God's Book of Eskra




CHAPTER 38 Eskra

Again of the Triunes





28/38.1. When the Triune Gods perceived the great work accomplished by God, Jehovih's Son, in Vind'yu and Chine'ya, thus going to the foot of the resurrection, they were sorely troubled over the ultimate prospect of their own heavenly kingdoms.

28/38.2. Ennochissa, Triune of Eta‑shong, the heavenly kingdom over Chine'ya, sent an invitation to his two brother Triunes, to come to his heavenly city, to confer as to what should be done.

28/38.3. Accordingly, Kabalactes and Looeamong went to Eta‑shong, where they were received in great grandeur by one billion angels, and conducted to Ennochissa's heavenly capital, and to his throne.

28/38.4. After due salutations and ceremonies, the Triunes all took seats on the throne. The Holy Council retired from the presence, leaving only the Lords‑in‑attendance and the chief marshals within the crescent of the throne.

28/38.5. Ennochissa said: My brothers, peace be with you, because of my great joy for your presence.

28/38.6. Behold, Chine'ya, my earthly kingdom is being sapped at the foundation by the Ka'yu'an (Confucian) doctrines. What more will these people care for the Trinity? Jehovih is triumphant.

28/38.7. Kabalactes said: As you have spoken of Chine'ya, so say I of Vind'yu: The doctrine of the Trinity is being entirely destroyed by the Sakaya'yan doctrines. Our heavenly kingdoms will lose their base of supplies for subjects. Jehovih is triumphant.

28/38.8. Looeamong said: My brothers, it is not my place to point out the mistakes of others. But you two have built great heavenly capitals and palaces. Your kingdoms are embellished, as these heavens never were before, with magnificent cities.

28/38.9. Now, while you were thus building, behold, I went with my legions down to the earth, to war. I have not only overthrown many of the false Gods and Lords, but driven the worshippers of Jehovih to death.

28/38.10. Therefore, I have done little to beautify my heavenly kingdoms; but I rest above fear and apprehension. Nevertheless, whatever you ask of me, that I can do, to assist you out of your dilemmas, that, I will do. ||

28/38.11. Now, after many suggestions and proposals, which were not accepted, Ennochissa said: As God, Jehovih's Son, has taken an earthly course to ensure his success, why shall we not do this also?

28/38.12. Behold, let us seek out a number of mortals also, and through them, establish our doctrines with mortals.

28/38.13. Looeamong said: A most wise suggestion.

28/38.14. Kabalactes said: For a long time I have seen this would be necessary to accomplish.

28/38.15. So a coalition was entered into by the three Triunes to give mortals forty‑nine Saviors, in order to establish the Trinity.

28/38.16. Which labor should be accomplished within two hundred years.

28/38.17. And it was also stipulated, that all forty‑nine Saviors should be put to death ignominiously |1161| in order to win mortal sympathy.

28/38.18. To accomplish which, the Holy Confederacy provided, that each kingdom would supply one million angels for the army of inspiration, and that the same doctrine would be enunciated through every Savior, raised up for the work. And, accordingly, the three million inspiring angels were selected, all being above grade eighty, and these, being in three armies, were provided with one general officer to each army, called captain of the hosts.

28/38.19. For Looeamong's hosts, Thoth was made captain.

28/38.20. For Kabalactes' hosts, Yima was made captain.

28/38.21. For Ennochissa's hosts, Satree was made captain.

28/38.22. Accordingly, these three, Thoth, Yima and Satree, with their three millions, were sent down to the earth, to cover it over in their own way, to raise up among mortals the required Saviors.

28/38.23. And in less than two hundred years there were thus given to the earth, forty‑nine Saviors, namely:

28/38.24. Rita, Gibbor, Gaal, Efrokin, Gargra, Thules, of the house of Thules, Etrus, Gadamon and Shofal; and all of these were of Egupt, and performed miracles, such as healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and hearing to the deaf, and raising spirits of the dead to life; and they preached the doctrine of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And the angels inspired their enemies to put them to death, so that their doctrines would be sealed in blood. And this was done.

