Book of Thor, Son of Jehovih

Being the records of Thor, Apollo's successor, on the earth and in her heavens, from the arc of Mos to the arc of Dae, in the etherean heavens, and of three thousand two hundred years.






16/1.1. Thor, Orian Chief of Don'ga, in etherea, God of Palla, Surveyor of Yonetz and Thassa, God of Galeb, Receiver of Saffer and Hoesonya, God of Wartz, Lo, and Yisain, Counselor in the ethereal worlds Hituna, Ctaran, Seeing, Sethawan and Hababak, greeting:

16/1.2. In the Holy Council of Gods and Goddesses in Don'ga, the voice of Jehovih came to Thor, saying:

16/1.3. My Son, behold the red star, the earth; she courses from Mos to Dae, |428| and now drags in the swamps of Asath. Behold, you shall deliver her through your dominions, three thousand two hundred years. Even now the dawn of Ghan approaches.

16/1.4. Thor spoke before the Holy Council, on Jehovih's etherean throne, saying: Behold, the young world, the earth, comes our way. For three thousand two hundred years she will journey in the fields of Don'ga.

16/1.5. Then the Holy Council deliberated on the matters of the earth and her heavens, and all other corporeal worlds that were to pass through Don'ga for three thousand years. And it was found that the dawn of dan would fall upon the earth first of all.

16/1.6. Then Thor called for the swift messengers that course the firmament in the regions of Apperwaith, the roadway of the earth's past history. And the swift messengers came and laid their report before the throne of Jehovih, as to what world the earth was, and the harvests of angels she had yielded up to the emancipated heavens.

16/1.7. When their reports were finished, and deliberated on by the Holy Council, Thor, Son of Jehovih, said:

16/1.8. For further knowledge as to the present condition of this world, the earth, it is my command that Yathai, God of Gammotto, choose one million volunteers; and, in an airiata, proceed to the earth and her heavens to visit her God and Lords, and ascertain |429| the condition of their angels and mortals, and report back in Don'ga.

16/1.9. So, Yathai, God of Gammotto, in etherea, was appointed for this purpose, and he provided an airiata, and took with him one million ethereans, and proceeded to the earth and her heavens, as commanded.

16/1.10. And Yathai came to the throne of God in Gau, in atmospherea; and God sent his Lords an invitation to come also. And seventy-two of them came.

16/1.11. God said to Yathai: Behold, the earth and these atmospherean heavens are full of false Lords and false Gods. Yathai inquired how many there were. God said: More than thirty thousand Gods and one hundred and sixty thousand Lords. Behold, in every great city on earth there is a false God or a false Lord, and he has a small heavenly kingdom of his own, located on the earth. And the spirits of the dead of that place are his slaves, for his own exaltation.

16/1.12. And in many of these heavenly kingdoms there are wars, and anarchy (hells) where the angels torment one another endlessly. Nor will these false Gods and false Lords and their subjects admit that there are higher heavens than their own.

16/1.13. The spirits of the newly dead are captured and kept in ignorance of Jehovih and His vast creations; and made to bow in adoration and worship to the false Lord or false God. And these in turn, being in contiguity |430| to mortals, inspire them to the same worship. Which fits them at the time of their death to fall as slaves into the dominion of him whom they worshipped.

16/1.14. The wars in heaven have inspired mortals to wars on earth, so that all around the world, unending battles are going on.

16/1.15. And those who are slain on earthly battlefields are born into spirit in chaos, not knowing they are dead (as to the earth), and so they linger on the battlefields, still battling imaginary foes.

16/1.16. All over the earth these battlefields are covered with spirits in chaos, and with the spirits of druks, druj, yaks and ground people, who know nothing more than the beasts in the field.

16/1.17. Return therefore, O Yathai, to your Orian Chief, Thor, Son of Jehovih, and say to him: The God of earth is powerless to rescue her angels and mortals from the great darkness upon them. And beseech him in Jehovih's name to come and deliver me and my kingdoms.

16/1.18. Yathai inquired about the races of men on earth, and as to the times of their termination.

16/1.19. God said: In twelve thousand four hundred years the I'hin race, the mound builders, will come to an end. And at that time the Ghans will have triumphed over all the lands and waters of the earth.

16/1.20. When Yathai had obtained the required information, and also learned the localities of the divisions of the earth and her heavens, he departed in his airiata, with his companions, and visited all the chief places, and then returned to Don'ga, in etherea, before Thor, Son of Jehovih, to whom he reported all he had learned as to the condition of the earth and her heavens.

16/1.21. Then came the Light of Jehovih to Thor, saying: My Son, take a sufficient host of ethereans, and go to the red star and her heavens, and deliver them in My name.











428  see image i085 (with text)





























429  determine, discover, assess





























430  close proximity including contact








16/2.1. Thor called in thirty million volunteers; and he provided an avalanza, an ethereal ship of fire, in which they embarked for the red star, where they would remain four years two hundred and thirty-eight days, which was called the dawn of dan, for Thor, of Don'ga.

16/2.2. Then outward, onward, through etherea sped Thor and his thirty millions. Through the swamps of Asath, and the fields of Broddwuski; through the ethereal seas of Hoesonya toward the arc of Mos, and then to Chinvat; the boundary of the earth's vortex. Nor did he halt here, but sped onward in his ship of fire for Gau, the throne of God.

16/2.3. God and his Lords, being apprised of Thor's coming, had the capital prepared for his reception. And they also had gathered in all the angels of the second resurrection, and as many of the first as chose to come. In all, there were assembled in Gau, nine hundred million angels, Faithists in Jehovih. Of these, no more than one million had ever seen an etherean, nor had they visited farther outward from the earth than the seventh plateau in atmospherea.

