Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih

God of Lowtsin, an etherean world in the arc of Se'ing, known in the high heavens as Osire, Son of Jehovih.

CHAPTER 1 Osiris





18/1.1. To Osire, Son of Jehovih, on his throne in Lowtsin, |451| an ethereal world, where his reign a hundred thousand years had illumined many a corporeal star, came the Voice, Great Jehovih, Spirit over all, saying:

18/1.2. Osire! Osire! My Son: Go forth from these immortal worlds, and grasp the perishable earth in its debauched flight; and with uplifted rod proclaim yourself The One, the commanding God. As an indulgent father treads softly by his infant son, guiding him tenderly, and with wholesome advice, so, through My Gods and Chiefs, I have coaxed along the red star for many, many thousands of years. But as a wise father turns to his truant son of later years, commanding you shall or shall not, so now in the same way, through you, My Godly Son, I stretch My hand over the earth and her heavens.

18/1.3. Deep-buried she lies in anarchy; the false Gods and false Lords despoil her heavens in war, and cast down on the troubled earth, her millions of spirits of darkness, who glut themselves in crime. As driftwood on a surging sea now rises high on towering waves and quickly plunges down into the roaring waters, to rise and fall, and repeat endlessly the ceaseless struggle, so do the spirits of the dead, of earth, rise in heaven only to be plunged back again in unending toil and darkness on the low earth.

18/1.4. Where My most holy God and his Lords toil and struggle, powerless to divert the terrible heedlessness of men and angels. || Osire heard Jehovih's voice, and summoned a million swift messengers, well trained in the rise and fall of worlds, and bade |452| them go to the red star, the earth, at masterly speed, and survey the affairs of mortals and spirits, and promise succor |453| to God and his Lords of earth, then to quickly report back to Jehovih's throne, in Lowtsin.

18/1.5. In an arrow‑ship, which Gods use for speed and light work in accomplishing Jehovih's will, the swift messengers shot forth through the ji'ay'an fields of darkness midway between the Serpent's coils, and were soon hidden deep in the whirling atmosphere of the warring earth. Meanwhile, Osire called long‑risen Gods and Goddesses to council around Jehovih's throne, telling them the Voice's words, that had stirred his soul with compassion for those only recently quickened to life by the Creator's breath, but who persist in burrowing their souls down in hada, heedless of the call and persuasion of a loving God and Lords.




451  see image i086 below































452  an oral command


453  relief, aid, help, especially to one in difficulty






i086 Map of the Etherean Roadway of the Solar Phalanx for the third set of two cycles of the past gadol, Plate 3 of 4. The Roadway shown is that through which the sun and its family (including earth) traveled during the cycles of Osiris and Fragapatti.   (see image only)



18/1.6. Jehovih's light spread over the Lowtsin throne of Osire and curtained around the stars, the Gods and Goddesses, revealing to them the full history of the earth and her heavens, so that all were clear to comprehend His Almighty Wisdom. Yet not one was moved with haste to answer; for scenes like these, concerning the countless millions of corporeal stars dotting the firmament, were their daily deliberation. And then, slowly, one at a time, the speakers, each a representative of a thousand Gods and Goddesses, gave words to Jehovih's light from their respective seats.

18/1.7. And when the multitude had spoken, and Osire, charged with the wisdom of all, perceived from human souls how the light matched his own, as to him Jehovih spoke, his first sphere of commandant God stood plain before him. And he rose up, mantled in white, standing in the throne of Jehovih like one newly illumined with a great change in his long life's administration.

18/1.8. To the council of Gods and Goddesses, he spoke: Attend to my words, for now the gift of the arc of Se'ing rises up before our hallowed shrine. As step by step, all things advance by Jehovih's will, and new roadways in etherea open up fields unexplored by traveling stars; so onward, step by step, our own endless realm takes the course of manhood in its giant strides. You have blessed the worlds of corpor and es for hundreds of thousands of years! Your busy scenes in an old routine change now to higher advent, |454| and an Orian arc comes upon us.

18/1.9. As an oscillating star feeds itself with a change of seasons, so has Jehovih coursed the wave of His traveling Serpents to give our etherean realms an endless life, diversified by change of scenes and constant surprises, which are the glory of the soul.

18/1.10. As thus Osire, the Mighty, with a soul full of words, engraved by Jehovih's hand, discoursed on the glories awaiting the high worlds, where he and his brother Gods and archangels dwelt in the All Perfect, there came back, hastening, as with Omnipotence impelled, |455| the swift messengers from the slow earth, with their etherean arrow‑ship shooting like a meteor on fire. Then came Hagan, spokesman of the messengers, before Jehovih's throne, his mantle turned back, |456| and his eyes radiant with sure knowledge, saluting in Jehovih's sign and name. He said:

18/1.11. O Osire, Jehovih's Son, and you Gods and Goddesses, as the All Light gave Voice to our far‑seeing God of Lowtsin, so do I stand here to corroborate, in Jehovih's name. The day of sweet persuasion to the earth‑born, and their countless angels down in darkness, is done. Lo, the race of Ghans, planned by Jehovih from the foundation of the world, now stands triumphant on the earth. As Jehovih led the I'hins in paths fortuitous, by gentle words and love, but left them not strong before the warring elements, so has He created upon the earth the masters who shall subdue it, to the triumph of Gods.