28/38.25. Of the land of Par'si'e, the following men: Adakus, Mithra, Bali, Malopesus, Gonsalk, Hebron, Belus, of the house of Belus, Megath, Yodoman and Beels. And these preached the same doctrines, and were also put to death in order to seal their words in blood. Some of them were boiled in oil; some given to the lions in the dens, and some nailed on the ugsa [wheel --Ed.], and left to perish.

28/38.26. Of Vind'yu, the following: Indra, Yuth, Sakai, Withoban, Aria, Devatat, Chrisna, Laracqu, Hagre, Anathia, Jannassa and Janeirus. And these performed the same kind of miracles, and preached the same doctrines, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And they likewise suffered ignominious deaths, through the inspiration of the angel hosts.

28/38.27. Of Chine'ya, the following: Sam Sin, Ah Wah, Ah Chong, K'aou'foor, King Shu, Shaou and Chung Le. And these performed miracles, and preached the same doctrines. And they were also put to death ignominiously, being killed on the fetes [true cross --Ed.], in order to seal their doctrines in blood.

28/38.28. Of Heleste and Uropa, the following: Datur, Promethus, Quirnus, Iyo, Osseo and Yohannas. And these taught the same doctrines, performing miracles also. And they were killed on the fete in like manner, so that their teachings would be sealed in blood.

28/38.29. Of Guatama, the following: Manito, Quexalcote, Itura, Tobak and Sotehooh. And these performed miracles, taught the same (Triune) doctrines, and were all put to death ignominiously, so that their doctrines would be sealed in blood.

28/38.30. By the same army of angels that inspired these priests and magicians to miracles and the preaching of the Triune doctrines, so were they also betrayed, suffering death by enemies who were inspired by the same angel hosts to that end.

28/38.31. Now so far as the Triune doctrine affected mortals, it related chiefly to war. The confederate Gods had said:

28/38.32. War for righteousness' sake is just. We go to the earth to put swords and spears in the hands of the innocent and upright, saying to them: Defend yourselves! Establish yourselves! There is no Ever Present Person. All things were created out of the Holy Ghost. Depend upon yourselves. Rise up and be men, mighty to do the will of the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost!
































































1161  to suffer humiliating and dishonorable deaths



CHAPTER 39 Eskra





28/39.1. When God, Son of Jehovih, saw the work of the Triunes, he bewailed the ways of heaven.

28/39.2. Jehovih said to him: Do not bewail, My Son, nor grieve for what they have done. But make a record of their works; for mortals will preserve a history of this period, which shall be called, the Era of Saviors. And it shall stand as the darkest era in the cycle of Bon. |1162|

28/39.3. But it shall come to pass on the earth, that the Triunes will cut themselves off in a way they do not see. For mortals will worship the Saviors. As a result of which the Triunes will become divided in their heavenly kingdoms. ||

28/39.4. So God bewailed no more, but prepared a new army of a billion angels, to go down to the earth, to provide for receiving the spirits of those who were sure to be slain in wars near at hand.

28/39.5. Eyodemus was given command of these hosts, and he appointed the following officers (one to each hundred million), to go with him, namely:

28/39.6. Sogothwich, Yutempasa, Loo Wan, Thagaik, Maratha, Wein, Shuberth, Le Shong, Taivi and Duraya.

28/39.7. Nor did they reach the earth any too soon, for war soon encircled the whole earth, and every nation, tribe, and people were immured in bloody carnage.

28/39.8. This period was practically the end of the good works of the Triune, but equally so, the beginning of their mighty kingdoms in heaven, which were destined, before long, to overshadow the whole earth.

28/39.9. The war they began on earth, extended into their own kingdoms. And these three Gods, the Triunes, saw that only by might and desperate vigor, could they preserve their heavens from anarchy.

28/39.10. In Vind'yu, five of the sub‑Gods of Kabalactes, revolted within his own kingdom, and set up places of their own. And they falsely assumed the names of the Saviors, who had been put to death in order to establish the Trinity.

28/39.11. Kabalactes summoned his remaining chief officers to Haractu, his heavenly city, before his throne. And when they were before him, he said to them:

28/39.12. This is the emergency of the Gods. My voice and my strong arm are raised up. Miscreants, whom I elevated to official positions in heaven, have betrayed their trust. With their legions they have seceded, and set up kingdoms of their own.

