Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih




CHAPTER 34 Fragapatti





20/34.1. Upon arrival of the avalanza, the es'enaurs of Astoreth and the trumpeters of the colonies sang and played, being joined by the hosts aboard the vessels. And when they ceased, Thulae, assistant God of Astoreth, commanded the marshals to receive the hosts, foremost of whom were Yima and his attendants, preceded by his traveling marshals and five thousand female harpers led by We'aytris, Goddess of Foes'ana, in etherea. After these came ten thousand marshals of Fragapatti; then ten thousand swift messengers; then Fragapatti with Hapacha to his left and Hoab to his right. And these were followed by the musicians, and finally came the hosts in general.

20/34.2. Yima ascended the throne at once, but Fragapatti and his hosts stopped in the arena, within the circuit of the altar. Beyond these were the guards of the lights; and still outside of these were the Crescent Members of the Council.

20/34.3. Yima said: In the name of Jehovih, I welcome you, O Fragapatti, Chief of Obsod and Goomatchala, to the throne of God! In His Wisdom and Power I would have you honor Astoreth by taking possession, in the Father's name!

20/34.4. Without replying, Fragapatti walked alone to the throne, saluting on the sign of High Noon, which Yima answered In the Setting Sun! Yima stood aside, and Fragapatti ascended and stood in front of the middle of the throne. He said:

20/34.5. Into Your possession, O Jehovih, receive this, Your Throne! Hardly had Fragapatti spoken, when a light, bright as the sun, settled above his head, and a Voice came out of the midst of the light, saying:

20/34.6. To you, My son (Fragapatti), and to your son (Yima), and to your Gods and Lords, and to all who follow them in My name, I bequeath this, My Throne, forever! Whoever becomes one with Me, shall not only hear My Voice and receive My Power, but also inherit that which he creates out of My creation.

20/34.7. Jehovih's Voice continued, saying: Whoever looks upon My works and says: Behold, I cannot cope with these elements! is short in faith and wisdom. For I have not created in vain, that mortals or spirits cannot control My elements in their respective places. They shall improve the talents I have given them.

20/34.8. I made the earth wide and filled it with many things; but I gave man a foundation so that he could attain to the mastery of land and water, and minerals, and of all the living. Yes, I gave him a corporeal body to practice with, and as an abiding place for the assistance of his own soul.

20/34.9. And I created atmospherea wider than the earth, and filled it with all manner of spiritual things, and with the substance of plateaus; but I also gave to the spirits of the dead, talents, by which they can attain to the mastery of all things in atmospherea.

20/34.10. Whoever has attained to these things is like a traveling sun: My light is upon him; he prepares the place, and My Voice comes out of the Light of it. Let My Sons and Daughters stir themselves up; where they are gathered together in My name, I am there also. My hand is upon them; My Power becomes one with them, and My Voice is possible in their midst. || The Voice ceased.

20/34.11. There were many present who had not previously heard the Voice of All Light, and because of the brilliancy they were blinded for a while, but presently restored. Fragapatti then said: Hoab and Hapacha, come and sit on the throne. And they went up and sat on the throne; and in the same time the es'enaurs chanted: Hail to Great Jehovih's Voice! His Sons and Daughters, of thousands of years, have returned once more to their native red star, to proclaim His boundless glory!

20/34.12. Fragapatti said: In the Father's name, I proclaim a day of recreation; to resume labor at the sound of the trumpet in the east. And now the hosts mingled together freely, buoyant with cheerfulness. And during the recreation, millions of ethereans went out into the plateau, visiting the places of learning, the factories and hospitals, and such places as belong to the lower heavens.

20/34.13. On the next day, at the call of the trumpet, the people resumed their places, and after the music, Fragapatti said: To you, O Thulae, I will speak in the name of Jehovih. You are chosen by the Father to be assistant to Yima, Jehovih's Son, during this dawn, which is near its end, and after that you shall be Lord and God of these heavens and of the earth beneath, for two hundred years.

20/34.14. Because you are wise and good, the Father has raised you up, and great is your glory. So you may have strength and power, you shall also be called Yima during your reign; for the time has now come to the earth when mortals must learn to know the Lords and Gods who rule over them.

20/34.15. During the coming two hundred years, the earth will be traveling in my Orian field, Goomatchala, and you shall be one with me in your dominions. Whatever you shall require from my hand, I will send to you. You shall, therefore, keep your place in order; and if you need a'ji, I will send it; if you need dan, I will send it.

20/34.16. Most importantly, be less concerned about the spirits in your heavens than about mortals on the earth. Mortals must have sufficient a'ji, so that the race does not become extinct; they must have sufficient dan, so that they do not become like beasts. For which reason, every eleventh year you shall number abracadabra |608| and supply my swift messengers with these lists. And I will bring the elements of Goomatchala to bear upon your labor profitably to the Father!

20/34.17. Secondly, be careful of too much leniency toward the spirits in the first resurrection. Do not allow them to abide with mortals as teachers. Remember that mortals love their dead kindred to the extent that they would deprive them of heavenly education, for the sake of having them around. Remember, also, that the spirits of the recently dead, who are entered as es'yans in all good heavens, love their mortal kindred to the extent that they would seek no higher heaven, than to linger around them on earth. Which habit grows upon them, so that in two or three generations they become drujas, worthless to themselves, knowing little of earth and less of heaven.

20/34.18. Be firm, therefore, in holding dominion over the es'yans, permitting them only to return to mortals under guard; and especially preventing them from teaching mortals anything other than the Ormazdian religion.

20/34.19. After this, you shall be circumspect in Astoreth; remembering that it is the role of a God to provide his kingdom for the development of all the talents Jehovih has created with them. For you shall so intersperse labor and recreation, and rest and learning, so that each and every one is of equal attraction.

20/34.20. And whether your commandments are for angels or for mortals, you shall first of all and last of all, inspire them to faith in the Creator, and to follow the little star of light He has given to every soul. Fragapatti ceased.

20/34.21. Jehovih said: I have drawn My crescent and My altar. Whoever would hear My Voice and heed My commandments, let them hearken to |609| the forms and ceremonies that shape the soul of things. I am Order; I am Stateliness without severity; I am Love without passion; I am Wisdom by suggestion, and without dictation; I am the most Silent, but most Powerful; I am the Least Seen, but Always Present when asked for.

20/34.22. And now, since the people knew Fragapatti was about to depart, the proper officers arranged matters so that all could pass in front of the throne to receive his blessing. Accordingly, the es'enaurs commenced singing, and the procession began. The master of the lights of the Council lowered them, and Fragapatti lowered his own lights, and came down and stood at the foot of the throne, covered with light drapery, which fell down to his feet.

20/34.23. His hands he held upward, waving gently; and he created drapery and perfume, and wreaths of flowers, and bestowed something upon every soul that passed, of whom there were more than a billion!

20/34.24. And when the procession had all passed, Fragapatti sat down at the foot of the throne. Then Yima came down and took his hand, saying: Son of Jehovih, arise and go your way, and the Father be with you! So Fragapatti rose up and departed, and Hoab, Hapacha, Yima and Thulae with him; and Yima left Hi'etra, Goddess of Me'Loo, on the throne of Astoreth.

20/34.25. So they entered the avalanza, and, with music and rejoicing, departed on their journey. And Yima conducted them throughout his dominions, both in heaven and on earth. For many days Fragapatti thus dwelt with Yima and Thulae; and after he had inspected their labors, and his recorders completed their record, which was to be taken afterward to etherea and deposited in the libraries of Fragapatti's dominions, Yima took leave, and his piedmazr was discharged, and he departed for Astoreth, where he arrived in due season. But Fragapatti proceeded to the dominions of Ah'oan, Lord God of Jaffeth and her heavens.
















































































































608  A census of mortals and angels would be made; and part of the enumeration was a listing of the grade and rate of each individual. Those individuals in the resurrection were tallied into a tablet called the abracadabra. There is more on this later in Oahspe.






























609  be alert to, pay attention to, heed, observe, attend to, help fulfill, abide by, be mindful of, be guided by



CHAPTER 35 Fragapatti





20/35.1. The Voice of the Creator was with Ah'oan from the time of his landing in these lower heavens. And Ah'oan chose from his hosts a Council of ten thousand, and they sat in a living altar; and the Voice directed him to build a capital and a throne, and to call the plateau Sang'hi; which he did.

20/35.2. And when it was completed, Jehovih said to Ah'oan: You are My Lord and My God; the labor of your hand shall endure on the earth and in heaven. Whatever you build, I will build, for you are of My holy place. Make yourself an otevan, and go about in your dominions, and inspect all things, making a record of the same, which shall be deposited in the libraries of these heavens, so that angels and mortals, in after ages, may read them.

20/35.3. Ah'oan made an otevan, and traveled as commanded, making a record, and preparing also a place of records, in Sang'hi, where these things were deposited; of which these words are a brief transcript. That is:

20/35.4. These heavens are without order or organization, except one kingdom, ruled over by Oibe, who falsely styles himself Thor, the only begotten Son of Jehovih.