18/1.12. Not like lambs are the Ghans, but lions untamed, born conquerors, with seed |457| to learn and reason about all things, faith in mastery, but not faith in Jehovih. As a man having two sons, one low‑strung and passionless, the other in ceaseless mischief and desire for havoc, because of the fullness within, so on the earth stand the two races, the I'hins and the Ghans. And when they die, and enter heaven, the first, the I'hins, go like lambs, as they are directed; but the second, the Ghans, still full of inherent stubbornness and self‑will, do not heed the God and Lords, but mock them. Back to the earth these well‑formed and stately souls come, and set up heavenly kingdoms of their own, in darkness, and eagerly pursue with most relentless zeal their former enemies.

18/1.13. By their loud clamor and inspiring acts, they break up the weak Lords' kingdoms and deprive them of subjects, proclaiming heaven and earth free to all. So that even hapless |458| souls in the lower heaven, have been persuaded to fly from the hospitals and nurseries back to mortals, and there fasten themselves as fetals, shutting their eyes against all further light.

18/1.14. So, mortals have given themselves up to doing the wills of the spirits of darkness, turning looting and devastation into a holiday. |459|

18/1.15. We then came to God, Jehovih's Son, whose throne lies in Gau, and he said: Take this message to Osire, Jehovih's Son, God of Lowtsin: Greeting, in the Father's name. Behold, the arc of Se'ing is at hand. Send a ship, O God, and deliver my hosts, four billion. || With that, and in due salutation, we hastened here.
































454  dawn, beginning, start, level, arrival, event












455  i.e., as if infused with and propelled by All Power



456  apparently his mantle (cloak) had a hood















457  potential, capability, susceptibility


















458  unfortunate, unlucky, poor







459  amusement, sport, merriment, party, celebration



CHAPTER 2 Osiris





18/2.1. Osire said: In the name of the All Light, I will have fifty million conquerors to do my will, on earth and in heaven. But first, send an es'elene, with suitable attendants, to deliver God, his Lords, and their hosts, the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. And leave the earth in darkness thirty days. Meanwhile, let my builders provide a ship for me and my hosts; and let the heralds go abroad in Se'ing, announcing this, my decree.

18/2.2. Jehovih said: Do not think, O man, that I gave talents to men differently on earth, and there to end, making my exalted places to be even shorn and alike. I did not create man so; but as one on earth is mild, and leads on by smooth words and persuasive behavior; and as another, by quick perceiving and strong will, plunges in headlong; even so I carry them onward in My high heavens, perfecting them in their bent, but with wisdom and love, till each becomes as a sun in his sphere.

18/2.3. Do not fear, O man, whether I have labor for them in high heaven: I have worlds to be nurtured and coaxed at times; worlds to be pruned at times; and worlds to be commanded at times by most severe authority, and made to know that All Power lies in Me, through My Gods and Lords.

18/2.4. For these exalted extreme Gods I have places in the firmament, and numberless worlds on which they dwell as stars in My heavens. There I make roadways for My traveling corporeal worlds, where My etherean fields of pasture lie, to glorify Me, and lead on the mortal born. So, now, to My commanding God, Osire, who ruled in Lowtsin most amiably, with equals, but was high‑strung with impatience toward self‑willed ignorance, I brought the undisciplined earth to feel his giant power.

18/2.5. Say'ah, scribe of Ctaran, thus described the scene: Osire had spoken; his word had gone forth. Heaven was stirred up; Gods and Goddesses knew that work was on hand, new of its order in this place in the firmament. The earth had sons, at last, worthy of the will and service of Gods. Osire, impetuous and much‑loved God of Lowtsin, was going to visit these earth‑sons, wash them clean, and put jackets on them.

18/2.6. Osire said: In written words I will set down explicit laws for these unruly false Gods, the Ghans, and give them bondage, like the people of other worlds. O, if only they had received discipline before, instead of sweet persuasion!

18/2.7. Say'ah said: When some Gods give command, the people move along; but when Osire decreed, the whole heaven of Lowtsin ran. And quickly now the mandates |460| were filled; the ships were built: first, the es'elene, commanded by Yok, and equipped with five million souls, and started off in hot haste to the earth to deliver God, his Lords, and the Brides and Bridegrooms prepared for the resurrection; next, the ship, Buer, an adavaysit, built for Osire and his hosts, fifty million strong.

18/2.8. Osire said: So that no adventure runs foul, let swift messengers be stationed along the roadways; and they shall announce the proceedings of my Gods and Lords, and their whereabouts. || And the order of heaven was executed; the earth was stripped of her God and Lords, and darkness reigned on earth and in her heavens.

18/2.9. Then Osire left his high place, and with his hosts, aboard the etherean ship of fire, set out at break‑neck speed toward the earth; for such was the disposition of this most determined God. Nor did he stop at Chinvat, the boundary of the earth's vortex, but sped on with banners and curtains flying, and with most martial music to stir up the souls of his hosts to sudden tittle. |461|

18/2.10. Down he came to the earth with his fire‑ship, and sped around it, to learn its weak and salient points; and next rose up a little to view the atmospherean spirits who had presumed defiance toward high heaven. In the place where Gau had been (whose God, a most holy one, had learned to rule by love for eight hundred years, and was unappreciated by the crude boasters, the unlearned druj), there now stood castles and mansions of the false God, Utaya, around whom a million sentinels armed for battle were stationed to protect him, the false, and do his will.

18/2.11. To here came Osire, and over the battlements raised his ship, and brought it directly into the arena of the Council of hada. Then, halting, bade his marshals proclaim his voice:

18/2.12. Come forth, O Utaya; behold my power! Your sentinels stand appalled. I raised my hosts by higher law, and stand on my feet in your citadel.