28/39.13. I have called you before me, so that you may jointly hear my decree, and obey. I will have order and harmony in my heaven. Nor shall there be any God but one in my dominions, which is myself. It is my will, therefore, that you pursue these rebellious captains down to the earth, to their heavenly kingdoms, and despoil them utterly.

28/39.14. And if need be, you shall capture them and their chief leaders, and cast them into hell. For they shall understand that I am not a God of peace, like the Jehovihian Gods, but a God of war.

28/39.15. For this purpose, I appoint Yima as my Holy Ambassador and Earth Warrior. And I give to him two billion warriors, so that he may make quick work of my rebellious chiefs.

28/39.16. My marshal shall select, therefore, for you, Yima, the two billion angel warriors; and you shall appoint your own generals and captains, and go at once down to the earth regions of these miscreants, and carry out my commandments. ||

28/39.17. Yima and his hosts did as commanded, but not suddenly; for an angel war ensued and it lasted forty‑six years before the five rebellious Gods were beaten from their strongholds. And even then, they were not captured and cast into hell; but they escaped, taking half a million angel warriors with them, and they emigrated to Uropa, to the city of Roma [Rome --Ed.], where they established themselves in security. Thus the deposed Vind'yu Gods became Gods of Roma.

28/39.18. Immediately after Yima succeeded in clearing Vind'yu, Kabalactes summoned him again before his Holy Council in Haractu, his heavenly seat. When he had thus come, Kabalactes spoke from the throne, saying:

28/39.19. Because my wisdom has triumphed in heaven and earth, I now take to myself a new name, BUDAH. |1163| And from this day and hour I shall be called by no other name forever. And my heavenly place, my city and my heavens shall be known from this time forward, forever, as Haractu, the Buddhist heavenly kingdom, the All Highest Heaven of Heavens!

28/39.20. You, Yima, shall return again to the earth with your two billion warring angels, and establish me as the Buddha. You shall establish my name on the earth by fire and sword, and by blood and death.

28/39.21. And you shall find a way to teach mortals, that I was Sakaya, and Sakaya was and is the Buddha, Son of the Triune, Son of the Holy Ghost.

28/39.22. || Jehovih had said: Behold the time will come to both Gods and men who deny My All Person, when they will espouse even falsehood for the sake of their own selfish ends.

28/39.23. And Kabalactes shall falsely assume, that he was Sakaya, and that Sakaya was and is Buddha.

28/39.24. Jehovih spoke to God, saying: Behold, he commands himself to be called Buddha. Now I say to you, allow this also to be, neither accuse him before heaven or earth of his falsehood.

28/39.25. Instead, from now on, you shall also call him Buddha, signifying All Knowledge, for it is his choice. ||

28/39.26. So it came to pass from this time onward, Kabalactes was called Buddha in heaven. And his angel hosts under Yima, who descended to the earth, inspired mortals both through the oracles and by direct contact, to call Sakaya, Buddha, and Buddha, Sakaya. And these things were so. And in not many generations, mortals forgot that they were two persons; but they accredited all things of the spirit to Buddha, and all things of the flesh to Sakaya, although the whole matter was false in fact.

28/39.27. Thus it came to pass, that the followers of Buddha professed peace (because of Sakaya's doctrines), but practiced war and conquest (because of the false Buddha's doctrines), setting out to establish Buddhism in Vind'yu by blood, carnage and destruction.

28/39.28. || Jehovih said to God: Even this you shall suffer them to do. For in this they will lay the foundation for the final overthrow of this false God, Buddha. For of their own accord they will put aside the Trinity, retaining Buddha and the Holy Ghost. Yes, they will ultimately teach that Buddha is itself only a principle, and that the Holy Ghost is only as nothing. They will say: War for Buddha, and you shall attain Buddha, which shall be followed by Nirvana, which they will also call nothing. || And these things came to pass. |1164|










1162  These are historical facts, within the two hundred years mentioned, no less than forty‑nine Saviors were born on earth, and put to death. --Ed. [While the editor does not give his sources, today it may be difficult to find historical accounts; but not impossible, for at least some of these Saviors.]











































































1163  The meaning of the word Budah [Buddha] is Knowledge or All Knowledge. We see here how a God or angel becomes false in fact [by proclaiming himself to be the embodiment of All Knowledge, whereas only the Great Spirit is All Knowledge]. --Ed. [In this present edition of Oahspe, Budah is spelled as it is recognized nowadays, as Buddha. Hence in this present edition whenever you read the name Buddha it always refers to this false God as does the name of his philosophy and followers: Buddhism and Buddhist. From its original spelling of Budah, we can see how come the vowel 'u' in Buddha is pronounced as a long sounding 'u.']