16/2.4. Among these, even into the heavenly capital of Gau, alighted Thor and his thirty millions. And after due salutations in the manner of Gods and Goddesses, a day of recreation was proclaimed from the throne of God; and the atmosphereans and ethereans mingled together joyfully.

16/2.5. Then Thor ascended on the throne of God, and he ordained as follows:

16/2.6. One million constables to go to the false Lords and false Gods and arrest them, and bring them to Gau for judgment.

16/2.7. One million captors to possess the thrones and temples of the false Lords and false Gods, and hold them.

16/2.8. Eight million captors to gather in the angel slaves in all the hadan heavens.

16/2.9. Six million dispersers to overthrow and disperse the hells (heavenly battlefields of spirits in chaos).

16/2.10. Six million physicians to disrupt fetals from mortals.

16/2.11. Two million founders of es'yan nurseries, for the spirits of infants and helpless ones, born into heaven before their full time.

16/2.12. One million founders of hospitals, for chaotic angels and others stricken with disease.

16/2.13. Half a million marshals; half a million messengers; and three million builders.

16/2.14. And when these had been selected by the proper officers, they were dispatched to their places and duties.

16/2.15. Then Thor reorganized the Council of Gau for the period of dawn.

16/2.16. So God and his Lords rested for a season, while Thor and his hosts delivered earth and her heavens.

16/2.17. In one year all the false Lords and false Gods and Goddesses were captured and brought to Gau; nor did Thor pass judgment upon them until they were all brought in. And on this occasion, millions of angels were assembled in Gau to witness the proceedings.

16/2.18. Thor said to them: Do you not perceive that my power is greater than yours? How can that be? I have only thirty million; and of you there are more than thirty billion! What makes me more powerful? Behold, I have arrested all your heavens and heavenly rulers. How is this? Where did my power come from?

16/2.19. Not one could answer Thor.

16/2.20. Then Thor said: My army is a unit. Yours are divided, one against another. Yes, each one was in anarchy.

16/2.21. This I declare to you: Jehovih first of all; and His creations, which He has given to all His creatures.

16/2.22. To learn to master the elements of earth and heaven, this is the foundation for acquiring all power.

16/2.23. Because you bound yourselves in heavenly places on the earth, you did not rise up to the places prepared for you. Answer me now: How does the world stand as to what will come? |431|

16/2.24. Many of the false Lords and false Gods answered in the following manner: I fear to speak my mind, lest in anger you cast me in hell.

16/2.25. Thor said: He who has learned to know Jehovih and serve Him, fears nothing on earth or in heaven. Fear is nothing but the manifestation of weakness.

16/2.26. Speak, therefore, what you desire; no harm shall come to you.

16/2.27. Then many of them said: This I perceive, O God: Out there lie the earth and many heavens. The strongest mortals rule over the weaker mortals; the strongest Gods rule over the weaker Gods. Therefore, make me your slave. I am content.

16/2.28. Then Thor said: A greater hardship I give to you all; I give you your liberty and freedom. Go, therefore, wherever you desire. I ask not one to serve me; but instead I say: Go serve Jehovih by lifting up whoever is beneath you.

16/2.29. They answered: Where shall we go? We do not know the way from one heaven to another, nor the way down to the earth. You say: Go serve Jehovih by lifting up those who are beneath us. Now, truly, we cannot even lift up ourselves. If we had great riches, or power, or wisdom, then we would willingly assist those beneath us.

16/2.30. Thor said: Truly you are Gods of darkness. I say to you, do not wait for any of these things, but go at once and serve Jehovih.

16/2.31 They answered: When we have first provided a way for ourselves, then we will serve Him.

16/2.32. Thor said: You have spoken the darkness of the entire world. I say to you: Go serve Jehovih first; and after that come to me, so I may see if you lack anything.

16/2.33. They answered: How can one serve Jehovih by lifting others up, if he has no clothes, or food, or habitation? |432|

16/2.34. Thor said: It is well you ask that question; but I say: Direct that question to your own souls; and, behold, the Father will answer you. Let that be the question you ask yourselves every hour of the day; and be watchful for an opportunity to answer it by the labor of your own hands.

16/2.35. Then the false Gods and false Lords were dismissed from custody.

16/2.36. Thor commanded that the light of the throne and the pillars of heavenly fire be raised to a higher grade. The false Lords and false Gods desired to flee because of the brilliancy of the light, but did not know where to go.

16/2.37. Thor said to them: Why have you assumed to be Lords and Gods, since you cannot even master the elements in the lower heavens?

16/2.38. I say to you, the regions of Jehovih's universe are boundless. Let no one assume to do that which he cannot do; but, little by little, learn to master the elements surrounding him, and he will, in time, learn to traverse Jehovih's beautiful firmament, and indeed be a fit companion for Gods and Goddesses.

16/2.39. Then the false Lords and false Gods spoke, saying: O if only we had someone to teach us; someone to show us the way to learn!

16/2.40. Then Thor, perceiving they were in proper disposition for resurrection, allotted certain teachers and disciplinarians to them, and they were taken into educational colonies and put to work.






















































































431  That is, what is the condition, rank, grade, of the earth in reference to that which is coming?





































432  Thus, for example, how can one proceed without resources, the wherewithal, to induce others upward?








16/3.1. Thor said: To induce men and angels to find the way of resurrection, this is the greatest of all teaching. Man says: O God, raise your servant up!