18/2.13. Utaya said: Strange and audacious God! From what unmannerly region have you sprung? Know that Gods should kneel outside my walls, and beg to know my will, for an audience. Then Osire decided to hear his arguments, and thus spoke:

18/2.14. From Great Jehovih, I have come! I kneel to none except Him. To do His will in reverence I come in power and majesty. But before I demolish your pitiful walls, and cast you down, suppliant, to do my will, tell me, how do you excuse yourself in turning from the exalted heavens, and building here a kingdom of slaves, for your own glory?

18/2.15. Utaya said: O you jester! Before I demolish you and your ship, and enslave your hosts as mine, I will pacify your worthless curiosity, so that, from now on, you may know your lesson well. But first, you have mocked me for my slaves. What more are your hosts? Have you not tampered with their too willing love by stories of your unseen Jehovih, and persuaded them to let you lead them on to glory? Now I declare to you, there is no Jehovih, no All Person! Hence, your philosophy is founded on falsehood. The space is before us; the worlds are before us; there is nothing more. Let him who will, assume a kingdom; let him who will be a slave, be a slave. I am Apollo!

18/2.16. Osire said: After I have cast you down, you might say it was merely because it so happened that one was stronger than another. So, then, that you may remember my words are more in wisdom than in blind force, hear me while you can, for I cannot talk long with one like you: He who admits the universe moves in harmony and discipline (system and order), already admits the All Person, Jehovih. He who denies the All Person, Jehovih, denies unity in all things (for is your person not the unity of your members, and the All Person the unity of all things?). If all things are not in unity, then all things are divided, one against another. Whoever holds this conviction, is a disintegrator; and whoever holds that all things are a unit, is a unitor (unifier). Therefore, if there is greater strength in unison than in isolation (proving which of the two is the more potent), then unison has won the battle and so becomes the All Person (the Unifier of all).

18/2.17. Touching the matter of slaves: There is only One Master, and He rules over all; but it lies in the power of each and every soul to attune himself with the All Person, which is freedom. My hosts are of this kind. In contrast, your slaves attune themselves to you; they cannot rise higher than you; but my hosts have the universe for their model. Because you cannot find the Cause of your coming into life, why not say: I will call Him (that Cause) a name, and it shall be Jehovih!

18/2.18. And now Utaya began a long discourse, which Osire did not wait to hear, but turned to his marshals, saying: Break down the walls of Gau, and raise up ten thousand pillars of fire. Here I will rebuild Jehovih's kingdom. Let the es'enaurs chant, All Hail to Osire, God of Heaven and Earth!

18/2.19. To which the astonished Utaya stood silently, as if wondering whether this was real, or a frenzied dream, that anyone should so disregard his power, now well established for three hundred years.

18/2.20. Out of the ship came the hosts, and without command, or waiting to know their parts, but everyone in time to the music, took their place in the citadel. Osire strode forward, and by the majesty of his power, overturned the throne of Utaya, the false God, and heaped the rubbish aside. Then, stretching forth his hand, he said:

18/2.21. In Your name, O Jehovih, and by virtue of Your power vested in me, I now command the elements to do my will, and raise a throne for me worthy of Your Immortal Son! And with his voice, his hosts, in concert, quickly piled the adamantine seat, |462| and hung it around with transparent tapestry, woven with the elements of silver and gold.

18/2.22. Meanwhile the laborers of Osire overturned the walls of Utaya's city, and set his millions of slaves free, even while Utaya's officers, panic‑stricken, dropped onto their knees, pleading for pity, or fled precipitously off to the earth. And Utaya, conjecturing |463| the worthlessness of his stuff, compared to that which descended from the higher heavens, shouted and called in vain to those who were his most steadfast zealots in time of peace and easy rule, beholding them now, in thousands, vanquished without even a cruel deed or word.

18/2.23. Not long did the fray last, for Osire's work was like a man overturning the toys of a child; and Utaya, to prove his faith in himself, stood sole spectator, unmoved from his tracks, but helpless, wondering what would come next. But now Osire, with no words of explanation or excuse, ascended the new throne and gave the sign, In Jehovih's Name, which was answered by his mighty hosts; at which, behold, from the vault of heaven above there descended mantles of light, matchless in brilliancy!

18/2.24. Utaya was illumined, and all his former evil deeds and cruelty stood out in huge black spots, quailing before the sea of light; for around on every side stood millions of souls, all pure, and transparent, washed by the ordeal of time and holy works. But Utaya was not all evil, or short in owning an honorable adversary; and so, quickly comprehending his awful plight in the midst of Purity, first let fall a tear, the which, in pity, blinded him from witnessing further his dire humiliation; and next, with the blubbering of a beaten schoolboy, he cried out:

18/2.25. Enough! Enough! You God Almighty! Take me away from your dissolving fire! I was only needing to witness some great God's deeds, to find proof of my own worthlessness!

18/2.26. But Osire was not new to such a situation, and proceeded with the affairs of heaven, appointing officers and laborers, and apportioning his High Council to do Jehovih's will, and so, left Utaya to sweat a while in his own torments.

18/2.27. O give me relief, cried Utaya, you God of heaven and earth! I consume, I burn in Purity's flame! For pity's sake, turn down the consuming light!

18/2.28. Osire halted from his labors long enough to answer thus: All Light cannot cease for the convenience of one man; clothe yourself, O false one, with robes of darkness, and hide your cruel butcheries. You, who would have made slaves of my hosts, should be of holier metal |464| than to plead for help. Behold, I have not taken one of your slaves, or asked any to bow in obedience. To the righteous, the worlds are free; only evil men and evil Gods quail before Jehovih's ceaseless fire!