1164  Today Buddha is usually considered a state of mind or a condition of the spirit. A common goal of Buddhists is to attain to Buddha (Buddhahood), which means reaching Nirvana. The Buddhist Nirvana has been described as the spirit's return to the bliss of the All Nothingness, that is, to the blissfulness of the Void (as they supposed the universe to be), for they rejected the Person of the Whole, the Ever Present.



CHAPTER 40 Eskra





28/40.1. Not less were the trials of Ennochissa; for his sub‑Gods also revolted, and many of them assumed the names of the Saviors he had given to Chine'ya. And he also sent an army of two billion angel warriors down to the earth to destroy and break them up, and if need be to capture them, and cast them in hell.

28/40.2. Ennochissa made Ya'deth chief captain of these hosts, giving him power to select his own captains and generals. And it came to pass that a heavenly war ensued on the earth, in Chine'ya, between the hosts of Ya'deth and the rebellious sub‑Gods and their hosts, which lasted seventy years.

28/40.3. And Ya'deth gained the victory, cleaning away all the rebel angels of the sub‑Gods, and putting them to flight. Four of these rebel Gods fled to Athena [Athens --Ed.], in Argos (Greece), where they established themselves securely. |1165|

28/40.4. Ennochissa now summoned Ya'deth and his victorious army to Eta‑shong, his heavenly kingdom. And when he was before the throne, Ennochissa said to him:

28/40.5. You have seen the machinations of my brother Triune God, Kabalactes, who has falsely assumed the name, Buddha, and proclaimed himself the All Highest God, and his heaven the All Highest Heaven of Heavens. This day and hour I decree two things: An army of two billion angels for the earth, and you, Ya'deth, shall be their commander, to do my will; and another army of angel warriors for my heavenly kingdoms, of Eta‑shong (over Chine'ya) and Damaya, over Guatama.

28/40.6. For my heavenly army, you, Loo Wan, shall be commander for Eta‑shong; and you, Biwawotha, shall be commander for Damaya.

28/40.7. And to you of heaven, I assign the care and protection of my kingdoms with your armies. And you shall wall your places around, and fortify me on every side with angel warriors. Yet, do not menace |1166| the angels of Buddha or Looeamong. Nevertheless, if they offend, or are disrespectful of me and my kingdoms, you shall arrest them, and provide places of torment for them, and cast them in.

28/40.8. But as for you, Ya'deth, you and your hosts shall return again to the earth, to mortals, and establish me as BRAHMA, which shall be my name on earth and in heaven from this time forth forever. And you shall possess the oracles, and by all possible means establish me among mortals, in Vind'yu as well as in Chine'ya. And all who profess Brahma afterward shall be my subjects on their entrance into heaven.

28/40.9. And if it should so happen that Buddha's mortal warriors fall upon the mortal Brahmins, to destroy them, then you shall consider Buddha to be my enemy.

28/40.10. And you and your angel warriors shall obsess every Brahmin to take up arms, and war to the death every aggressing Buddha. For Buddha shall learn that I, Brahma, rule these heavens in my own way. ||

28/40.11. So it came to pass that the four billion warriors of Ennochissa (now falsely named Brahma), were selected, apportioned and marched off to their assigned places in great pomp and glory. To describe even one of these armies, with their music and implements of war, their manual and procession, would require a large book. Then there were their vessels of war; their implements of fire and water; their banners and flags; and, above all, their enthusiasm. For many of them had been warriors in earth‑life, and knew no other trade, and now exulted in the prospect of mortal blood and death.

28/40.12. || Regarding the sub‑Gods of Vind'yu and Chine'ya, Jehovih said: For this, alone, these things are good. For, in time to come, man of the earth will look abroad over the earth and say: How did the Vind'yu Gods come to be in Roma? How did the Chine'ya Gods come to be in Athena?