16/3.2. And the Lord says: Hold up your hands and I will lift you up. But man will not. Man says: Send wise and holy angels to me, O Lord, to guide me in righteousness and good works!

16/3.3. And the Lord says: That which you ask of God, even so do to your fellows. But man will not. |433|

16/3.4. As it is with man on earth, even so do we find it in hada.

16/3.5. To induce angels to develop themselves, by taking hold with their own hands, |434| and by the exercise of their own talents, this is the work of Lords and Gods. To rule over them without their knowing it, so as to lead them in the right way, this is wisdom.

16/3.6. The first passion of man is to eat; the second, the sexual desire; the third, to make others serve him. And if he accomplishes the latter, then he is indeed the prince of evil. For he then holds dominion to the hurt |435| of others.

16/3.7. As man builds these habitations in his soul on earth, how vain becomes his effort for happiness in heaven! To teach him to undo all his past, and to make full restitution to others, this is the work of Gods and Lords over spirits of darkness. ||

16/3.8. Thor established two thousand educational colonies in atmospherea, besides innumerable places of manufacturing and building; teaching the angels of heaven how to provide habitations for those born of earth into spirit life.

16/3.9. In three years of dawn, Thor had prepared four billion Brides and Bridegrooms for etherean ascension.

16/3.10. Now all this time, the angels of atmospherea had been taught much in regard to the emancipated kingdoms in etherea; and of the splendor, majesty and power of Gods and Goddesses living there.

16/3.11. Thor spoke from the throne of God, before the Holy Council, saying: Send swift messengers with greetings to Betatis, Goddess of Terow, in etherea, and say to her: Thus says Thor, Jehovih's Son, Orian Chief of Don'ga: Come to the heavens of the earth; I have four billion Brides and Bridegrooms as Jehovih's harvest. Provide an airiata of great size and splendor, for its presence shall enchant my people.

16/3.12. The swift messengers departed. And the appropriate officers at once began preparing to receive Betatis. Others were sent into other parts of atmospherea with fire‑boats to bring atmosphereans to Gau, so they could perceive the glory of the higher heavens as manifested in the descent and ascent of the airiata.

16/3.13. All these things were accomplished. Betatis came in great splendor; and all the kingdoms and sub‑kingdoms of Gau were filled with the billions who came to witness the ceremonies.

16/3.14. This, then, was the size of Betatis' airiata: The diameter, east and west and north and south, was two thousand miles to the borders of the photosphere, and nine thousand miles high. The ship within the photosphere was one hundred miles east and west and north and south, and was two hundred miles high. Of beams the entire length, there were twelve million four hundred thousand; and of uprights, two million; but of the short beams and short uprights, they were numerous accordingly. And there were a sufficient number of chambers within the airiata for every soul to have one; and, besides these, there were halls and temples within, also suitable for music and other entertainments.

16/3.15. The colors, shades and tints of the mirrors and opaque ornaments, both movable and fixed, were provided in all possible ways, for ornament and for service, the beauty of which had never been surpassed in Don'ga. And when the whole airiata was completed, it looked like an oval globe of light, with a framework. The transparent and opaque parts within, alternated, so as to add beauty to every part. And it was fitted and equipped for the third resurrection, having no storage places for atmosphere, or anything in common with the lower heavens.

16/3.16. To add still further to its splendor, Betatis had her airiata ornamented with illuminated banners and streamers, so that at a distance, when seen descending, the whole vessel looked like a sun surrounded on every side with movable stars and waving streams of light.

16/3.17. Among her hosts were one million trumpeters and players on harps; and two million singers.

16/3.18. In the center at the front of the ship was the Holy Council chamber, with four million members. Above the Council chamber was the chamber of worship; and at either side were the halls for dancing and social reunion.

16/3.19. When Betatis' ship neared the atmospherean kingdom of God, millions of her hosts stationed themselves on the galley‑beams and stay‑lines, adding a scene of life to the ethereal ship of surpassing beauty.

16/3.20. Betatis had provided her ship with ballast, so that, when she came within the earth's vortex, she could stand her ship where she desired, while the earth and her heavens turned their axial course, so that both mortals and angels could witness the brilliancy and glory of the works of Don'ga's chief Goddess.

16/3.21. And thus Betatis stood in her ship of fire, just beyond the plateau of Gau, while the earth and her heavens made one revolution.

16/3.22. The next day she descended into Gau, where God and his Lords, under the direction of Thor, Jehovih's Son, had prepared their mighty audience.

16/3.23. When the ship was made fast, the chief marshal of Gau and the chief marshal of Betatis' hosts met and conducted Betatis up in front of the throne of God.

16/3.24. Thor said: In Jehovih's name, welcome, Daughter of Light!

16/3.25. Betatis said: Praise the Almighty! In love, I have come to answer your prayer.

16/3.26. Then God spoke, saying: Welcome, O Goddess! Come and honor my throne!

16/3.27. Then Betatis went forward in a flame of light, and was greeted in the manner of Gods and Goddesses. After which she sat in the center of the throne. And at once the ceremonies of initiation for the Brides and Bridegrooms were accomplished.

16/3.28. Then came a day of recreation; and after that, Betatis and her hosts, together with the four billion Brides and Bridegrooms, entered her airiata and departed upward for the etherean heavens.











433  So, for example, if you ask for love, then give love to your fellow humans; if you ask for wisdom, then impart wisdom for the wholesome benefit of others; if you ask for power, be willing to harmoniously work with others toward a good and worthy goal. But all too often man will not follow through on the second part of the arrangement for he desires the fruit without labor.