18/2.29. Meanwhile, Utaya hustled his glittering robes closely around himself, and pulled his flashing crown down over his scalded eyes, but its worthless fabric only fed the fury of the All Light, which came from the throne of God, Osire's resting‑place. The slaves of Utaya had fled, or lay piteously prostrate, speechless with fear and wonder. Over these the hosts of Osire watched, and hastily took them beyond the now rapidly rising pillars of fire, where they were housed temporarily.

18/2.30. Still the voice of Utaya rang aloud for help and pity; but none came to him. Then he saw that the prostrate victims fared better, and were less conspicuous; so Utaya cast himself prostrate, along with the rubbish of his former throne. At this, Osire sent Yesta, sister of Atonas, Goddess of Opsa, in etherea, to rescue him, and mantle him around with balm from the upper heavens.

18/2.31. So Yesta and her band took Utaya away, far beyond the boundaries of the new-laid Gau.






















































460  authoritative commands, orders, instructions




















461  excitement, exhilaration, fervor, vigor, zeal






























































































462  The judgment seat was built using diamond-like stone (adamantine). To pile is to secure an underpinning or foundation; in construction, driving pile beams into the ground does this; perhaps similar to that, the adamantine throne was secured into the site.



463  inferring, considering, anticipating, fearing












































464  mettle, character, temperament, spirit, courage, fortitude, etc.



CHAPTER 3 Osiris





18/3.1. Osire spoke from the throne, saying: Proclaim it in the east and west, and north and south, there is a God in heaven! That which has transpired in Gau, go tell the false Gods and false Lords in hada, adding: Osire has come!

18/3.2. Messengers started out for every quarter of the world, inspired by the impetuous utterances of the commanding God. And so, half breathless, and in hastening speed, these young Gods and young Goddesses, the messengers, dropped in upon the Lordly defamers of holiness, and told the tale of the overturned Gau, where proud Utaya fell. And they, in manner and custom, inspired the false rulers to imagine an even worse calamity had occurred; and that much |465| had been concealed out of deference to Utaya and other usurpers.

18/3.3. Osire called his Council and appointed new positions, with new officers, having nothing in common with all past administrations of the Gods of earth and heaven. So far, these appointments came from his etherean hosts, and, moved by the fire of his own energy, they quickly assumed their most honorable duties: some to build, some to survey and lay the course of streets, and places of habitations; and yet others to remove the old hospitals and nurseries, and make way for new ones, and for factories, and all requirements for the millions of souls now scattered, lost, or in dire confusion, currently struggling in the outside darkness.

18/3.4. From which arose a constant wail of fear and torment, strangely wild, compared to the glorious light spreading quickly from the rising pillars of fire around the throne of God. Osire's hosts of fifty million, attuned to harmony and precision, were proceeding briskly with their labor, each one knowing his part and playing close to the text in every motion; and yet in number these were as nothing compared to the millions scattered in the gloomy darkness, wailing beyond the walls.

18/3.5. Here, a road! Osire would say; or, with his hand, command: An otevan to those hapless slaves! And, as if his thoughts had spoken to his hosts, his etherean workmen rushed to make his will omnipotent. There was no loss of time or space to inquire how the matter should be done; for heaven's trained workmen have learned the power of concentrated effort, and the power of knowledge braced to a single point, by which the elements stoop to do their wills. To learn this simple harmony, for all to be as one, how many countless millions must rise up from the earth, to be hurled back, discordant and powerless, before Jehovih's Sons and Daughters!

18/3.6. Yes, and kings, queens and potentates (rulers), high strung in unwarranted conceit, are cast down to beg, beseechingly like a child. Like a furious lion is tamed, his giant power worthless before the hands of man, whose strength by knowledge triumphs; so do the ethereans from high heaven descend to humiliate first, and then to teach the false Gods and false Lords of hada.

18/3.7. Jehovih says: What more, O man, have I put upon you than to learn? And strewn your path with lessons rich in happiness! To learn the elements, and master them; this it is to be a God or Goddess. And where one man is weak, let two or more unite; a simple thing, by which even the stars of heaven can be turned from their course.

18/3.8. Jehovih says: Have I not said: The weakest king is he who has the most soldiers; and the strongest nation, where no soldiers are required. How, then, do the false Gods expect by evil deeds to fortify their thrones? Lo, My etherean hosts come unarmed, and by a breath blow away their mighty kingdoms. ||

18/3.9. And so it was in Gau; only one earth-day had come and gone since Utaya reigned over a hundred million slaves, who daily brought up tribute |466| from the earth, to ornament this crown‑like city; and now the dawn of another world stood supreme in the demolished kingdom.

18/3.10. What greater pity is there than to see the former slaves still loyal to their deposed master, here Utaya, coming to him in his banishment, fifty million swearing terrible oaths of fidelity to him forever; a most pitiful sight. For the Great Spirit created man capable of such, even to wed himself to misery, for zeal, in ignorance, to prove a most foolish love. And were it not for Utaya's guardians, his very slaves would have smothered him, in desperate effort to manifest fidelity.

18/3.11. Then Yesta spoke to him, saying: Raise your voice against this unseemly crowd, and be commander still, at least to save yourself. Remember how Jehovih gives this lesson to mortals, to say to evil: Away! For lo, to allow first one and then another to fasten upon one's self, is as great a crime as a debauched passion unchecked. Order them to go! For love of self, which is your gift from Great Jehovih, be yourself! It will better them also!

18/3.12. Utaya, struggling, said: Alas, fair angel! These were my slaves! The hardest blow of all is their acknowledged love. The fire of the throne of Osire was tame compared to this. For hundreds of years, I gave these creatures pangs and wretchedness, and now they give me love. Poor idiots! I cannot drive them away!