20/35.5. The spirits of these heavens are mostly of the first resurrection; nevertheless, there are millions of them who believe they are not dead; and the majority of these are in chaos, still lingering on battlefields or in the places where they were cut off from the earth.

20/35.6. In many places there are spirits who set up colonies, trying to provide themselves with homes and clothing, and to found heavenly abodes; but they are forever overrun and pillaged by drujas.

20/35.7. With and among the people of Jaffeth there are more than two billion angels who do not know how to get away from the earth. Of these, millions of them are fetals, making themselves twin spirits to mortals. These spirits often show themselves to mortals, but are believed to be doubles; yet these bound spirits do not know who they themselves are, or where they came from; nor can they go away from the mortals to whom they are bound, and on whom they live.

20/35.8. As for the mortals of Jaffeth, they have cities of warriors, and are large and fierce. The earth of this region has been in a'ji thirteen hundred years.

20/35.9. After Ah'oan had thus discovered the condition of things, he returned to Sang'hi, and they sat in Council, and Jehovih said to Ah'oan: You shall appoint forty Lords to dwell on the earth; and to each Lord you shall give ten thousand assistants. And these Lords shall go down to the earth, and drive away the drujas, and take possession of the kings' and queens' palaces and the temples of the stars; and they shall obtain control over the captains and generals of armies, and blind their judgment, and lead them astray, so that they will be powerless in war and destruction.

20/35.10. And when Samati, God of Zarathustra, travels in Jaffeth, your Lords shall go with him, with a sufficient number of angels to accomplish successfully all that Zarathustra professes in My name. And your Lords shall shield Zarathustra around, so that no harm comes to him; and when enemies pursue him, your Lords shall lead them astray or detain them long enough to enable Zarathustra to escape. For in this dawn My word shall be established on the earth, never to perish.

20/35.11. And when you have established your Lords, you shall colonize your heavens, giving them seventy colonies; but Sang'hi shall be the central kingdom. You shall choose from among the atmosphereans one who shall be your assistant God, who shall sit on your throne during your absence.

20/35.12. And you and your Holy Council shall instruct your assistant God, so that when this dawn is ended, he shall become God of Sang'hi in My name for the next two hundred years.

20/35.13. Ah'oan informed the Council of the words of Jehovih. And Ah'oan appointed the forty Lords, as commanded, and appointed an assistant.

20/35.14. These, then, were the Lords appointed: First, to have control over the Word of God on earth: The, Seung‑bin, Go‑magit, Ben‑hong, She‑ang, Bog‑wi, Ah‑tdong, Mwing‑wi, Ah‑tchook, Gonk‑boy, Yuk‑hoh and Ahwotch. |610|

20/35.15. Second, to have control over the palaces of kings and queens, and temples: Mina, Ahchaung, Ahyot, Yowgong, Ohonto, Yon‑gwe and Ahma.

20/35.16. Third, to have control over armies and kingdoms: Kear‑ak‑a, Geeouh‑young, Bi, Gwan‑gouk, Gee‑ooh‑young, Sam‑sin and Deth.

20/35.17. Fourth, to have control over sea‑farers: Shopgee, Agan‑ha, Rax and Lo.

20/35.18. Fifth, to have control over mothers and births: Songheng, Someconc, Yahiti, Ogne‑ka‑was and Hoah'ava.

20/35.19. Sixth, to have control over marriages: First, the loo'is in general, and then: Ahsam, Oanis, Yotsam, Ivitgom and Sap‑sang.

20/35.20. So Ah'oan sent his Lords to their various places, with their assistants. After that he began colonizing the angels in his heavens. And in one year he raised up from Jaffeth more than a billion angels, having supplied them with houses, hospitals, nurseries, factories, and all such things and places as are required in hada for resurrection.

20/35.21. In the second year he delivered another billion, and of these, more than half had to be taken away from the earth by force. And this billion he also housed and provided with teachers and overseers in similar manner as before.

20/35.22. So by the time Samati, God of Zarathustra, was prepared to travel in Jaffeth, visiting the kings and queens, the Lords of Ah'oan had banished the drujas to such an extent that they were powerless to prevent the decrees of the Father's word. And when Zarathustra went into Jaffeth, behold, the Lords of heaven were with him as was God of the Word (Samati), and the kings and queens of earth were powerless before him.

20/35.23. And when Zarathustra went to a city, and being inspired by God, said: Fall down, you walls! Behold, the angels of heaven broke the walls, and they fell. And when Zarathustra said: Come forth, you spirits of the dead! || Behold, the Lords seized the drujas and held them up so that mortals could see them. And when Zarathustra said: O Ormazd, give Your children food! Behold, the angels had fish and fruit ready, which they let fall to the people, the time and place being previously arranged between them and God of the Word!

20/35.24. Thus Ah'oan's dominions extended down to mortals; thus the word of Zarathustra became Jehovih's Word to mortals.

20/35.25. And now Fragapatti, Chief over all, was coming to inspect the labors of his Lord God, Ah'oan, and of Samati. Ah'oan had sent commands to his Lords, and to their assistants, to return to Sang'hi and remain three days in recreation. And Ah'oan commanded the captains of the colonies of heaven to come, and to bring with them as many of their pupils and subjects as possible.

20/35.26. And it came to pass that when Fragapatti's avalanza came to Sang'hi, there were more than two billion souls assembled to witness the pageantry and proceedings. For, Ah'oan had provided the means and facilities, so that these things could manifest in magnificence.






















































































610  These names still exist in the ancient Chinese and Indian [India] mythologies and sacred books. --Ed.



CHAPTER 36 Fragapatti





20/36.1. Never in these heavens had there been such pageantry and display as when Fragapatti's avalanza entered Sang'hi; never had so many musicians, two million, been distributed to lend so great an effect to a procession.

20/36.2. Of this matter, Ah'oan said: By the pageantry and the music, my hosts of delivered drujas were made to realize the glory of the upper heavens; by the glory of those three days' recreation I shut out the attractions of the lower world. My people were entranced with delight; they were born for the first time into the kingdom of heaven!

20/36.3. Ah'oan said: But the greatest glory of all was when Fragapatti honored the throne of Sang'hi. Jehovih cast a sun upon the place; and the Voice spoke from the Light, so that the whole multitude saw the Light and heard the words of the Father! And when Fragapatti rose up and stood in the middle of the throne, the Light was so great that millions of the people fell down because of its glory.

20/36.4. The lights were lowered to suit the newly born in heaven, |611| and the people of etherea mingled with the atmosphereans, diverting, explaining, and inspiring them with the magnitude and glory of the higher heavens.

20/36.5. After the recreation, and when the multitude were in order, Fragapatti spoke from Jehovih's throne, first, to Es'pacia, assistant Goddess to Ah'oan, who was to succeed him after dawn. To her he said: Es'pacia, Daughter of Jehovih, hear my words; I am one with the Father, and in His name salute you. Behold, from this time forward the Father's Word shall dwell with mortals.

20/36.6. It shall become anchored to the earth, never to depart; though it may be mutilated and perverted, yet His hand is over it, and it shall not fail. As a mother delights in the first spoken words of her child, so shall we all take delight that the Father's Word has become engrafted on the earth. Before this time, the Word was with the I'hin tribe, but locked up in secret. It could not be maintained on the earth except by locking it up in secret, and with a people prepared as seed for delivering all the races of men. But now the Word is delivered openly to mortals.

20/36.7. After this, if the spirits of the lower heavens do not know the Father's Word, they can be taken down to the earth and there taught His commandments. Prior to this time, the angels of these lower heavens had no anchored Word; they constantly fell in darkness, and pulled mortals down with them. Behold, the Word is now engraved, through our Sons, Samati and Zarathustra; it cannot be lost.

20/36.8. You have been exalted first Goddess of these heavens, and Lordess of this division of the earth, to maintain the light of this dawn, to angels and mortals. You shall first of all labor to protect the Word to mortals; the wisest of your angel hosts you shall appoint to all the priests and cities of Zarathustra, to protect them and to maintain the Word.

20/36.9. You shall maintain your hosts in the temples of worship, where they worship the Great Spirit. But to those mortals who deny the Word, and to those who seek to destroy the Word, you shall lend no assistance, but leave them either without angels, or with only those who will lead them into failure.

20/36.10. Throughout Jaffeth you shall inspire mortals to hang the wheel of the altar in country places, by the roadsides. And when mortals pass the places, they shall turn the wheel, in remembrance of the Creator. Therefore, you shall station angel sentinels at each and every one of these altars, and these shall have messengers to your throne. And when a mortal passes the wheel and turns it, and is afflicted with sickness, you shall send angels to him to heal him. But if he is afflicted with sickness and does not turn the wheel in remembrance of the Father, your sentinel shall not send notice to you, and you shall not send angels to heal him. Nevertheless, the wheel and the altar shall cause men to think; for, after a disbeliever afflicted with sickness has passed the wheel without turning it, and if he repents and goes back and turns the wheel, then you shall send angels to him quickly and heal him, so that he may proclaim abroad what the Creator has done for him.