434  i.e., hands on; by their own efforts, becoming actively involved, assuming ownership over their own behavior and thus taking responsibility

435  injury, damage, detriment, impairment








16/4.1. In the fourth year of dawn under Thor, Son of Jehovih, he received from the Holy Council in Buru, of Don'ga, in etherea, a dispensation from the Orian Chiefs, decreeing to the earth one hundred years' travail |436| in vocent. |437|

16/4.2. Thor called up Waak, God of Rhines, and said to him: Jehovih has put a sore |438| travail upon these heavens. Go to Hey'loo and command him to provide an avalanza sufficient to deliver twenty billion atmosphereans to the a'ji'an forests of Gonaya.

16/4.3. For the inhabitants of these heavens are too dark to endure the vocent of a hundred years, and would be precipitated to the earth and engage in fetalism.

16/4.4. Waak, God of Rhines, knowing the condition of the atmosphereans, proceeded at once to Hey'loo, informing him of the decrees of the higher heavens, and of the command of Thor, Son of Jehovih.

16/4.5. Thor then sent word to his Lords and marshals, informing them also of his command, and, further, commanding them to bring all the lowest grades of angels from all parts of earth and heaven, to be concentrated in Gau, where the avalanza was to come for them.

16/4.6. Thor appointed Ti'See'inij, Goddess of Ares, to superintend the reception of the angels, and arrange them for entrance into the avalanza; and he gave into her command, to assist her, five hundred thousand marshals and captains, and one million es'enaurs. And she apportioned these to their respective duties and places.

16/4.7. To accomplish all this, Thor allotted seventy‑seven days. And the proceedings were so wisely carried out that on the seventy‑seventh day, the avalanza was present and all the angels ready to enter it.

16/4.8. Accordingly these things were accomplished: The twenty billion angels were carried away on the avalanza, which was walled around on every side with pillars of fire so that not one spirit could escape, even if he was chaotic or imbecile. Waak and Hey'loo had entire charge of the migration; and they proceeded upward and outward from the earth till they reached seven diameters of the earth's vortex, which brought them into the forests of Gonaya, where they landed them.

16/4.9. To provide for the reception, Ti'See'inij, Goddess of Ares, who had charge of the twenty billion, had previously sent there a sufficient force of angels, wise and strong.

16/4.10. So that when the avalanza landed, all things were ready. And according to their development, the angels were apportioned to different sections of the Gonaya forests, with suitable officers and teachers provided for them.

16/4.11. By Ti'See'inij, these things were done. And she established a throne of a'ji, provided a temple of Council, and provided all things that are required in the government of a new colony. And she provided a God in Gonaya to reign after the expiration of dawn; promoting to this one Hazedeka, a surveyor in Thalasia, the third heaven of Gau; and she gave him the title, God of Gonaya, for four hundred years.

16/4.12. Now, in reference to founding an a'ji'an habitation in etherea, this account is rendered to mortals and angels of the lower heaven: |439| The ethereans gather up the atomic elements floating amid the ethe'ic waves, and, giving them axial motion, they propel them forth. On their way, the atomic elements aggregate, till, from the size of a mite, the aggregation grows as large as the whole earth; but this world is habitable within and on its surface by the spirits of the dead, the angels.

16/4.13. || Jehovih said: In the same way that the solid earth, the stars and moon all float in the unseen firmament, so do atomic parts to all things float in ethe. As the earth is to the air and the ether above, so is an atom of corpor to the ethe'ic solution.

16/4.14. Jehovih said: Do not think, O man, that there is only one member in My Person, and that different conditions and states of that one comprise My universe. The foolish man has said, the blood is the flesh and bones, and the flesh and bones are simply a state of blood; but he does not see that I do not make flesh out of blood, but out of that which the blood carries. And in the same way, I carry the corpor of My Person in the ethe of My Being. |440| ||

16/4.15. Now, as to Thor, Son of Jehovih, after the departure of the avalanza he provided a new God for the earth and her heavens, crowned him, and bestowed upon him the triangle which had been handed down since the inhabitation of the earth by man.

16/4.16. As for the remaining time of dawn, Thor traveled to all regions of the earth and her heavens, making records of these, to be carried with him to Buru in the time of his ascent.

16/4.17. In consequence of the depletion caused by the resurrection of the twenty billion to Gonaya, God and his Lords were greatly relieved of their burdens in Gau and on the earth.







436  tribulation, trial, arduous times, adversity

437  perpetual roaring of the atmospherean elements. --1891 glossary

438  grievous, dire, bleak



























































439  Notice that Oahspe was initially written for atmosphereans as well as for corporeans. This is stated more explicitly later in Oahspe.



















440  In other words, atmospherean worlds and corporeal worlds are not built from ethe, but from that which is carried by the ethe. Thus, the unseen is not just simply a rarefied form of corpor; that is, there is more than one member (i.e., there is more than corpor) in Jehovih's Person.








16/5.1. Peace and prosperity were established on earth and in heaven by the time the expiration of the dawn of Thor arrived. And now the time came for his own ascent, with his hosts, leaving the earth and her heavens in the care of God and his Lords.

16/5.2. So Thor, Son of Jehovih, sent swift messengers to etherea, asking to be delivered; and asking for the deliverance of six billion Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

16/5.3. See We'ing, Goddess of Hotosk, in etherea, was appointed by the Council in Buru to descend for Thor and his hosts, and his six billions.