18/3.13. And so, sobbing, Utaya bowed his head, for such sudden great truths turned all his judgment into the darkness of his past deeds and wickedness, even while, crowding close on every side, the fifty million kept up their ceaseless assurances of endless love. Nor was there any way open to escape from their ignorant jargon and foul breath. So, when Yesta saw how helplessly Utaya had given up, she raised her hand, saying: What shall I do, O Jehovih?

18/3.14. Upon which, the Light descended, and Jehovih spoke through Yesta, saying: Flesh of My flesh I created man; from My Own Spirit I gave man a spirit also; and to all men alike I gave all things in My worlds. But some men are not content with what I gave, but ask for more, even that they may have their fellows for subjects. To these I have given in answer to their prayers. Behold, then, O man, why do you seek to put away today even that, which a day before, you did pray for? They are as good today as yesterday.

18/3.15. You have said: Man can make himself whatever he will! So, your Creator is worthless to you. If you do not desire to carry their love, which is the lightest of all burdens, how did you carry their hate for so long? Nevertheless, if you desire, you can put them away: They are yours; do as you will.

18/3.16. Utaya said: How can I put them away? I cannot reason with fifty million! No, before I persuaded twenty, the first ones, so ignorant, would forget what I said. Tell me, then, O Goddess, what shall I do to free myself from this great multitude?

18/3.17. Yesta said: Do not call on me, but on your Creator; and not to be freed for your own good, but for wisdom to do some good to them over whom you have long been a remorseless tyrant. These are a small curse to you, compared to your own judgment, for from yourself you can never flee. You shall undo your selfish deeds, which you have practiced for so long. So, turn at once, and make oath to Him Who made you, that from this time forward you will do good to others with all your wisdom and strength.

18/3.18. Utaya said: Alas, your words are wise and holy, but I have no faith! I have no faith!

18/3.19. Yesta said: Do not say this! Your words are another bondage on your soul. To say, I have no faith, is to imprison yourself away from All Light. Come, quickly, or lo, I leave you; for if you do not profess faith, why should I labor any more with you? Say: I have faith in You, O Jehovih! I can, I will, raise up these I have cast down. || Utaya wept, and answered: O if only I had faith like yours! But for long years I taught myself that prayer to Jehovih was not required of one as great and strong as I. Alas, I smothered out the fire. And, amid his sobs, Utaya fell prostrate at Yesta's feet.

18/3.20. Quickly, now, she raised her slender hand toward high heaven, saying: O Jehovih, by Your power vested in me, I here encircle this, Your prostrate child, with adamantine light! Down from above came phosphorescent flames of light, with which Yesta drew a circle around her small group, at which the multitude stood back and looked on in wonder and fear. But the surging mass beyond pressed forward, shouting: Utaya! Utaya!

18/3.21. Little by little, Yesta extended the light, and her assistants put up a structure to guard the place, so that in a little while it was like a miniature throne in heaven. Yesta then assumed the power, and so, took command, placing helpless Utaya by her side. Meanwhile, her assistants sped through the multitude, making roadways, and selecting out the most intelligent of the former slaves, and making guards of them.

18/3.22. Yesta said to Utaya: Now I will give you a lesson in righteousness; for you shall educate and develop all this host, your former slaves, to your own level, before you raise yourself the tiniest fraction. Do not think it is easy to assume to be a God or a Lord, or even a mortal king. Those who make servants of others must also raise them up to be angels of light. Heaven is just, as well as bountiful. To whom Jehovih has given bountifully, it is commanded he shall give bountifully. For hundreds of years you have had the service of these hapless creatures; so now you shall serve them by making them intelligent men and women. Yes, till the lowest of them are your equals, of whom you can be proud, and say before the Father: Behold, my sister! Behold, my brother! || you, Utaya, shall not be free!

18/3.23. Utaya said: I perceive your words are from the All Highest. This is justice! I perceive now that while I rated myself supreme judge of right and wrong, I judged with partiality |467| to myself. Yes, without an All Highest, I perceive there can be no justice in heaven or earth. O You All Light, how can I approach You! I have been feeding myself with an endless poison; my darkness was my fortress. || Teach me the way, O angel of Light! Whatever Jehovih wills, that I will do, from this time onward, with all my wisdom and strength.

18/3.24. So Yesta restored order, and divided the multitude into many parts, and sent officers among them to select and assort them, so that, as soon as Osire would decree asylums and schools for them, they could be taken to them.

















465  information about this calamity






























































466  contribution, payment; usually exacted, forced; and demanded as evidence of loyalty or submission






















































































































467  bias, favor



CHAPTER 4 Osiris





18/4.1. Osire lost no time, but officered Gau and established his Council in hot haste, making Ote as temporary God on the throne, while he himself went forth to other regions, to conquer and overturn false Gods and Lords. Leaving, therefore, a sufficient guard and council, Osire, with a host of twenty million, went westward in atmospherea, over and above the great central north lands, where a false God, Wotchak, was established with another hundred million slaves, to do his will.

18/4.2. Wotchak, having been advised by his messengers of Osire's approach to the earth's heavens, and supposing Osire to be from some remote star, and not knowing there were etherean worlds in the firmament, had laid his kingdom around with new walls, and doubly fortified his throne, and gaudily attired himself and officers, in hopes of overawing the coming God.

18/4.3. To Wotchak came Osire, not waiting to be announced, nor halting for Wotchak's sentinels, but driving his ship straight up to the throne.

18/4.4. Stop! Stop! cried the astonished Wotchak. Who dares to profane my throne, and set at defiance all the rules of virtuous Gods? Down from your ship, and crawl on your belly to your sovereign God! Know that I am great Apollo! || But Osire deigned only to say: By what authority have you made slaves of Jehovih's sons and daughters, to augment your own self‑glory?