28/40.13. For, since they will not be able to answer their own questions, they will perceive that there must have been a heavenly cause that mortals did not know of.

28/40.14. For in the time of the fulfillment of My revelations, it will not be sufficient for either heaven or earth to re‑establish spiritual communion; but it shall also be shown to them that there are kingdoms and principalities in heaven. And they are ruled over by both good and bad Gods. Moreover, they shall understand the truth that whoever worships Buddha shall go to Buddha to be his slaves; and whoever worships Brahma shall go to Brahma, and be his slaves.

28/40.15. I will make it plain to them that to worship a spirit, though he is a God, is simply the giving of their own souls into bondage. For they shall in that day understand that the Great Spirit, the Ever Present, is not an idol in the figure of a man, sitting on a throne.

28/40.16. Moreover, spirits and mortals shall perceive that to deny My Person, will, sooner or later, bring the doer into a trap from which he cannot escape. Give then, to Ennochissa the name Brahma, for it is his choice. And you shall perceive that the time will come, when he will seek to throw aside this name and even his own person, in order to escape hell.

28/40.17. Thus were established the two false Gods, Buddha and Brahma. And at once there was a war in heaven, as well as on earth. And this was virtually the end of the schools and colleges in these heavens, and also the beginning of the breaking up of the factories and places of industry in the two kingdoms, Eta‑shong and Haractu, in atmospherea.

28/40.18. As to the earth regions, Vind'yu and Chine'ya, this is how they stood in that day:

28/40.19. Chine'ya was so well established in the doctrines of Chine and Ka'yu, that the people shunned war and idolatry. The Saviors had gained only a little footing. And now, when the Gods sought to inspire the people to war, in order to establish themselves, Brahma and Buddha, only the most barbarous regions could be influenced.

28/40.20. Brahma, the false God, now perceiving the potency of Ka'yu's books, sent his angel warriors to inspire the Sun King [Emperor --Ed.], T'sin, to have all the books in Chine'ya destroyed, in order to reduce the empire to ignorance. Accordingly, the Sun King, T'sin, issued a decree, commanding all the books and tablets of Chine'ya to be destroyed.

28/40.21. Brahma said: I will have all, or destroy all. My angels shall not let sleep in peace, any king or governor in all this land, until he engages in the work of thus destroying my enemy, Learning.

28/40.22. And in one year, more than five million books, and one million tablets of stone and copper, were destroyed, being the destruction of the books of the ancients, over twenty thousand years worth. Besides these, many of the books of Ka'yu were destroyed, but not all of them.

28/40.23. In the meantime, the anti‑war spirit of the people had cried out to the Creator: O Father, what shall we do to avert war, and to preserve the revelations of Your holy ones of old?



















1165  And these Chinese Gods became the Grecian [Greek] Gods of a later date. --Ed.





















1166  provoke, threaten, bluster, intimidate, produce unease among


































































































1167  known today as the Great Wall of China; see image i080


28/40.24. And Jehovih answered them, through God of Paradise, Jehovih's Son, saying: Build walls against the barbarians. And your walls shall stand as a testimony of what you are willing to do, rather than engage in war, even for self‑preservation.

28/40.25. Because you have faith in Me, I will be with you even to the end. ||

28/40.26. And it came to pass that the Faithists of Chine'ya built stone walls, the greatest buildings in all the world. And they stand to this day. |1167|

28/40.27. Jehovih said: Behold the works of My chosen. As long as these walls stand, they shall be testimony of the struggle of My people, to maintain themselves, by means of peace instead of war. And the walls shall be monuments to the Faithists of this land, who have perished by the false Gods, Brahma and Buddha.

28/40.28. Yes, the testimony of these walls shall be even stronger, in time to come, against Brahma and Buddha, than if every stone were a sword and spear. And the followers of My Son, Ka'yu, shall loathe them with pity and hate. ||

28/40.29. In Vind'yu also, the machinations of Buddha and Brahma worked sore mischief on mortals. In this country both of these false Gods decreed the destruction of all books and tablets, except those that looked favorable to their own doctrines. And there were destroyed here more than two million books and one million tablets, of stone and copper.

28/40.30. And the schools and colleges of the people were nearly all destroyed throughout the land.