16/5.4. Accordingly, See We'ing built her ship and gathered in ten million as her hosts for the journey. This, then, was the make of her ship, which she named Harp:

16/5.5. The photosphere was flat to the north and south, but oval east and west; the openings were on the flat sides, with passages through. The crescent described a circle of three thousand four hundred miles, and the depth of the harp north and south was three hundred miles. The pillars of fire that ascended from the midst were one thousand seven hundred miles high.

16/5.6. The stars within the photosphere were provided with five points; each star had one million chambers, and each chamber was allotted the habitation of one Bride or Bridegroom; and there were seven thousand of these stars.

16/5.7. The framework was crystalline, both opaque and transparent, and of all possible colors, shades and tints. Now, besides the stars and their chambers, the base of the crescent was provided with a large social hall, which, aside from accommodating others, was sufficient for and occupied by one million musicians.

16/5.8. God had knowledge of See We'ing's coming, and had commanded information to be sent throughout atmospherea, and to the Lords located on earth, inviting all who chose, to come and witness the ascent. And besides the Brides and Bridegrooms, two billion angels came; many not yet delivered from the first resurrection.

16/5.9. So it came to pass that See We'ing, Goddess of Hotosk, came down in her ship of fire to the foundation of Gau; came in great magnificence, and was received by Thor and by God and his Lords.

16/5.10. And she ascended the throne, and performed the marriage rite for the six billions. After that, a recreation time of one day was proclaimed in Gau, during which the atmosphereans and ethereans mingled freely together.

16/5.11. On the day following, Thor accompanied See We'ing into her ship; and their hosts went in also, being nearly seven billion. And then, amid a rain of etherean flowers, See We'ing started her fire‑ship upward.

16/5.12. God and his hosts remaining in Gau saluted in the sign, Jehovih forever! Which was properly answered by the ascending billions.

16/5.13. Then the great ship turned on its axis, rising and turning, higher and higher. And in a little while only an ascending star was seen, and then it disappeared in the distance.

16/5.14. Thus Thor fulfilled in dawn his great mission to the earth and her heavens.










16/6.1. Again the earth and heaven prospered for another season of two hundred years, and in the next dan there were five billion souls delivered. And new Gods and Lords succeeded, who also prospered, but not as well. The next harvest was four billion souls.

16/6.2. But once again, false Lords and false Gods began to set up kingdoms of their own, in heaven and in the cities of mortals. And, lo and behold, every one called himself either Thor or Apollo. And the spirits who manifested in the temples and for the oracles, all gave one of these names. And mortals who were obsessed, believed themselves to be the reincarnation of Apollo or Thor; the obsessing spirits calling themselves by these names. Others, more intelligent, said: Did the prophets not foretell that there was to be a second coming of Apollo? And are these spirits, who appear through the sar'gis, not the very person?

16/6.3. So great became the superstition of the nations of the earth, that in the fall of a leaf they found proof of the second coming of Apollo or Thor. Many of the spirits deserted the second resurrection in heaven and returned to the earth, to wait for information concerning the coming event, as they supposed, though there was no event coming.

16/6.4. Jehovih said: All corporeal worlds pass through the age of too much belief. As I gave man judgment so that he could examine and weigh a matter, so does he run into unbelief. Then My angels go to him, and show him where he believed too little; but, lo, he goes to the other extreme, believing all things, and not using his judgment.

16/6.5. God said: Why will men and angels not be patient, and wait till a matter is proven meritorious |441| before they pursue it to extremes? The same sun shines, the same stars stand in the heavens, and the earth travels steadily on her way; yes, her winds blow, her summers and winters come as in ancient time, yet man sets up a notion that a great wonder is near at hand. But no wonder comes, and nothing new is near.

16/6.6. How shall I restrain them, O Jehovih? Their desires for Apollo call down millions of spirits from my places of resurrection. And they fall in trials and hardships, and become suitable prey for designing false Gods and false Lords.

16/6.7. But no other salutation came other than the echo of God's own words. So God and his Lords bewailed the darkness of earth and her heavens.

16/6.8. But high up in the etherean heavens, came the Light of Jehovih; came the Voice of Jehovih, saying:

16/6.9. Hear your Creator, O you Gods and Goddesses! Behold the magnitude of My works! I do not labor for the profit of this man or that man; no, neither for this people nor that people; nor for the inhabitants of one star and one heaven; but for the glory of millions of stars and millions of heavens.

16/6.10. Does one corporeal man not bewail a shower of rain, and yet, his neighbor rejoices because of it? One man prays for sunshine, and another for shade. Do not think that I labor for each one separately, but for the perfection of the whole. For what reason, then, shall the God of earth and his Lords bewail the darkness that falls on the earth at this time?

16/6.11. I have prepared places of darkness in the etherean firmament, and places of light; and My corporeal worlds must travel through them, for so I created them. And these places of darkness and places of light are like changes of seasons for My harvests.

16/6.12. Now the earth passes into deep darkness, for I fructify the races of men in new corporeal growth, for things that shall come afterward. As they absorb from the a'ji of My places, in this age, so, also, do their souls become full of superstition and darkness. ||

16/6.13. Thus the earth went into great darkness during the last six hundred years of the cycle of Thor, and there was no harvest from her for the etherean heavens. But the spirits deserted atmospherea in millions upon millions, and went down to the earth, to dwell with mortals, and to find places to live on the corporeal earth.

16/6.14. And, except to the I'hins, the Light of Jehovih was shut out from men; thus ambition for improvement was at an end; they became like drones |442| and vagabonds; |443| and, when they died, their spirits continued to lie about in the places of their mortal life. And many of these spirits persuaded mortals to suicide, and they killed themselves by thousands and tens of thousands. Nor was there any courage among men to endure anything under the sun. They wanted to be with the spirits of the dead, to talk with them, to see them, and to be rid of earthly trials.