18/4.5. And, not waiting for a reply, alighted down before the throne, even while a thousand or more, well drilled, stood with him, in the form of a star, at which, the Upper Light descended in great brilliancy. Wotchak was frightened, and fled from his throne, and all his Council with him. Then spoke Osire, saying to his hosts:

18/4.6. Do not allow this false God and his Council to escape. Encircle them, and hold them, to know my will and the decree of Jehovih. Presently, the ethereans returned with Wotchak, who cried out: O, let me go! Take all, but let me go! What am I to you?

18/4.7. Osire answered him, saying: Such has been the history of these heavens. In past ages, the usurping false Gods were allowed to go their way, leaving their helpless former subjects in the hands of the etherean hosts. That day is past. I come to make such Gods know that their fate and responsibilities rest on the decrees of a Higher One, even the Creator, Jehovih. Behold, you have cast down and blighted a hundred million of Jehovih's children, making slaves of them, to do your will. As you were the cause of their fallen state, from liberty to bondage, so, now, you shall redeem them to freedom, wisdom and truth.

18/4.8. While Osire spoke, his proper officers let fall the light from the upper regions, the like of which Wotchak had never seen. Presently, all things became transparent, and the enraged Wotchak, foreseeing trouble ahead, answered in this way:

18/4.9. Do not accuse me, you audacious God! These, my Council, urged me hundreds of years ago to my course, their only condition being that they remain my close advisers. I was their tool, and if you desire justice, make them feel the sting of repentant labor. Let them have my slaves. I do not want them. I have been a most honest, upright God!

18/4.10. And now his counselors accused one another, and all of them heaping the blame on Wotchak. Meanwhile the etherean flames grew lighter and lighter, from which there was no concealment; and all their former falsehoods and cruel words, and evil deeds, were unveiled, disclosing souls dark and hideous, with long covered‑up crimes, now laid bare for the gaze of every eye.

18/4.11. This scene brought the curious slaves, in millions, to witness it, and to reassure the suffering false God of their love and loyalty. And when Wotchak looked and saw the abject wretches who claimed him as their worshipful God, he cried out: Enough! Enough! Unfeeling God! You come in pretended right and peace; but, because of your power, execute on me and my Council torments more terrible than I ever gave to any slave of mine. Know that I am Apollo!

18/4.12. To which Osire answered: What are names to me! With that, Osire, by waving his hand, caused his hosts to cast aside the false God's throne, scattering all its glittering gems abroad, relics for the multitude. And now three pillars of light shot up and stood beside Osire and his attendants, at which all the strength and courage sapped out of Wotchak and his confederates, and they crouched down at Osire's feet.

18/4.13. Osire called Itu, saying: Take them outside the lights, and hand them over to their slaves for a while. So Itu and his guard gathered them from the light and bore them away. Quickly now, Osire officered this newly‑conquered place in heaven, and called it Autat, signifying, foundation of perishable laws. And, on a new throne, appointed Luce as temporary God, giving him a Council of one thousand ethereans. After that, Osire drew the plans for roads, temples, schools, hospitals, nurseries, and all other habitations required by spirits newborn in heaven, leaving orders to have them completed by a given time.

18/4.14. Next, Osire ordered the divisions and selections to be made in the now scattered hosts of atmosphereans, and to have them all arrested and put into their proper places This labor he left in the charge of God, Luce.

18/4.15. Far out on the plateau, Itu and his attendants carried Wotchak and his confederates, followed by forty million of his former slaves. There Itu left Wotchak and his people, and Itu and his attendants stepped aside to witness whatever would transpire.

18/4.16. At this stage, Osire departed with his ship and steered southward over the land of Shem (India), coming to a place in the lower heaven called Vibhraj, signifying resplendent, where the false God, Daveas ruled, |468| having eight hundred million slaves, a thousand Lords and ten thousand Governors.

18/4.17. And, even as Osire had rushed in headlong upon the other false Gods, so in like manner he came with his fire‑ship into the great city of Vibhraj, at this time the largest city of the lower heaven. Daveas had been warned by his sentinels, and so, came to the front of his capital, just in time to see the fearless Osire alight on the piazza in front of the Council House.
























































































































468  In the English translations from the Vedic Scriptures, this God is spelled the same, Daveas. Evil men are also characterized as Daveas [devious]. --Ed.



CHAPTER 5 Osiris





18/5.1. Osire said: In the name of Jehovih, peace to you! To which Daveas replied: No, in the name of Apollo, who I am! How dare you approach, except to crawl on your belly? For four hundred years the honor of my kingdom has been revered by all visiting Gods; but you come as a barbarian. Down, wretch! Before I have you bound and cast in prison!

18/5.2. Osire said: Why should I not come before you? Behold, the Great Spirit created the whole universe for His Sons and Daughters. By what right have you usurped a portion? And from what Source comes your authority to bid me kneel to you? But if you can show me where you have one just claim to enslave these people, rather let your argument run there, for I have come in the name of the Father to liberate them, so that they may be prepared for the second and third resurrections.

18/5.3. Daveas said: Do not think that I have neglected to prepare for rebellious Gods like you. Behold my millions of subjects! What is your handful? I tell you truly, I have prisons large enough to hold you and your hosts. Neither flatter yourself that I am ignorant. For two hundred years I labored in the so‑called resurrections; I made myself a slave to the multitude, giving all my labor and time. Then I saw my folly, and so built a third resurrection myself. This is, therefore, my lawful kingdom. Moreover, I tell you to your face, you wretch, there is no higher heaven than mine. Neither do you come from a heaven as great as mine. But having great self‑conceit, you have come for mischief. I have heard of you from other heavens! But now you have put your head into the halter. Seize him, marshals! Seize him and his hosts! Cast them into prison!