20/36.11. For as long as you carry out these decrees of All Light, so shall you remain united with my heavens above, which are united with those above, which are united with the Creator. And should you lack in power or wisdom, ask the Father, and I will answer you in His name.

20/36.12. Fragapatti then spoke to the Council in words similar to those spoken in Astoreth. After that, he walked down to the foot of the throne, where the marshals had provided a place for the people to pass before him, even as they had done in Astoreth. Accordingly, when the musicians began singing and playing, the people marched before him, and by the waving of his hands he created drapery, and flowers, and wreaths, and gave something to all the people, even though two billion angels passed before him!
























611  Newly born in heaven does not seem to mean only those who recently died on earth, but those who are for the first time awakened to the Light of the Father's kingdoms. In another place we read of spirits having been in the lower conditions for hundreds of years, not knowing the heavens above them. --Ed.



CHAPTER 37 Fragapatti





20/37.1. So, Fragapatti departed, and sailed for Hi-rom, the heavenly kingdom of E'chad, Lord God of Arabin'ya and its heavens.

20/37.2. E'chad also had the Voice of Jehovih with him, and could not err. After his appointment to this division of earth and heaven, Jehovih commanded him, even as He had Ah'oan, to make an otevan and visit all the places, and make a record, before he established his kingdom. And E'chad did these things, taking thirty thousand companions with him, being surveyors, inspectors, recorders, numerators, and others of such order as are required in preliminary examinations of the earth and lower heavens. Besides these, he had also his hosts of musicians, his heralds and messengers.

20/37.3. Forty days he spent in this labor, and then the record was completed, of which E'chad had two copies made, one for his own kingdom in etherea, and one for the heaven he was about to found. According to these records, which are everlasting in heaven, the numerators estimated there were one billion eight hundred thousand spirits wandering about, mostly on the earth, many of them falling into forgetfulness and dissolution. And many of them had forgotten who they were, and had no memory of once having lived mortal lives. Millions and millions of them had forgotten their speech, and were dumb. Millions of them lived with mortals as fetals and familiars, depending for their own existence upon the spiritual part of the food mortals drank and ate. And yet other millions of them pursued evil for evil's sake; inspiring mortals to war, for the delight of seeing them destroy one another; delighting in persuading mortals to suicide or to all manner of wickedness.

20/37.4. In the region of Gavies there were four hells, containing sixty million souls in torments, tormenting one another in perpetual horrors, especially males and females doing what is even unlawful to mention. And these tormentors would bring es'yans, fresh from the earth life, and cast them into their hells for these wicked purposes. For even as mortals delight in vengeance, so can the talent grow until its feast lies in the fruit of hell; nor do such spirits desire to have even their own torments lessened; nor could they of themselves escape were they to try.

20/37.5. E'chad's inclination was to rush in and deliver these hells, but Jehovih said to him: Go first and establish Hi‑rom, with suitable habitations, and then return and deliver these hells, and you shall have places for them. So E'chad established Hi‑rom, and appointed the Holy Council of one hundred thousand men and women. Sa‑ac he made chief marshal; and he appointed Geth'ya to be assistant God. Jehovih said to E'chad: You shall appoint sixty Lords to your division of the earth; and they shall dwell in the principal cities of Arabin'ya, and have dominion over mortals. And each and every Lord shall have ten thousand ashars to do their commands.

20/37.6. These, then, are the Lords appointed by the Lord God, for Arabin'ya: First, to have dominion over the revealed Word: Tsdasag, Bachar, Raab, Nathan, Neshu, Dath, Shephat, Gaon‑ay, Cha'ya and Zeker.

20/37.7. Second, the loo'is in general; but for special masters of generations: Achuzeh, Chata, Galah, Dayyan, Aphsi, Ishsah, Basar and Goi. Third, for destroying evil cities, and for protecting good ones, and for building new ones: Atsil, Sherngoth, Matshebah, Achime, Amos, Ahio, Yat‑gaab, Zer, Howdawitch, Beodi, Machal, Yay‑baoth, Ammah, Fakir, Cephets, Bachre and Hiv‑iv.

20/37.8. Fourth, to abide on earth with rab'bahs (priests) and shield them in danger: Machaveh, Emul, Ashshaph, Alcmosum, Lai‑awotch, Trivi‑yab, Herivir, Beli‑gib, Barat'ay, Shav'ya, Tir and Bowd‑wahtal. Fifth, to inspire to inventions: Kartum‑mim, Moses, Beged, Chakasat, Mih‑gad, Jagri, Hen‑di, Sru, Amothes and Benguda. Sixth, to have control over altars and temples: Atman, Krit and Anach.

20/37.9. In addition to these, the Lord God appointed censors |612| of Hi‑rom and her colonies in heaven; and the ashars, appointed over mortals as guardians, were directed by the censors as to which colony to take their es'yans, where the asaphs, the receivers, were stationed.

20/37.10. As soon as E'chad had these matters completed, he descended into the four hells with his otevan, taking three million angels to help him deliver them. And when he arrived at the place, behold, the power and light of Jehovih was upon him! And he surrounded the four hells with his hosts of angels.

20/37.11. Fire of Your Fire, O Jehovih! he cried; Give me here walls of fire, to enclose these suffering hells! And along the line of his hosts there fell, from the firmament above, sheets of fire, and he walled the places around in such brilliant flames and suffocating flames that not one of the inhabitants of hell could escape.

20/37.12. And E'chad and his hosts poured into them from all sides, building fires in pillars and walls, blinding to the drujas, so they fell flat down and hid their faces. And they marched thoroughly through the four hells, until all the inhabitants were fallen prostrate before them, crying out. And they were all naked, men and women; and only the recent victims were ashamed.

20/37.13. E'chad said: Turn now, and deliver those who are ashamed, making a place beyond the walls of fire; but wall that place around also, and then clothe and feed them. So E'chad's hosts delivered those who were ashamed. Again E'chad called out: Begin now in sections and deliver the others into prisons surrounded by suffocating fire so they cannot escape. And do not let the light cease to fall upon those who will not be clothed. It is better that they lie prostrate than to display themselves nakedly. But as fast as they will accept and wear clothes, and cease cursing, so deliver them into genial |613| lights.

20/37.14. For six days and six nights E'chad labored in delivering the four hells, and on the seventh day they were all delivered. And among these drujas there were three and a half million in chaos, spirits who had lost their minds by the torments that other spirits had inflicted upon them. E'chad had these placed in his otevan and sent to Hi‑rom, to be treated by the physicians.

20/37.15. But E'chad and many of his hosts remained with the groups of the delivered, preparing them further for resurrection. And now E'chad had them inspected, and he further searched the es'pe |614| of the earth to establish the origin of these hells, and as to who they were. This, then, is the substance of the history of that matter, namely:

20/37.16. In the lower country of Arabin'ya, on the earth, there had been an I'huan tribe of hundreds of years, who had attained to thirty cities, chief of which was Os'nu, which was the capital over all the rest. Os'nu was ruled over by Che‑muts, a king of great wisdom and power in his youth; but, after subjugating all the large cities of Arabin'ya, he became a tyrant and a man of wickedness.

20/37.17. Being learned in the earth, moon and stars, he drew to his palace other men, and not a few women, of great learning, and together they resolved upon obtaining from the I'hins, the sacred people, the secrets of their miracles and religion. Up until this time all the people in the world respected the I'hins, neither did they deny them in anything, for they were the forefathers and foremothers of the I'huans.

20/37.18. Che‑muts, the tyrant, said: Because from our youth we have been taught to revere the I'hins, we have become superstitious regarding them. Now it is evident that they have some other means (than consulting the stars) of prophecy. It is my command, therefore, that the different cities of I'hins be seized, and the people put to death, offering relief only to those who reveal their secrets. With their gifts of miracles and power of prophecy, I can march successfully against Par'si'e, Jaffeth and Ashem, and I shall become king of all the world. And you who help me in this matter, instead of having merely cities to rule over, as you now have, shall have kingdoms with many cities.

20/37.19. The learned men acceded to this, and shortly after, the king's people fell upon the I'hins, pulled down their flimsy walls, putting them to flight or slaying them outright, offering no salvation unless they would reveal their secrets, and give themselves up to marriage with the I'huans.

20/37.20. Hab‑bak, a chief rab'bah of the I'hins, went to see the king and expostulate. |615| He said to Che‑muts: Behold, my people are older than this country. Our wisdom does not come like other men's, but through marriage. How can we reveal? We are born gifted. No other people are thus born. How can you obtain the secrets of the womb? Besides this, we are sworn before our birth by our fathers and mothers to secrecy in our religion.

