc of Noe, which was three thousand six hundred years.

























































333  That is, an angel is required to cultivate the faith that there will come a resurrection from those above.




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