18/5.4. Osire did not speak, but raised his hand upward in the seventh sign, and suddenly his hosts cast forth sheets of light brighter than the sun. Daveas stood back frightened, and his marshals fled. Presently, Osire, with a thousand attendants, stepped forth in flames of light, and went up into the capital and surrounded Daveas, the usurper, but did not touch him. And now the ship was illumined, and lo, the sentinels of Daveas' Council broke and fled. Immediately after which, Osire spoke, saying:

18/5.5. Hand of Your hand, O Jehovih; voice of Your voice, overturn this house and throne! And, behold, the light of the upper heavens rested in Osire's palms, and he struck the house and the throne, and they tumbled over like straw before a hurricane. Alone stood Daveas, the evil God, half speechless and half blinded by the great Light of Jehovih. Down! Down! said Osire, to the walls and temples of the city. And his hosts concentrated at any point Osire's hand directed; and lo, everything fell and was scattered far.

18/5.6. Meanwhile, the officers of Daveas fled in all directions, except those who were overcome by the light, and these fell and buried themselves amid the rubbish.

18/5.7. Stop! Stop! cried Daveas. Give me air! I perish! I am a consuming fire! And he tossed his hands aloft; then cringed his face within his glittering robes. And now Osire called forth thunder and lightning, and sent shafts through, and over, and about the whole plateau of Vibhraj, and the din and roar confounded all the eight hundred million souls, so that they ran no farther, but stood and waited, watching for what would happen next.

18/5.8. Osire did not stop (in his proceedings), but went forward to a more suitable place, to build his throne. Jehovih! Almighty! he cried, Elements of Your elements, O Father! Found here a throne for Your Son! And even so it was accomplished, for while his words went forth, the elements rose to do his will, and there arose a most excellent throne, strong and adamantine, on which Osire ascended. Meanwhile, Daveas had fallen down flat, weeping and wailing; but Osire, by a motion of the hand, called Wang‑te, a most enlightened archangel, with her attendants, to bear him away, which was quickly done.

18/5.9. Quickly now the place was cleared, and with pillars of light as brilliant as an arc in the etherean firmament, the hosts of Osire fenced around a sufficient space for a city of a billion souls. Now Osire appointed Klesta, to be Dawn Goddess, and he gave her a Council of fifty thousand ethereans. Outside of the walls of the pillars of agni were Daveas and his eight hundred million subjects, in dire confusion.

18/5.10. Wang‑te, the archangel, said to Daveas: In your own falsehood you are favored to free yourself awhile, to organize a new kingdom, but in holiness, and then return and command obedience from this smothering host. Behold, you have taught them to believe you are Apollo; say to them now: I am not Apollo! I have been false!

18/5.11. Daveas madly replied: Never! Jehovih and His kingdoms be accursed forever! You strange spirits come from far‑off kingdoms to despoil and overturn the most righteous place in heaven! Are Jehovih and His servants destroyers? To which Wang‑te replied: This is no time for argument; see here these countless millions! If I and my attendants withdraw from you, you will be as one drowned amid this sea of ignorance and horrid smells. Assume at once, for pity's sake, to purge yourself of your life‑long falsehoods and treacherous tyranny. Announce yourself as Daveas, as you are, and I can save you!

18/5.12. Daveas rudely thrust her aside, saying: Never! I acknowledge to no one! If there is a higher heaven, I will ascend there as I am, Apollo! Apollo! Wang‑te said: Do not put me off; in Jehovih's name! Remember what you are, and from the little you have seen, how powerless you are before Omnipotence! Your fate is like that of all dictators on the verge of a chasm of horrors. Daveas did not wait to hear her further, but proclaimed aloud, Apollo! Apollo! and stood aside. Presently his former officers rushed to him, and with that came the sea of millions of spirits, unorganized, unwashed, unfed, frightened and mad, for love of the name Apollo, the meaning of which they did not know; and they became as a knot of serpents, entwined around the central figure, Daveas and his officers. And in the terrible brawl not one voice could be distinguished from another. And the outer extreme pressed inward, on every side, and presently the eight hundred million resembled a ball, a knot of darkness, with a dull and rumbling moan within, and fearful clamor on the surface, from which horrid smells issued in all directions.

18/5.13. Wang‑te and her attendants hastened back to the throne of Osire, Son of Jehovih, to tell what had happened. Osire said: What shall I do, O Father? Then the Light of Jehovih came, and Jehovih spoke, saying: Consider My creation, My Son. I made the young child to fall with few bruises; but the full‑grown man falls heavily. Shall I make a separate rule to favor kings and queens on earth, and false Gods in heaven? No, truly. Behold, I will make of Daveas an example in heaven, and on earth also. Because he has spurned his own name, so will I make both angels and mortals to curse and shun the name, Daveas. |469|

18/5.14. Osire said: Proceed with my kingdom, in the name of the Father. Let Daveas rest awhile as he is.

18/5.15. After that, Osire departed, taking the remainder of his hosts with him in his fire‑ship; and he went to a heavenly place to the westward, where Seru was, being a false God, with ten million slaves; and Osire destroyed Seru's kingdom also. Next, he went to a heavenly place in the north, where Raka, a false God, had seventy million slaves; and Osire destroyed his kingdom also, liberating his slaves, and putting a guard over Raka. ||

18/5.16. So in that way, Osire traveled throughout atmospherea, demolishing all the heavenly kingdoms of the false Gods, of whom there were, in all, seven hundred and eighty; but many of them had less than a million subjects. For a total of thirty days, Osire was engaged in destroying all the evil kingdoms in the lower heavens, and then the work was finished.