20/37.21. You desire us to intermarry with your people. I foresee your aims. You hope for the gift of prophecy, which, if given to evil men, would give them all power. But know, O king, he who desires prophecy for such purpose can never obtain it. Prophecy comes by the other road.

20/37.22. If my people intermarry with yours, it is simply the loss of mine. If you had our passwords and our signs, they would benefit you nothing, being born as you are. According to our number, we pay you your just tribute. I pray, then, change your decree and permit my people to remain as they have, for thousands of years!

20/37.23. Che‑muts, the king, said: Why do you call yourselves I'hins? Hab‑bak said: Because we are Faithists in One Great Spirit. The king asked: What is the secret name of the Great Spirit? Hab‑bak said: I can only repeat that name under certain rules; otherwise I will lose my power of prophecy. Besides, if you knew the name, it would be worthless to utter it. To whoever utters His name not in faith, it is void. Whoever utters His name for earthly gain or earthly glory, utters in vain also. Of what value, then, would the name be to you, even if I violated my own oath and revealed it to you?

20/37.24. The king mocked him, and had him seized and taken to the lions' den, of which all kings and rich people, in those days, had one or more, as a place for casting in their disobedient servants. And when Hab‑bak was at the lions' den, the king again offered to save him if he would reveal even the name of the Great Spirit, hoping that by its utterance he could also heal the sick, restore the blind and deaf, and especially prophesy. Hab‑bak said: Though you may cast me in, and I be devoured, allow me beforehand to prophesy concerning you and your kingdom. Yes, I will even prophesy concerning myself. Hear, then, my words:

20/37.25. You have sought to destroy my people, who are, compared to yours, only as one little finger to a man's whole arm. In Os'nu you have hundreds of thousands of people, and in other cities tens of thousands and tens of thousands; so many that one man in his whole life could not count them. Yet, as to my people, what are they? Not more than ten thousand altogether. Hear, then, my words: You cannot destroy even one thousand of my people. Nor will my people raise a hand in self‑defense.

20/37.26. But you will cast me into the lions' den, and I will be devoured. And this little hat, without a brim, will come out of the lions' den, and it will be a mighty power for thousands of years. It will be red with my blood, shed because I am faithful to the Great Spirit in my oath. And it will be restored to my people, and it shall be called The Scarlet Hat! And in the day that it is carried in the streets of Os'nu, you will be slain by your own people.

20/37.27. The king laughed, saying: A prophecy often causes fools to carry it out. With that, he gave the executioners the sign, and they pushed Hab‑bak onto the trapdoor, and cast him into the den, where there were thirty lions. And they fell upon him and devoured him. And his hat was colored red with blood; and some of the people, who were superstitious regarding the I'hins, procured the hat and went about repeating the prophecy of Hab‑bak, and the multitude were anxious for some pretext to justify themselves in destroying the tyrant. So presently the city was in riot, and the people fell upon the king and slew him, and also slew the learned men and women who were his counselors and subsidiaries.

20/37.28. In the libraries of heaven it is recorded as follows: Because of the cruelty of Che‑muts, king of Os'nu, on earth, thousands and tens of thousands of people had been put to death; and because they died in anger, and because of the injustice, their souls went into torment in hada, and they came and incited the king to greater wickedness, in order to have him slain. And so it came to pass that Che‑muts, chief king of Arabin'ya, was slain by his own people, and the king's counselors were slain with him.

20/37.29. And when their spirits were delivered from their mortal bodies, the drujas fell upon the spirits of the king and his counselors, and bore them off to a foul‑smelling place in hada, and cast them in, and the drujas went in after them, beating them. At which point it became known in hada that there was a newly‑started hell, and other spirits brought other victims there and cast them in. And the drujas went about on the earth, in Arabin'ya, finding whomever they hated, bringing their spirits into hell, beating them and otherwise punishing them, until these four hells became the habitation of sixty million souls.


















































































612  magistrates in charge of suitability, aptness and other information required for destination placement of es'yans


































613  lights that were gracious, hospitable, pleasant, calm, comforting, soothing











614  spiritual history. --1891 glossary









































615  earnestly reason with, so as to change the other's view; to remonstrate; protest and plea



CHAPTER 38 Fragapatti





20/38.1. When E'chad had discovered the history of these hells, he searched and found the spirits of the king and counselors, but alas, they knew nothing, being in chaos, or more like one in a troublesome nightmare from which there is no awakening.

20/38.2. But E'chad appointed physicians and nurses for them, and it was three years before they began to awaken; but at the time of Fragapatti's visit they were not sufficiently restored to know who they were, or, if knowing one moment, would forget in the next. Yet it was not many days after the deliverance of the hells that E'chad had the inhabitants removed to Hi‑rom and its colonies.

20/38.3. E'chad, having been informed by heralds that Fragapatti was coming, sent word to his Lords, generals and captains, and to superintendents of schools, factories and hospitals, to come to Hi‑rom and enjoy three days' recreation, bringing as many atmosphereans as they could with them.

20/38.4. So Fragapatti came, as did the hosts of E'chad, and there was great rejoicing for the space of three days; during which time Fragapatti visited all the places and labors of E'chad, having records made of these, to take with him to etherea at the end of dawn. Now at the end of the three days' recreation, the trumpet in the east called the Council to labor and the hosts to order. Fragapatti sat in the middle of the throne, with E'chad next to him, and then Hoab and Hapacha, and then Thulae, Es'pacia and Geth'ya, and others of lesser rank.

20/38.5. A light immediately gathered above the throne, but this time, deep scarlet, with white border. Fragapatti said: Your Voice, O Jehovih, be upon these people! At which, the es'enaurs chanted a hymn, and after that the Voice of Jehovih spoke out of the light, saying:

20/38.6. Whoever raises up My children, I raise up with My own hand. To whoever utters My words in wisdom and truth, I speak from My judgment seat. Because you have come down from your exalted kingdoms in the upper heavens and raised up the drujas of these heavens, so do I come from My All Highest Holy Place to raise you up. As you have prepared to found My Word with mortals, so I prepare here in Hi‑rom a heavenly place of delight.

20/38.7. Was I not with the I'hins since the creation of man on the earth? And where they have been faithful to Me I have come in great security. Now, behold, the earth rose up against My chosen and sought to destroy them, but they failed utterly. And when they cast My faithful servant into the lions' den, yet he would not violate his oath, even though he suffered death. And I stretched forth My hand and took his hat, red with blood, out of the lions' den; and I gave power to the hat. And into the far‑off country of Jaffeth I will take the title of King of the Sun, and bestow it upon Ya'seang, and neither Arabin'ya nor Par'si'e shall endure in holiness.

20/38.8. Behold, I give you a new sign, in addition to the triangle, and it (scarlet hat) shall be the sign of Hi‑rom from this time forth, signifying, Faith even to death. |616|

20/38.9. The Voice ceased, and Fragapatti turned to the red light and stretched forth his hand and took of it, saying: Of Your scarlet, O Jehovih! Give to Your servant a Hi‑rom, as an emblem of this heaven! And he fashioned it into a hat without a brim, and laid it on the throne. Presently a swift messenger, from without, desired admittance before Fragapatti, and he was permitted to come. He said:

20/38.10. Greeting to you, O Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih! And by the love of E'och, God of Tshi, in Ude, grade six, I am sent before you in Jehovih's name. Behold, one Hab‑bak is outside, who was the wearer of Hi‑rom!

20/38.11. Fragapatti said: Admit him, and bid him approach the throne of God. The swift messenger retired and presently returned, bringing in Hab‑bak, faithful to death. And he went up to the throne, and Fragapatti took the scarlet hat, saying: In the name of the Creator, I cover your head with Hi‑rom, second only to Jehovih's crown! And he placed it on Hab‑bak's head, and the light of it was so great that hardly any but ethereans could look upon it.

20/38.12. Then Hab‑bak said: By this, Your Power, O Jehovih, I will go now and deliver to everlasting light the soul of the king who slew me. And I will restore the Council also. For they will remember the scarlet hat, and it will be like an anchorage for their crazed minds to rest upon! So Hab‑bak saluted on the sign of the triangle and departed.

20/38.13. And now came the time of departure for Fragapatti and his hosts. So he instructed Geth'ya, and bade him travel with him. Then Fragapatti instructed the Council, which was like his instruction to the preceding Councils. And then he descended to the foot of the throne, and the marshals had the people march before him. And Fragapatti created flowers, drapery and ornaments, and gave every one something as they passed, though there were more than a billion souls!

20/38.14. And when they had all passed, and resumed the places assigned them, Fragapatti sat down at the foot of the throne in ancient custom, and E'chad descended to him, taking his hand; and he said to him: Arise, O Chief, Son of the Most High, and go your way! Fragapatti rose up and departed, followed by the officiating Gods and Goddesses, and they all went into the avalanza and departed, going to the kingdom of Gir‑ak‑shi, Lord God over Heleste and her heaven.
































































616  The Cardinals of the Christian religion have no right to wear the red hat. Their faith is in Christ, the idol, and not in Jehovih. In the Masonic order, however, the master is entitled to wear it, because they profess only the Great Spirit, Jehovih, the Architect. The hat should be blood red, and have no rim, and its name, evidently, should be Hi-rom. --Ed.