16/6.15. Neither did the spirits who congregated on earth have any knowledge of the higher heavens; nor could they impart knowledge as to where they dwelt, nor how they employed their time, for, in fact, they did nothing useful for heaven or earth, nor even for themselves.

16/6.16. Thus ended the cycle of Thor; and it was three thousand two hundred years.




































441  having merit, worthy, deserving, worthwhile, true, creditable


















































442  idlers, loafers, parasites, automatons

443  wanderers, rovers, drifters, ramblers, aimless, shiftless, of no fixed purpose



The Lords' Fourth Book

Being contemporaneous with the Book of Thor, cycle of Thor, Son of Jehovih. As the latter book is of the higher and lower heavens, so is the Lords' Book of the lower heavens and the earth, both books being for the same period of time.

CHAPTER 1 Lords' Fourth





17/1.1. God foresaw that the knowledge of one generation could be handed down to the next by altars and temples, by idols and images, and by painted signs and engraved words. And though all these things are in fact false, as a written word is not a word, but an image of an idea that has been spoken, so by symbols, God conveyed the living truth.

17/1.2. God said: Behold, with my sacred people I have established myself in written words. Now it has come to pass that all the races of man on earth shall be made to know me.

17/1.3. God commanded man to make stone and wooden images, and engravings also, of everything upon the earth. And so man made them; according to his own knowledge he made them.

17/1.4. God said: As every living creature has a name, so shall its image and its engraving have the same name. And so shall it be with all things on the earth, in its waters, and in the air above the earth; the image and the engravings shall have the same names as the real things themselves.

17/1.5. And God sent his angels down to man, to inspire him in the workmanship of images and engravings, and man thus accomplished the commandments of God.

17/1.6. And these were the first writings since the flood, other than those that were kept secret among the I'hins. And the writings were in the following manner, namely:

17/1.7. A picture of a man was a man; a picture of a tree was a tree; a picture of a bird was a bird; and so on, everything represented by its own name and image.

17/1.8. Then God said: When you have made the picture of a spear, behold it is a spear. And when you desire to show which way a man goes, you shall add to the graven image the likeness of a spear; and the way it points, shall show the way man goes. And you shall express the going of everything on earth and in heaven in the same way (with a spear showing its direction).

17/1.9. Thus man made a written language, and in every region of the earth. By many men these things were done; according to the light of God upon them, so they accomplished the written languages of thousands of tribes of men.

17/1.10. God said: This shall be called the Panic language Ah‑ce‑o‑ga [earth language --Ed.], because it is made of earthly images. And, in later times, whoever desires to find the first written words of man, shall have recourse to the pictures of all things on earth, in the waters, and in the air above the earth.

17/1.11. God said: As in the ancient times man named all things according to their own spoken words and sounds uttered, so in the days of Thor the written words of everything on earth and in heaven came to the Ghans.

17/1.12. When man had written the name of all things, one only, he had not written, even the name of his Creator.

17/1.13. God said: Even that you shall also write. Then man inquired: O Lord, how can I find a word to express the Creator?

17/1.14. God said: I have raised many tribes upon the earth, and, behold, they have all written the names of all things, except only the Creator. Go, therefore, and write His name also.

17/1.15. Man said: Alas, O my God! I know no name, except the names I have already made. If I could hear the Creator, or see Him, then I could write His name.

17/1.16. God said: You have named the wind (wh‑sh!), which you have not seen. Name, therefore, your Creator. And His name shall comprehend all things, far and near, seen and unseen.

17/1.17. Then man drew a circle and called it O, for it represented that which was without beginning or end, and which contained all within it. Then man drew a line cutting through the circle from east to west, to represent the light of the east traveling to the west. Then man drew a line from below upward, cutting the circle at right angles with the horizontal, to represent the one road of all things, from the bottom upward forever. The first line man called E, for it was the same as the wind speaks in the leaves. But the second line he called IH, for it represented that unseen shaft that cuts all things in two.

17/1.18. And when man had completed the engraving, he called it E‑O‑IH!

17/1.19. God said: In this symbol, you have found the way of a true square (true cross) and the four quarters of the world.

17/1.20. Keep His name and the image a secret between the rab'bahs and your God. Nor shall you utter it aloud, for it is sacred upon the earth.

17/1.21. Between you and your Creator stands your God, who is Lord of heaven and earth. Behold, I am the key of life and death; through me, your Lord, you shall unlock all the mysteries of heaven and earth.

17/1.22. Neither shall my rab'bah, nor my prophets, call on the name of any spirit, except the Lord, who is God. The words I give corporeally I also have recorded in heaven, neither can man alter my corporeal records and make them accord with that which is written above. But in the lapse of time I provide seers and prophets, through whom I can reveal to mortals the things of heaven.

17/1.23. On your behalf I have spoken the following to Jehovih: Man shall measure Your hand upon him; remember Your eye upon him; shall seek for Your wisdom within him; and he shall be thankful for Your good things before him. And he shall consider the little good of those who deny You, the conceit of those who claim to be self‑made, and the folly of uttering other glories than Yours; and yet not mention any of these imperfections. For all these are the attaining of wisdom.





CHAPTER 2 Lords' Fourth





17/2.1. The Lord came down to man on the earth, and spoke to man in two ways: By the voice, as man speaks; and by the spirit, as soul answers to soul.

17/2.2. The Lord said: The voice of man is air in motion; by the mouth of man comes the word of knowledge.