28/40.31. And in both Chine'ya and Vind'yu, in order to establish the names of these Gods among mortals, more than one hundred and forty million people, men, women and children, were slain in war.

28/40.32. By the angel warriors of these two Gods, mortals were thus inspired in the work of destruction. These Gods were not only against the Faithists, but against each other also. And mortals were their victims, for the glory and exaltation of the two heavenly kingdoms, Haractu and Eta‑shong.




i080 Lo'iask. The position of the earth that led to the building of the Chinese Wall. [Great Wall of China, circa 3rd century bce --ed.] It came to pass, in those days, that the spirit of the Father dwelt in mortals, and they were turned away from the shedding of blood. And when the earth came into Lo'iask, in etherea, His etherean angels penetrated the darkness and inspired the chosen of China to build a wall to protect themselves from destruction. And so a wall was built, the greatest on the whole earth. Jehovih said: Since these, My chosen people, have achieved the age of peace on earth, let them shut themselves in, away from the barbarians outside, and they shall endure as a secluded people till the coming of kosmon. || And it was so. [In this regard it should be noted that invaders who did enter China became Chinese in character and culture, that is, China remained China, and more or less secluded from the rest of the world till the dawn of Kosmon. --ed.]

(see image only)

CHAPTER 41 Eskra





28/41.1. God said: Hear, O earth, and you, O heaven, of Looeamong, the other of the Triunes, the founders of the doctrines of the Holy Ghost and Trinity.

28/41.2. My word has gone forth; the kingdoms of the spirits of the dead shall reveal through me to all men; their libraries shall be like an open book to Jehovih's Sons and Daughters in heaven and earth.

28/41.3. Because Looeamong pursued Ashtaroth in conjunction with Baal, and overthrew her and her kingdom, and cast them into hell, he became like a lion, savage at the taste of blood.

28/41.4. And I cried out to him, saying: Stop, stop; enough! But he said: No, I will not cease the carnage of mortal blood till I have Baal cast into hell also.

28/41.5. And he cast about in Hapsendi, his heavenly place, calling up angel warriors, tens of millions, hundreds of millions. But Baal, the self‑God of Heleste, called his mighty legions in heaven, and sent them down to the earth, redoubled, to inspire mortals to bloody deeds.

28/41.6. Baal said: Mine is an easy doctrine to understand. All mortals who do not worship Baal shall be put to death. The worshippers of the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are my enemies. Such mortals shall die! Such angels shall go the way of hell.

28/41.7. The Faithists, the worshippers of Jehovih, are also my enemies. Such mortals shall be tortured and sawn in half. |1168| Such angels shall be bound in knots in hell, and suffocated forever! I will have them know that Baal is the All Highest God of heaven and earth. ||

28/41.8. All the land of Arabin'ya, Heleste and part of Uropa, was like one great seat of anarchy and war.

28/41.9. Looeamong said: I do not come to bring peace, but war! I come to set nation against nation, people against people, man against man. For righteousness' sake I will purify the earth with human blood.

28/41.10. I will not have a halfway peace; I will destroy my enemies, east and west and north and south. By the Holy Ghost I have sworn it!

28/41.11. And the kingdoms of Egupt, and Media, Armenia [Oceas --Ed.], Phrygia [Boa --Ed.], Argos [Greece --Ed.], Scythia [Semia --Ed.], Noamedia [Numidia --ed.], and all the regions of Arabin'ya and the west, shall know no peace till I have destroyed the worship of all Gods but the Triunes. ||

28/41.12. And it came to pass, that there was no peace in any of those lands. Nor was there system to the warfare, looking to any important result.

28/41.13. || Jehovih has said: Let this stand as a testimony to coming generations. For they shall look back to these times, and see that the wars raged without purpose on the part of any king. And that mortals were only instruments in the hands of the angels, who ruled over them. And it shall be testimony to them of what comes upon peoples who deny My Person. For they shall compare the peace and rejoicing of My people, while they had no king, but kept My commandments, with those who put Me away, and tried to make themselves strong in kings and standing armies. ||

28/41.14. Baal now established two more heavenly kingdoms, one over Jerusalem, and one above the Apennine mountains, near Roma. And in the latter kingdom, which he called Arkoli, he made an alliance with the Vind'yu Gods that escaped from their own heavenly regions and fled to the mortal city, Roma. And near Athena, he founded a sub‑kingdom of five hundred million angels, and made an alliance with the Gods that escaped from the Brahmin kingdoms.