CHAPTER 39 Fragapatti





20/39.1. When Gir‑ak‑shi arrived at his division of the earth and heaven, the Voice of Jehovih came to him, saying: My Lord and God, hear the Voice of your Father. In your division I have no I'hins left upon the earth, and the place is like a field without seed. The I'huans have degenerated also, by marrying with the druks. And you have come to this, My farm, when it is grown up full of weeds and thistles.

20/39.2. Look about your division, and you shall find no loo'is or ashars of any benefit to righteousness. Consider, then, what shall be done, so that both mortals and spirits may be made to know Me and My kingdoms. ||

20/39.3. Gir‑ak‑shi found the mortals of Heleste to be barbarians, many of them naked, or at best clothed with the skins of animals to keep them warm in winter. Some of them burrowed in the ground, and some lived in houses made of bark, leaves and grass. And their food was mostly fish and flesh. Their cities were numerous, but small, and every city spoke a different language.

20/39.4. Their weapons of war were clubs, spears, and bows and arrows, but they had neither iron nor copper, and used stone for cutting.

20/39.5. Gir‑ak‑shi said: What incentive can I give such a people that will raise them up?

20/39.6. Gir‑ak‑shi then surveyed his heavens, but alas, there were no kingdoms, no organizations, no societies. As mortals lived and died, so did their spirits continue in the same places, procuring subsistence in the same way, but spiritually; and often taking part in mortal wars and hunting, seeing and hearing through their mortal kin's eyes and ears.

20/39.7. Gir‑ak‑shi said: What incentive can I give such angels that will raise them up?

20/39.8. If I tell the mortals to till the soil and make clothes of flax and wool, my words will be interpreted as folly, or as implying hardships. If I tell the angels there are higher heavens, more beautiful, my words will be disbelieved. If I tell them that all growth depends upon exercise and labor, they will decline to grow. Have I not seen rich men and rich women in other countries whom I told that, in order to rise, they must learn to labor? But they ignored me.

20/39.9. Jehovih said to Gir‑ak‑shi: You have more than a billion drujas in your department. The mountains, valleys and forests are filled with them, roving about. As you would entrap birds by rich bait, so shall you gather together all you can of these drujas. But as to your mortals, you shall call famines into certain places, and thus drive them to observe the Unseen Cause of things.

20/39.10. Gir‑ak‑shi called together his hosts, millions and millions. He said to them: Form in sacred circles, hundreds of thousands of them, and go to the places I will point out, and invoke the higher heavens in Jehovih's name. Cast a famine here, and a blight in the animals of the forest. Cast imbrele |617| into the water so that the fish will die. Make mortals stop and consider.

20/39.11. Let the ashars go, then, and find the most prophetic among mortals, and make them prophesy concerning the famines and the blight. Make their prophets objects of worship; then I can rule the inhabitants of the earth through the prophets.

20/39.12. Concerning the angels, Gir‑ak‑shi said: Five heavenly places I will build for the drujas. One shall be called Monk, one Acha, one Troy, one Be‑yome and one Hellen. I shall have five Lords to rule in my heavenly divisions: Ki‑liope, Lord of Monk; I'tius, Lord of Acha; Foebe, Lordess of Troy; Liriyi, Lordess of Be‑yome, and Co'ye, Lord of Hellen. These shall be heavenly places in the mountains, pure and delightful.

20/39.13. And you shall make them places of feasting and sporting for one whole year; anything that can be done to make them attractive for drujas shall not be left undone.

20/39.14. My hosts shall be selected and apportioned into five divisions of half a million each; and their mission shall be to go throughout Heleste, bringing in drujas to my five heavenly places.

20/39.15. As for myself, I will build a plateau in these mountains, the Aguaadica, with a Council of half a million. Let my Lords stand aside, and I will apportion to each of them their attendants; by the star‑lights that fall upon them they shall be known and come forth.

20/39.16. The Lords stood aside, in different places. Gir‑ak‑shi then cast stars until the three million were selected. After that Gir‑ak‑shi proceeded according to the Voice of Jehovih; and he conducted his hosts to the places the Father commanded.

20/39.17. After they were all placed, Gir‑ak‑shi chose his own Council, and built a plateau and a throne to Jehovih on Mount Aguaadica; and when he considered the wisdom of the manner Jehovih had directed him, to thus lay a foundation for so great a work, he soliloquized, |618| saying: O Jehovih, will these drujas ever understand the manner of Your armies? Will these mortals ever understand the proceedings of Your Lords and Gods?

20/39.18. For one year the hosts entertained, fed and clothed the drujas sumptuously, and they won them away from the earth; won them to the kingdoms prepared for them. And then Gir‑ak‑shi commanded the founding of schools, factories and hospitals in heaven; and he appointed ashars and asaphs, and began the resurrection through his Lords. And by the fourth year he had colonized nearly all the drujas in his heaven, giving them sufficient recreation to restrain them from returning to the earth.

20/39.19. As to Fragapatti's coming, for a long time prior to this Gir‑ak‑shi had it proclaimed to his newly delivered, giving invitations to them to be present. This he communicated to Fragapatti, through messengers. So, Fragapatti, knowing the grade of the place, decided to come in gaudy colors, and with very loud but suitable music, and for the manifestation of power.

20/39.20. To match which, Gir‑ak‑shi had his people attire themselves in the gaudiest colors. For it is by these things that the unlearned judge, as to the glory and possibilities of high heaven.

20/39.21. So it came to pass that Fragapatti's avalanza descended from above like a sea of fire, but decorated in thousands of ways with banners, flags, curtains and such other ornaments as would convey the idea of greatness to the minds of the es'yans. On the other hand, Gir‑ak‑shi had decorated Aguaadica, his place and kingdom and throne, in the most extravagant splendor. And he and his Lords, and his captains and generals, and his Holy Council, were arrayed majestically.

20/39.22. In addition to these things, Gir‑ak‑shi had provided a feast, which was to succeed the ceremonies; and after the feast there were to be diverse entertainments. But of these matters, who knows the thought of Jehovih! How He has provided ingenuities to bring the dark soul to understanding!

20/39.23. Gir‑ak‑shi said: To teach mortal teachers how to teach the barbarian, O Jehovih! To teach Cold‑Awe in order to impart Warm‑Mirth, O Jehovih! Shall they build a prison and decorate the convict in fine clothes, and bid him take his ease, watching the virtuous working for him, O Jehovih! Will they ever learn Your power in resurrection, O Jehovih!




























































617  poison worms materialized. --1891 glossary









































618  apostrophized; the asking of rhetorical questions; so-called 'thinking out loud'



CHAPTER 40 Fragapatti





20/40.1. Fragapatti and his hosts remained thirty days with Gir‑ak‑shi, and great was the enjoyment of the people; and then Fragapatti departed, going to the kingdoms of Uropa, first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth. The Voice of Jehovih had been with her from the beginning, but there were few corporeans in her division, and only six hundred million angels, mostly drujas.

20/40.2. Nevertheless, Jehovih said to Uropa: You shall found here a kingdom in My name, and it shall become mighty in heaven and earth. Uropa said: What is the best way, O Jehovih? Jehovih answered, saying: As for the drujas, you know. But as for the corporeans, behold, they have neither copper nor iron, but use stone. Therefore send five hundred of your ashars, who are well skilled in the art of inspiring mortals, to Arabin'ya; and you shall cause fifty men to migrate into your lands. And the fifty men shall be skilled in mining and working copper and iron.

20/40.3. And your ashars shall inspire them to go to the mountains and find the ore, and then to work it, making tools, and implements for hunting and fishing.

20/40.4. So Uropa sent angels to Arabin'ya, and they inspired fifty men to go to Uropa, and find copper and iron, and work it. And in four years, behold, not less than twenty thousand men had migrated from Arabin'ya. And the ashars inspired them to marry with the druks and half‑breed I'huans. And in this way a new people of higher light was born into Uropa's division.

20/40.5. In Zeigl, Uropa built her heavenly kingdom and founded the city of Oitch. Five hundred thousand angels were her Holy Council; and there were fifty thousand captains; and two million ashars, partly ethereans and partly atmosphereans.

20/40.6. Her heavenly kingdom was of the kind and manner of Gir‑ak‑shi's, and her administration in the same way. And in four years she had rescued nearly all the drujas in these regions of atmospherea. So when Fragapatti came to see her, having all her hosts present, she provided entertainments in the same manner as Gir‑ak‑shi did.