17/2.3. But behind the voice, behind the air in motion, behind the mouth that gives voice, there lies the soul, which causes man to think of speaking. And the soul lies in the ocean of the Creator, Who is God of all.

17/2.4. The Lord said: That which speaks to your soul, O man, teaching you wisdom and good works; reproving |444| you for your faults, and enchanting you with the glories of all created things, is the voice of your Creator. And that is the road by which the Lord your God comes to you.

17/2.5. The Lord said: Behold, man has attained to written knowledge; now he shall have books, and learn to keep records, like the angels in heaven. Then God sent angels down to man, speaking both by the soul and by the voice; in different places and to different rab'bahs, teaching them how to make books of skins, of bark, and of cloth, for the graven words and images which he had taught man.

17/2.6. In these days the lands of Jaffeth, Shem and Ham were inhabited by millions of I'huans and Ghans; but the countries lying between them were inhabited by I'huans only.

17/2.7. And God spoke to the people of Ham, saying: Behold, there are two other countries inhabited by kin of your kin, flesh of your flesh, and they are Ghans also. And they speak and write with Panic words, even as you do.

17/2.8. And the Hamites inquired: How far are the two other countries? Where are they?

17/2.9. The Lord said: Gather together two thousand men and women, and I will lead you to your brethren, whose forefathers were also saved from the flood; saved by the sacred little people, the I'hins. Provide oxen, asses, and all things requisite for a journey of four years, and I will lead you.

17/2.10. The Hamites obeyed God, and gathered provisions as commanded; they formed into two companies of a thousand each, equipped themselves, and started on their journey for Jaffeth and Shem.

17/2.11. Then God spoke to the people of Jaffeth, saying: Behold, there are two other countries inhabited by kin of your kin, flesh of your flesh, and they are Ghans also. And they speak and write with Panic words, even as you do.

17/2.12. The Jaffeth'yans said: How far are the two other countries? Where are they?

17/2.13. The Lord said: Gather together two thousand men and women, and I will lead you to your brethren, whose forefathers were also saved from the flood; saved by the sacred little people, the I'hins. Provide yourselves in all things requisite for a journey of four years, and I will lead you.

17/2.14. The Jaffeth'yans obeyed God, and gathered provisions as commanded; formed into two companies of a thousand each; equipped themselves and started for Ham and Shem.

17/2.15. Then the Lord spoke to the people of Shem in the same way, telling them of Jaffeth and Ham; and they also equipped themselves in two companies and started for Ham and Jaffeth.

17/2.16. Thus God provided for these three separate peoples to go and visit one another, and all in the same period of time. And God said to them before they started: The I'huans who inhabit the wildernesses on the way are very fierce and savage. Behold, they eat the flesh of both man and beast. But they will not harm the I'hins; therefore, O my beloved, take two score of I'hins (40) with you on your long journey. Through the I'hins, the Lord your God can speak all languages including the language of the barbarians, the I'huans.

17/2.17. Leave all things in the hands of the Lord God.

17/2.18. So it came to pass, after a journey of four years, the migrants from each country arrived at their destination. And they knew one another by their written and spoken words; and they called themselves the three children of the arc of Noe. |445|

17/2.19. And the Lord said to them in each of the countries where they had arrived: Provide records of the work of God; for these journeys shall be remembered to the end of the world.

17/2.20. And in all these countries, images of stone and copper, with engravings on them, were made pertaining to the children of Noe, and the flood, and the sacred tribes, Shem, Ham and Jaffeth.

17/2.21. God said: These shall be preserved as the first written names of these lands. |446| And it was so.
















444  admonishing, revealing your relationship to the good, gentle correcting






































































445  This is the origin of the story of the three sons of Noah, see Genesis 6.10, Ezra Bible.



446  Ja'fung is Chinese for Jaffeth, and is the oldest [corporeally known] original name of the country. Shem is the Vedic word for land, or country (India). Ham, as the student is aware, is A'ham, the original name of Egypt (Egupt). Legends of the flood, and of the journeys related above, are still existing in all those countries. --Ed.



CHAPTER 3 Lords' Fourth





17/3.1. For two years the migrants remained in the countries they visited; traveling extensively, showing themselves, and relating a history of the country from which they came.

17/3.2. Then the Lord spoke to the migrants in their respective places, saying: Behold, the time has come for your departure. Gather together, O my beloved, and return to your own country, and relate there all the glories that your God has shown you.

17/3.3. So they departed, and returned to their own respective places. And, behold, it took four years to accomplish the journey.

17/3.4. Now during the migrants' travel, the Lord spoke to them every day through the I'hin priests.

17/3.5. The Lord said: Keep together, O my beloved. I will lead you; you shall not be lost.

17/3.6. Nevertheless, the journey was so long that many lost faith, and were not mindful of the words of God. And some of them strayed off among the I'huans, the barbarians, and were lost.

17/3.7. Of the six thousand migrants, ten tribes were lost; in all, three hundred and eighty-six people, men and women. Some were lost in one place and some in another.

17/3.8. God said: Sing songs of lamentations to my chosen who are lost, the Faithists in Jehovih. For this also shall become a matter of record to the end of the world.

17/3.9. Nevertheless, a time shall come when the Lord your God shall reveal the mystery of this day.

17/3.10. So, when the people had returned to their respective places, behold, they all sang songs of lamentation for the tribes that were lost. |447|

17/3.11. God said: I have shown you the far distant people; I have marked out the road. Keep the road open; keep the travel open between the great countries I have shown you.