28/41.15. In this emergency, Looeamong, the Triune God of the Holy Ghost, beheld, with fear and trembling, his formidable enemy, Baal. And so he decided to send to Buddha for assistance. He solicited as follows:

28/41.16. To the Triune, the Holy Buddha, Son of the Holy Ghost, greeting in love and majesty.

28/41.17. By the power of the Triunes we are sworn to each other, to establish the Holy Ghost in heaven and earth. By which confederacy we three Gods are powerful above all other Gods.

28/41.18. Now behold, Baal, the most fiendish of all Gods, wages war against our holy doctrines in all the regions of my heavenly kingdoms and on my dominions of the earth also. But my forces in heaven and earth need reinforcement. And I come to you, according to our original compact, asking you for a billion angel warriors. ||

28/41.19. By messengers Looeamong sent this to Buddha, who answered him as follows:

28/41.20. It is said that great trials are the making of angels and mortals. I need my hosts for my own purposes. Nevertheless, if you will cede Egupt to me, you shall have the army you ask for, for the space of one hundred years.

28/41.21. Insulting as this proposal was, Looeamong was obliged to accede to it, or have his kingdom destroyed by Baal.

28/41.22. Accordingly, such an alliance was entered into; and so Looeamong removed his heavenly city, Hapsendi, westward, and cast it over Noamedia. And immediately after that, Buddha established a heavenly kingdom in Egupt, and called it, Celonia, giving its management into the keeping of Thoth, the Bertian, an angel so named because he was cunning, like a fox.

28/41.23. With these additional forces, Looeamong now renewed the assault on Baal on every side, even more violently in his heavenly places than on the earth.

28/41.24. And it came to pass that Looeamong routed Baal from his heavenly kingdom, and from his sub‑kingdoms also, but he did not capture him, or subdue him. And the angels of Looeamong obtained Jerusalem and Athena, as well as two hundred small cities, with their oracle‑houses and temples also. And Looeamong's angel warriors took possession of them, so they could answer the oracles, magicians and priests, in their own way.

28/41.25. Baal still maintained an army of three billion angel warriors; and he established himself in the city of Roma and Hieadas, that is, Byzantium, |1169| but used most of his army as rambling marauders.

28/41.26. Now, when Looeamong saw that the other two Triunes had taken new names falsely, and that they had gained power by them, he resolved to adopt for himself the names, Lord and God.

28/41.27. Thoth, his chief warrior angel, fighting against Baal, had said: Most Holy Triune, I must give mortals a name to fight for. The term, Holy Ghost, is not potent.

28/41.28. So Looeamong falsely assumed to be God, the Lord of heaven and earth.

28/41.29. He said to Thoth: Go tell mortals I am the same God who wrought wonders for the Israelites. And, behold, the Israelites will fight for me.

28/41.30. Thoth did this. And furthermore Looeamong inspired a mortal, Ezra, to gather all the records he could, to be proof of his labors for the Israelites.

28/41.31. To accomplish this, Thoth employed seven hundred thousand angels, to be with Ezra and the numerous scribes whom Ezra employed. And by their inspiration, the books of the Ezra Bible were written and compiled, according to the commandments of Looeamong. And there were thus completed seventy‑two books, and they were put on file in the king's library in Jerusalem, which was how the ancients preserved important records of events, and these books were named by Ezra, The Holy Library [Holy Bible --Ed.], of which number fifty‑four remain to this day.

28/41.32. But, of all these, not one book was inspired by Jehovih, or by His Son, God of heaven and earth. Nevertheless, there are many things within them that were of Jehovih and His angels, even though they were put on record by men, and interpreted by men.

28/41.33. Looeamong in these things did not sin against Jehovih, for he did not cause his own name, Looeamong, to be made worshipful.































1168  The prophet Isaah was sawed in two. In those days the persecutions against the Faithists in Jehovih were fearfully cruel. --Ed.



























































































1169  later called Constantinople, then Istanbul




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