20/40.7. After this, Fragapatti visited Kow'anea and his heavenly kingdoms, and also his earth divisions. Next Fragapatti visited M'wing'mi and his heavenly kingdoms and earth divisions. Next he visited Ots'ha'ta and his places, and then Soo'fwa.

20/40.8. With all these Lords and Gods Fragapatti spent many days, examining and recording all the labor done; and he spoke before them all, so that his voice was heard by nearly all the people in the lower heavens. And so great was the work accomplished by Fragapatti with any one of these Lords or Gods, that should a history of it be written it would require the whole lifetime of a man to read it. Nor is it possible with earth words to describe adequately the beauty and glory of a single one of these recreations in his travels.





CHAPTER 41 Fragapatti





20/41.1. The close of dawn was near at hand. Fragapatti, richly stored with knowledge of the earth and her heavens, returned to Mouru, the heavenly kingdom of Haraiti, in atmospherea. The capital was illuminated, and the decorum of the higher heavens prevailed.

20/41.2. Already assembled were more than four billion angels prepared for the third resurrection. Fragapatti sent word to his Lord Gods, and to his Lords and Gods, and to Samati, God in inherent right, up to the end of dawn. And he notified them all of the day and hour when he would accomplish the resurrection.

20/41.3. And then Fragapatti called his swift messengers, whose labor is with the thrones of Jehovih in etherea. He said: Behold, the dawn of dan is near the close. The Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih will number ten billion souls. Two divisions I will make, of grades fifty‑five and seventy, for the forests and plains of Goomatchala. This you shall communicate to Hoseis, Goddess of Alawatcha, on the road of Affolkistan, saluting in Jehovih's name, from His Son, Fragapatti, Chief.

20/41.4. The swift messengers saluted, and then departed. Next he called the messengers for the kingdoms below, and of these there were twenty thousand, divided into twelve groups, and they had been previously apportioned to certain divisions of heaven and earth.

20/41.5. To them Fragapatti said: To the Lord God of each division, and to the Lords and Gods, and through them to the officers under them, greeting, in the name of Jehovih! Appoint and anoint the successors in Jehovih's name; and when your kingdom is in order, you shall appear at the throne of Mouru, for the resurrection of my hosts is near at hand. You shall also provide ships and suitable vessels, and bring, as visitors, from your kingdoms and most-holy places, as many atmosphereans as desire to come, so that they may witness the ceremonies and the ascent of Jehovih's Sons and Daughters.

20/41.6. And these commandments were carried to all the divisions of the corporeal earth and her heavens. Fragapatti then said to Athrava: You shall receive the Brides and Bridegrooms. As for myself, I will go down to the earth and receive God and Zarathustra, and they shall be borne in my own ship, to this place, and then to etherea. ||

20/41.7. In all places on earth and in heaven the spirit inhabitants were stirred to the utmost. In Haraiti there were already more than four thousand colonies, and every one had thousands and thousands eligible to the third resurrection, who would depart in the coming ascension. Of these there were persons of every occupation, and they were perfect in their order, belonging to groups and series of groups. And now the captains and generals were reorganizing them into phalanxes; and the Gods again organizing the phalanxes into kingdoms.

20/41.8. Zeredho sent her contribution of four hundred million souls to Haraiti. The Lord Gods were making their groups in their own several divisions, to be further organized after arriving at Mouru, the place where the final ascension would take place. Some of these had over a billion of their own ready for resurrection, including those whom they had previously sent to Haraiti.

20/41.9. Fragapatti sent special messengers to God, Samati, to learn the day appointed for Zarathustra's death; and he further allotted to Zarathustra three days in hada, in which to preach to mortals by the inspiration of God, and appointed the fourth day after his death as the time of his ascension from the earth.

20/41.10. And now, when all these matters had been organized, Fragapatti ordered the assembling of the sacred circle of the Holy Council, Sons and Daughters of the Most High. The lights were raised, and only Gods and Goddesses could remain in sight of, or near the throne of Jehovih. Fragapatti commanded Hoab to stand in the center of the circle, facing the judgment seat.

20/41.11. Fragapatti said: Hear the words of your Creator, O Hoab. I called you up out of the ground, and with My own spirit I quickened you into life. From your youth up I have followed you day by day. I have called out to you from My holy hill; with a woman's tenderness I came after you. When you tried to run away from Me, I followed after. Yes, I called My Son, high raised in My everlasting kingdoms, and I said to him: O My Son, run quickly, for Hoab, My well‑beloved, runs away from Me. Go and bring him; for he is My Chosen.

20/41.12. He shall be My God of the red star; her heavens shall bow down before him. I will raise him up and anoint him with My holy fire; his countenance shall shine like a sun in My firmament.

20/41.13. And Fragapatti, My Son, overtook you in your flight; with great cunning he captured you to My labors. And you have raised up your voice and glorified Me; your arms have been bared to the harvest; your fruit is a song of glory.

20/41.14. Have I not given you experience in all things? Even to the precipice of hell I made you to walk and not fall. I made the darkness of everlasting death encompass you; and in the hour of your despair I came to you and raised you up.

20/41.15. Have I not great profit in you, My Son? My countless millions cry out in all places; they do not perceive Me; they do not know of Me and My heavenly places. Like a troubled sea that knows no rest, the voices of mortals and angels forever cry out: There is no light!

20/41.16. In what way, then, was I not wise in you, O Hoab? I made you of strong limb, and with arms that reach far; your judgment I fashioned for the great multitudes.

20/41.17. I say to the young bird with feathers: Fly! And it flies away. I say to man: Go forth in My name! But he looks around. Again I say to him: Go forth! But he turns to his neighbor for his opinion. Again I speak, calling: Come to Me! But he stands wondering. Again I say: Come! But he says: By and by. Again I say: Come! He replies: I do not have all light! Again I call, and he says: Alas, there is nothing!

20/41.18. And he goes down in darkness; he curses Me and accuses Me of errors! He preaches My shortness, but in his words, cuts himself off from Me. In the foul‑smelling place of his darkness, My holy angels cannot come; he burrows himself in stubbornness that is blind and deaf.

20/41.19. But I blow My breath upon the earth and the stars; I drive them into new roads in the firmament of heaven. Into the dwelling-places of My high Gods I drive them as chaff before the wind. And when the light of My heavens has cleared away the darkness, I send My Gods with great power.

20/41.20. To this end I have raised you up, O Hoab. My shield is upon you; you shall wear the triangle of the red star; for two hundred years you shall hold dominion over the earth and her heavens. In My name speak, O Hoab!

20/41.21. Then spoke Hoab, saying: Your Voice is upon me, O Father! My limbs are weak; my hands tremble like an old man that is palsied. Behold, I have sought in vain to find anything perfect in me; I am like a trumpet that is bruised and split; there is no harmony or power within me.

20/41.22. You first gave me a wife, and sons and daughters, to rule over and to raise up for Your glory, but I failed utterly. My wife did not see with my eyes, nor hear with my ears, nor judge with my judgment; we were like two instruments, broken and out of tune. As for my sons, they went astray, like sheep without a herdsman; my advice was as weak to them as the shadow is to the tree. And my daughters went away from my love, and chose young men, even before my eyes.

20/41.23. Then I cried out to You, saying: O Jehovih, why did You give me a kingdom? Behold, it is scattered and gone! Then I went down into the grave in sorrow. But Your hand raised up my soul in heaven; and You gave me another kingdom. But my people would not see through my eyes nor hear through my ears. Then I sought to know if my eyes were wrong, and my ears wrong, and my judgment wrong.

20/41.24. And I turned about, like one who is lost in a forest, and shuts his eyes to the direction of the sun, going instead by the sound of a multitude of tongues. And my kingdom drew a boundary around itself, and shut out all light. But Your Son came and delivered me and my people.

20/41.25. Behold, I was as weak as a child; in my weakness Your light came upon me. Never again shall I desire others to see through my eyes, or hear through my ears, or judge by my judgment. You have healed me of infirmity, O Jehovih. Only by one Eye can things be seen through; by one Ear can things be heard through; by one Judgment can things be judged.

20/41.26. You have said: Go forth in My name! I will go, O Father! You have said: You shall have dominion over the earth and her heavens! This I will accomplish also, by Your Light and Power, O Jehovih!

20/41.27. Then spoke Jehovih through Fragapatti, saying: Accept the earth, O Hoab, My Son, My God! It is yours to keep and to rule over! Accept atmospherea, O Hoab, My Son, My God! It is yours to keep and to rule over!

20/41.28. Hoab said: I will be Your Son, O Jehovih! I will be Your God, O Jehovih! From You I accept the earth to keep and to rule over! From You I accept the earth's heavens, to keep and to rule over! || Again Jehovih spoke through Fragapatti, saying:

20/41.29. What you do now and forever, do in My name, for it is of Me and is Me in you!

20/41.30. Hoab said: What I do now and forever, I do in Your name, O Jehovih! For I know it is You in me that does all glorious things!