17/3.12. Every eleven years one expedition shall start to the far‑off countries. And if by chance you find my chosen, bring them home.

17/3.13 And on all the camping places of your journey, you shall build an altar to the Lord your God. You shall build it in the shape of a circle; and the congregation shall sit in this circle, but the priest shall sit in its center. And, behold, I will speak through the mouth of my priest, words of wisdom and comfort.

17/3.14. But in all your journeys, keep aloof |448| from the I'huans, the barbarians, the man‑eaters. For they did not keep my commandments; nor did they preserve their seed through the circumcision.

17/3.15. But they mixed with the druks (ground people) and went down in darkness (barbarism).

17/3.16. Keep away from them, O my beloved; on all your expeditions, carry with you I'hin priests, the sacred people, the mound‑builders.

17/3.17. In all your journeys you shall encounter your brethren coming and going, who dwell in the far‑off countries. So that you may distinguish them, keep secret the sacred password |449| and the rites of my chavah (order).



































447  In all these countries, namely, China, India, Egypt and Persia, there is still in existence a legend that, long ago, the chosen of God went on a long journey in search of their ancient brethren, and that ten tribes were lost in the wilderness. --Ed.










448  apart, separate, removed; distant in interaction, interest, emotional involvement, etc.

449  E‑O‑IH, or Je‑ho‑vih, was the master's word among the ancient Jews. The Chinese said Che‑hih‑no, in their ceremonies, being the same phonetic word. The Algonquins (North American Indians) said U‑he‑no‑win, accented on the second and fourth syllables. The Chinese word is accented on the first syllable. The Algonquin "U" is, most likely, without any signification. The word Git‑che‑ma‑ne‑to, of the Algonquins, means servant to the Great Spirit, that is, as the English word Lord means Land God, or an underling of Jehovih. --Ed.



CHAPTER 4 Lords' Fourth





17/4.1. Hear the word of your God, O man, and be considerate in your little learning, and so, interpret the records of the ancients rather by the spirit than by the word.

17/4.2. Where it was constantly commanded, in the ancient sacred writings, to avoid going down to destruction, and they did not obey the commandments of the Lord, behold now the light of your God in this present day:

17/4.3. For the I'huan race, even before the flood, was in the first place, born capable of everlasting life. But they mixed with the druks until the seed of the spirit of eternal life became exhausted, and they brought forth heirs incapable of self‑sustenance in heaven. Hence |450| it was said of them: They went down in darkness.

17/4.4. Now, after the flood a new race of I'huans was brought forth, and they were at first capable of All Light and of everlasting life. But they also did not keep the commandments of the Lord; but also mixed with the druks (the ground people), and they descended rapidly on the road of everlasting death (as a race).

17/4.5. But the Lord your God created the new race, the Ghans, capable of an upward inspiration.

17/4.6. And he gave to them the same commandments, to preserve their seed from the races beneath them, lest they go down in darkness also.

17/4.7. To which end, your Lord gave them certain rites and ceremonies, and passwords, in addition to the circumcision, which would enable them to distinguish those with whom they should mingle according to the commandments of God.

17/4.8. Behold, then, the testimony that I lay before you, so that you may perceive the wisdom of my ways. For, it will be said by some that there is a law of evolution by which man rises from a lower to a higher state, as the earth grows older.

17/4.9. But I say to you, there is no such law. Without the labor of your Lord and your God, through their angels, man does not rise upward, but goes the other way.

17/4.10. In which matter, behold, before you to this day, I have left many nations and peoples who are on the downward road. And you have corporeal records before you, showing you, that in times past, these same countries were inhabited by a higher race.

17/4.11. For thus Jehovih created man, to go as readily down the mountain as up it.

17/4.12. Behold, all resurrection comes from above; all aspiration comes from the Lord and his angels. For man, being in the flesh, goes rather to the desires of the flesh than to the spirit.

17/4.13. As the light of the sun causes sleep to pass away, so does the light of Jehovih, through His Gods, Lords and angels, cause the soul of men to awaken to the possibilities of everlasting life in the exalted heavens.

17/4.14. This also, I, your Lord, have proven in the world: That those who fall from the light of the Father, lose their symmetry and beauty of proportions.

17/4.15. Behold, in the time of Thor, man did not consider the shapeliness of his spouse, nor the mold of her face, the clearness of her voice, her wit, nor her conversational powers.

17/4.16. The Gods and Lords have, by all stratagems, devices, rites and ceremonies, labored to make man mindful of the way of resurrection through the tree of life.

17/4.17. But even in the present time, behold, the mother barters off her daughter to a rich man; and the man seeks a spouse of wasted flesh for the sake of gold. And they bring forth heirs of crime.

17/4.18. And man cries out: He cannot be a good God who creates these!

17/4.19. But I say to you, they do not keep my commandments; they have gone astray in the wilderness.

17/4.20. Be wise, O man; learn from that which is before you, remember the times of the ancients, and the labor of the Lord your God.

17/4.21. In the beginning of the cycle of Thor, the Lord opened up many ways for the deliverance of the tribes of men on the earth; and man prospered in the way of God for a long season.

17/4.22. Then darkness came upon the races of men; millions of them returned to a state of savagery. And angels of darkness came upon the earth, taking upon themselves the semblance of corporeal forms, and dwelling with mortals, and engaging in practices about which it is unlawful to write or speak.

17/4.23. So that, at the termination of three thousand years, the lands of the earth were covered with darkness.

17/4.24. And Jehovih cast a veil over the face of the sun, and it did not shine brightly for many years.


















450  therefore, for that reason




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