20/41.31. Jehovih spoke through Fragapatti, saying: With My Own hands I weave a crown for you My Son, My God of the red star! I place it on your head for the glory of My kingdoms, which are endless in number and full of holiness! Wear My Crown, for it is with Wisdom and Power!

20/41.32. Then Fragapatti's hands were waved about by the Great Spirit, and a crown was woven and placed on Hoab's head, and it was brilliant and white, studded with countless millions of gems. Hoab said: This crown from Your hand, O Father! I accept it and wear it, emblem of Your kingdoms, endless in number and full of holiness. I know that You will always be with me in Wisdom and Power! I will glorify You forever! My kingdoms shall glorify You forever!

20/41.33. The chief marshal now conducted Hoab to the throne of Jehovih, which had been previously vacated, and Hoab sat in the middle of the throne. Meanwhile, the es'enaurs chanted a hymn of glory. Hoab then said: Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih, Orian Chief, come and honor my throne in the name of the Father. Then Fragapatti went to the throne and sat on it. Next Hoab called up Athrava, then Hapacha, and then other Gods and Goddesses.

20/41.34. And now, while the Council remained assembled, Fragapatti said: Behold, the time of the death of Zarathustra has come. Remain here, and I will go quickly down to the earth and receive God and Zarathustra, and the hosts of God and his Lords.

20/41.35. So Fragapatti departed, and sailed swiftly down to Par'si'e, on the earth, and came to the meeting place of the corporeans who had charge of the Holy Word. And it was on the morning of the fourth day after Zarathustra's death. For three days and nights his spirit had been preaching to the Faithists, explaining the kingdoms of Jehovih.

20/41.36. So Fragapatti called to God, saying: Behold, my Son, your labor is done. In you I have great delight. Behold, my ship lies by the river; my lights are raised for the everlasting thrones! God (Samati) said: It is finished! That which you put upon me I have done! Behold, here stands Zarathustra, my Son. ||

20/41.37. Zarathustra was at that time taking leave of his corporeal friends, for his soul was fast becoming illuminated. Yes, he had looked up and saw the ship of All Light, and he knew now the Voice of the Father.

20/41.38. So Fragapatti went and took Zarathustra in his arms saying: Come, my beloved. Your home is up there! So they went into the ship of fire, and ascended to Mouru.





CHAPTER 42 Fragapatti





20/42.1. And now the Lord Gods, and Lords and Gods, began to arrive in Mouru. The marshals, and their officers and workmen, had extended the landing‑places for the hosts of ships; receivers had been appointed and allotted their various places. Heralds and messengers had been provided with places of announcement; and lines of intercommunion had been laid, so that the words of heralds and messengers could be heard by all the millions in waiting.

20/42.2. Know, O angels and mortals, that such is the glory of Jehovih's works, for stand where you will, His kingdoms are always seeming above. As you of the earth look upward and see the stars, so they that live on the stars look upward to see the earth. If, therefore, you were receiving messengers from the stars, it would seem to you that they came downward; but to them, as if they rose upward, even until near the landing‑place, when it would be downward to them also. This is because the feet of a mortal or the feet of an angel are on the foundation of his place, and because his head stands in the opposite way from his feet. ||

20/42.3. First came Ardi'atta, Goddess over the spirits who had been delivered out of the hells of Aoasu by Fragapatti and Hoab, and then housed in Zeredho and Haraiti. And with her was her successor, Gaipon, manager of the hosts. Ardi'atta brought one billion three hundred million souls in her ship, mostly visitors who had been delivered out of hell. Besides these, were twenty million raised to light [the degree of the third resurrection --Ed.], clothed as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. These latter were the harvest of Ardi'atta, and in her charge. The receivers of her ship stationed it in its place, and then the receivers of her hosts conducted them to their places.

20/42.4. And now E'chad, Lord God of Arabin'ya, came in his ship with more than four billion souls, half of whom were Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received by the proper officers, and stationed in its place; and his hosts received by the proper persons, and conducted to their respective places. With the Brides and Bridegrooms E'chad entered the south wing of the capital; and E'chad's successor remained with the visiting hosts. When E'chad entered before the throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign Jehovih's Rest, and E'chad answered in The Glory of Evening!

20/42.5. Before the hosts of E'chad were landed and placed, there came Ots‑ha‑ta, Lord of North Oceya, with his successor, in a ship of thirty million, of whom Ots‑ha‑ta had two million Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed in its place; and his hosts received and assigned to their places.

20/42.6. Meanwhile, Kow'anea, God of South Guatama, came in his ship, with his successor, bringing seven hundred million souls, of whom Kow'anea had sixty million Brides and Bridegrooms. And they were received by the proper officers and assigned to their places.

20/42.7. Hardly had Kow'anea landed, when Yaton'te came, with his successor and his hosts. Yaton'te's ship was the most beautiful of all that had yet arrived. His hosts were four billion souls; but of Brides and Bridegrooms he had only thirty million. Fragapatti saluted him on the sign of Star of the West, and Yaton'te answered in the sign of the Golden Circle! He and his hosts were then assigned their places.

20/42.8. Now came M'wing'mi, God of South Oceya, and his little ship was laden with four hundred million souls, and he had three million Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed in its place, and his hosts received and stationed in their places.

20/42.9. Next came Soo'fwa, God of Japan and her heavens. His was the most brilliant of all the ships, and he had three billion five hundred million souls aboard, of whom two hundred million were Brides and Bridegrooms. His ship was received and stationed, and his hosts also; and when he entered before the throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign of Before the Ancients! And Soo'fwa answered him in the sign of Little Star!

20/42.10. And now the most loved of all came, Uropa, Goddess of the barbarians! Her ship was the swiftest and best trimmed, and she brought one billion souls, of whom she had eighty million Brides and Bridegrooms as her harvest. When she entered before the throne of Jehovih, leading in her Brides and Bridegrooms, Fragapatti saluted on the sign, Persistent Fire! And Uropa answered him the sign, Jehovih's Trust!

20/42.11. Now came great Ah'oan, Lord God of Jaffeth and her heavens. His ship was the largest of all, and he brought five billion souls, of whom nearly two billion were Brides and Bridegrooms. When he came before Jehovih's throne, Fragapatti saluted him on the sign, The Power of Love! Ah'oan answered him in the sign, Everlasting Life!

20/42.12. And now the ship of Gir‑ak‑shi came in, bringing a billion souls, of whom eighty million were Brides and Bridegrooms.

20/42.13. Besides these, there were seventy-six other Gods, from departments of the grand divisions of the heavens, some bringing five million souls and some even twenty million. And there were Lords of islands and Lords of small places on the earth, who had also come in small ships, some bringing five and some ten million souls. And all these Gods and Lords had Brides and Bridegrooms according to the place and number and condition from where they came. And they were all received and stationed in their proper places.

20/42.14. Thus there came to Mouru more than thirty billion atmosphereans that had sprung up from the earth by Jehovih's will; and of these there were ten billion eight hundred million spirits prepared as Brides and Bridegrooms to the Great Spirit. Besides these, there were the hosts of Fragapatti, the ethereans, ten million, mostly Gods and Goddesses, and these formed the inner sacred circle of the Holy Council. Next to these were their ten million successors, who were to be the Holy Council of Mouru after the ascension. And next outside of these were stationed the Lord Gods and their attendants, behind whom stood their Brides and Bridegrooms. Next stood the Gods, their attendants and their Brides and Bridegrooms; and then the Lords, their attendants and their Brides and Bridegrooms.

20/42.15. And next outside of these stood the successors, the Gods and Lords, with their attendants; and yet behind them, their visiting hosts. And within and among them all, the musicians, marshals, messengers, swift messengers and heralds, were assigned their respective places. But so vast was the multitude of angels, and so great the glory, that one could look upon the scene all day and not even see the millionth part; nor is it possible for corporeal words to convey anything but a crude picture of the magnificent scene.





CHAPTER 43 Fragapatti





20/43.1. God (Samati) said: You gave the red star and her heavens, into my hands, O Jehovih! Your Sons bestowed upon me the triangle as an emblem of Your first three worlds, and of the first, second and third resurrections. Behold, the time of my reign has come to an end. With Your holy harvest You call me to a higher world.

20/43.2. But You have raised up Your Son, Hoab, who is of great Wisdom and Power in You. He shall be Your God and Your Son in the places I have been. To him, in Your name, O Father, I bestow the triangle, symbol of You and of Your created worlds, and of the individuals within them. By my parting with it, the end of this dawn is recorded; by Hoab's reception of it, his dominion is begun.

20/43.3. God then took off the triangle and hung it on Hoab's neck, saying: I salute you, God of earth and heaven! Immediately the es'enaurs chanted, Hail to you, O God, Son of Jehovih!

20/43.4. Now during the arrival of the hosts of Gods and Lords and their resurrections, there were to be seen, high in the firmament above, two stars, like twins, descending. These were the avalanzas of Hoseis, Goddess of Alawatcha, coming to receive the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, to take them to the etherean realms prepared for them by the Orians of the higher heavens.

20/43.5. Her avalanzas were descending by the road of Affolkistan, and coming swiftly. Now, between the glory of these lights, and the ceremonies in Mouru, one did not know where best to look, for the awe and grandeur on every side was overwhelming. And not less to move so vast a host were the es'enaurs, the singers, and the far‑off trumpeters. There stood also the great multitude of Brides and Bridegrooms, arrayed in white, like a vast sea of white, more than ten billion!

20/43.6. But the waiting was not long, for the Gods so time their labors that every adventure fits to another. The twin stars grew and grew in size, till, like two suns descending, they seemed as wide as the borders of Haraiti! And while the multitude thus gazed and watched, Fragapatti rose in his place on the throne and called out, saying:

20/43.7. Behold, the time has now arrived for the brotherhood of Gods and Lords to be bestowed upon the earth and her heavens. As the earth is divided into many sections, so have I bequeathed on the earth many Lords, to hold dominion over mortals; and yet over all of these, I have chosen and appointed one God.

20/43.8. For, in this manner the first heavenly kingdoms of the red star were founded by Sethantes, Son of Jehovih. In the history that followed since his day, it has turned out that first one Lord, and then another, lost power in his kingdom, and finally, even the Gods were powerless to rule angels and mortals to righteousness.

20/43.9. So that you may be strong from now on, like the heavenly kingdoms on other worlds, I now decree Diva, in the name of Jehovih! And God and his Lord Gods, and his Gods and Lords of divisions, shall comprise the Diva; nor shall any other person be eligible to the order here, whether they be of this world or of any other world; and the Diva shall be male and female members.

20/43.10. And he who is God, who was Hoab, high raised from Zeredho, shall be Div over all the rest. Nevertheless, the name Div shall be used by all the members of Diva, when abiding in their respective dominions. But no other person, either on earth or in heaven, shall be entitled to the rank of Div.

20/43.11. And in this capital, Mouru, the Diva shall meet three times every earth year, to render to one another the matters of their respective dominions; and when the meetings take place, each and every Lord and God, and Lordess and Goddess, shall be present and fulfill these, my commandments.

20/43.12. And when the members are thus assembled, Div only shall have the title of Div; and the members shall salute him as Div, Son of All Light; but no other person shall have the title of Div, Son of All Light. And the meetings of the Diva shall be private; nor shall any person be eligible to be present in Diva, except the novices who may be in preparation to become Lords and Gods by succession. But none of the novices shall be entitled to speak in Diva.

20/43.13. And each and every member of Diva shall report his department, as to whether in need of assistance, or his capacity to provide emigrants to other plateaus, and these reports shall be made in person before Div; and when all the reports are given, then Div shall render judgment on them, giving to or exacting from any one or more of the dominions, according to the Voice of Jehovih.

20/43.14. And the judgments of Div, Son of All Light, shall be called Divan law, |619| from which there shall be no appeal. And the Lords and Gods shall carry these decrees down to mortals, in their respective dominions, rendering them to the God‑irs on earth, by which mortals through the Rab'bah, shall receive communion from the All Light.

20/43.15. During the assembly of Diva, swift messengers shall be present and witness all the laws that shall be passed; and immediately afterward these swift messengers shall depart from Mouru and come to the etherean kingdoms in the roadway of the earth and her heavens, and render the same to the nearest Orian Chief, or other etherean God, Son of Jehovih.

20/43.16. Therefore, so that my commandments shall be in the name of Jehovih, let God and Lord Gods, and Gods and Lords, and Goddesses and Lordesses, approach the Father's throne, so I may bestow them according to the rites and ceremonies of the Gods of other corporeal and atmospherean worlds.

20/43.17. The marshals now conducted all of them, except God, before the throne: First, Thulae, then Es'pacia, then Geth'ya, and so on, until the hosts of the dominions were before Fragapatti. And then God (Hoab) rose up and faced toward the west. Fragapatti said:

20/43.18. In Your name, O All Light, I create a Diva for the earth and her heavens; and this, Your God, I anoint as Div, with power to him to anoint his successor in like manner. May Your Voice and Judgment be with him forever! And these, Your Lord Gods, and these, Your Gods and Your Lords, and these, Your Goddesses and Your Lordesses, I now anoint as members of Diva; and to each and all of them I give power in Your name to appoint successors after them for Your allotted seasons. May Your Wisdom and Power be with them forever. Amen!

20/43.19. God said: In Your name, O All Light, I accept the Diva. And, on behalf of my Gods and Lords, proclaim Your Divan Power to heaven and earth.

20/43.20. The others responded: We will fulfill Your decrees, O All Light, now and forever. Be with us in wisdom and strength for Your glory!

20/43.21. Fragapatti then extended his hand upward, saying: Inqua git's'ang, of Your Inqua git's'ang, O All Light! (Dominion within dominion, give me Your symbol, O Jehovih!) And there came out of the light before the throne a substance, and Fragapatti seized it and formed from it, first, a hollow ball, and within it another ball; and second, two interlocked triangles; and he gave to each of the Diva a pair, that is, an inqua and a git's'ang [a ball within a ball, and interlocked triangles --ed.]; |620| and he said to them:

































































































619  In English we call this Divine Law. In the Vedic, and in modern religious ceremonies in India and China, the terms, Div and Divan law, are still in use. Here we behold the origin of the terms, Divine and Divinity. --Ed.














































620  see images i033r03k and i033r04g, being inqua and git's'ang from Se'moin tablet


20/43.22. Behold, O Jehovih, You called me from my high place in heaven, saying: Go to the red star, the earth; her soil is wet with human blood! Her heavens are dead; My harvest is nothing! || And I came and delivered Your Word to mortals; in blood I gave it, and then washed clean the whole earth. And I gathered together Your lost children in the lower heavens, and raised them up with power. Regarding which, in token of Your Light that was within me, I have become one within Your labors, and I have raised up Gods and Lords in You also; and so that one perfect thing may be within another, in the manner of Your created worlds, this, Your holy sign, I bequeath to them, to be theirs and their successors' forever!


i033r03k Inqua and i033r04g Git's'ang.

      (see inqua image only | see git's'ang image only)

20/43.23. So Fragapatti bestowed the Lords and Gods, and his labors were finished.

20/43.24. Meanwhile, the sun‑ships of Hoseis drew near and landed, both to south and west of Mouru, and so mighty and full of grandeur were they, that the billions looking on were breathless in awe and wonder. Then out of the fire‑ships the marshals of Hoseis' hosts descended, of whom there were thirty million aboard. And they spread a frowas |621| from the ship to Jehovih's throne, and Hoseis alighted from the ship and walked briskly forward on the frowas, and Fragapatti and his hosts went and received her, and conducted her to the throne.

20/43.25. And now, after due ceremonies between the Gods and Goddesses, Athrava rose up and said: To you, O Hoseis, Goddess of Alawatcha, in the name of Jehovih, I bestow the Brides and Bridegrooms of heaven and earth. They are the harvest of Samati, God of the division of Haniostu, and his Lords and Gods, through the Orian Chief, Fragapatti, for the Father's emancipated heavens!

20/43.26. Hoseis said: Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, in His name I receive you, to deliver to the All High Worlds.

20/43.27. And then Hoseis and Athrava proceeded in the ceremonies in the usual way, and were responded to by the ten billion Brides and Bridegrooms.

20/43.28. When the ceremonies were finished, the time of the ascension was at hand. So Fragapatti and Hoseis, accompanied by their Gods and Lords, went down to the foot of the throne and sat down, and God (Hoab) sat alone in the middle of the throne. The es'enaurs then sang a hymn on The March of Jehovih's Worlds! When it concluded, God went down and took Fragapatti's hand and Hoseis' hand, saying: Arise, O Son, and you, O Daughter of Jehovih! The Father calls! Go your way! Fragapatti and Hoseis rose up, and then all the Gods and Lords rose up.

20/43.29. Hoab, that is God, fell into Fragapatti's arms! And when they had embraced, God withdrew and returned to the throne. Fragapatti saluted him on the sign, Faithist, and God answered him in the sign, Forever! After which the hosts followed Fragapatti and Hoseis, and entered the great avalanzas.

20/43.30. Fragapatti gave his own avalanza to Athrava and his attendants, and they took the magnet from it and made it rotary also. And when they were all aboard, Hoseis commanded the ascension, and the mighty fire‑ships rose up, turning and rising.

20/43.31. Fragapatti and the ethereans created flowers and drapery, and cast overboard sufficient, so that every one of the twenty billion remaining had some memento. In a little while the resurrection was complete; the sun‑ships rose higher and higher; passing the earth's vortex and entering etherea, going to the kingdoms prepared for them by the high‑raised Sons and Daughters of Jehovih!












621  likely similar to a walkway or bridge-way with red carpet (formal, stately) treatment




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