18/5.17. Osire said to his hosts: For thirty days we labored in destroying that which was; now we will rebuild to Jehovih for another thirty days. Take the ship, therefore, to Vibhraj, for there I will found my central kingdom. And, after we have completed the work of starting the second resurrection on a sure foundation, then we will go down to the earth and overturn the kingdoms of the false Lords and men.















































































































































469  Most interpreters of the Hindu Scriptures spell this name, Daevas. As the natives pronounce it, it sounds more like Dah-we-oz, but it is identical with Daveas of the ancient Vedes. --Ed. [In Persia (Par'si'e) this became Darius.]



CHAPTER 6 Osiris





18/6.1. Jehovih said: Vibhraj shall be My place; your throne, Osire, shall be My throne. Send sheriffs out into all the divisions of heaven where you have destroyed the evil kingdoms. And your sheriffs shall arrest all the false Gods whom you have dispossessed, and bring them here, so I may speak with them face to face.

18/6.2. Then Osire spoke to the sheriffs, saying: Go out into all the divisions of atmospherea, and arrest and bring here all the false Gods whom I have dethroned, saying to each of them: Osire, God of the lower heavens, commands your presence. Come, and hear the voice of your Creator. || But it shall happen that many will fear to come, because of the light, lest their evil deeds be seen; say to all these: The light will be lowered for a short space of time; come, therefore, quickly.

18/6.3. To all the knots, where the false Gods are enveloped, you shall take a sufficiency of umbrae, |470| so that you may release them. But leave a sufficient guard with the knot to keep them in their places.

18/6.4. The sheriffs went abroad, as commanded, being sufficiently provided with attendants and all things required for such adventures; and after many days, the false Gods were arrested and brought before the throne of God, Osire, Jehovih's Son. And on that occasion there were assembled one hundred thousand archangels, of whom two thousand had risen to the rank of Gods and Goddesses, and thirty thousand to the rank of Lords and Lordesses.

18/6.5. Osire said to the false ones: Brothers, greeting, in the name of Jehovih! Neither shall you fear, nor be expectant of torture or punishment. Though I come in All Power, my words shall be tempered with wisdom. But I can be no respecter of persons, |471| nor swerve one fraction from Jehovih's commandments.

18/6.6. The bondage of all men was in the Father; for, before you were conscious individuals, Jehovih stretched forth His hand, and you came forth from Void, which was your prison in which your selfs had been as nothing.

18/6.7. In likeness of the Father, I came to deliver those you had bound; and through Him I have attained power to that end. So, in likeness of Him, also, I cannot bind you, or cast you in prison. No, indeed, my sheriffs have just delivered you from bondage, and I am now holding you free from the knots.

18/6.8. Most of you are learned men of the second resurrection; but you have used your wisdom for self‑glorification, being proud to call yourselves Gods; not teaching the unlearned of Jehovih and His kingdoms, but falsely teaching that your own kingdoms were the All Highest, and so, shutting out the true light from the unlearned.

18/6.9. Jehovih has blessed you all with strong minds and handsome forms, as a result of which, you have each falsely proclaimed you were Apollo. Do not think that this matter was unknown in high heaven. I have here the reports of swift messengers, which were brought to me in the firmament above. I did not come in ignorance of what you were doing; neither did I come in weakness. More than a hundred billion, who have been raised up to etherea from the earth and its heavens, stand at my side. Beside these, a million times as many ethereans, from other worlds; and above all of these, the Great Orian Chiefs; and yet beyond, and over all, Great Jehovih!

18/6.10. Have I not proved my power before you all? Did I go away in a corner and say: Come, I will show you my power? No, I came close to you all. As the Father first proves power, so have I. After that, wisdom. So that I may talk to you in wisdom, I had you arrested and brought here. Hear me then, and remember my words.

18/6.11. In former cycles, the high Gods who descended to these heavens, finding false Gods, simply liberated their slaves, but put no labor of restitution on the false Gods. This was because the false Gods of those periods were too imbecile and unlearned. But the earth and her heavens have progressed to a higher state. And with progression comes, also, responsibility. With learning comes responsibility; and with wisdom, also.

18/6.12. You bound your subjects to your kingdoms; and you now perceive you cannot put them aside. You taught them your kingdoms were the All Highest; of this they must now be unlearned. You taught them that you were the All Highest Gods! They must be unlearned in this, also. You put aside the ancient rites and ceremonies in which the name of Jehovih was used, teaching them to sing to you only. They must be taught new songs, substituting the Great Spirit, to Whom none can attain, forever. You taught them to be unthinking, and contented as slaves; they must now be taught to think for themselves, and to labor for everlasting liberty.

18/6.13. And now, touching the law of the resurrection, remember, this is the same in all the created worlds, which is, that the spirit of man grows by giving away whatever the spirit has to give. If you have great learning, and you give of it, then more learning shall be added to you; if you have goodness of heart, and gentle words, then, by giving this away, more shall be added to you. If you have craft in inventions or mechanics, and you bestow of these talents to others, then more will be added to you. As the corporeal man accumulates corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulates the spirit of any man.

18/6.14. For he who locks up the light of the Father that is in him, cannot obtain more light; he who locks up goodness of heart, cannot obtain strength of spirit. And without strength of spirit, no man can attain to the third resurrection. But, so that men may learn to obtain strength of spirit, the second resurrection has been established in atmospherea belonging to all the habitable corporeal worlds.

18/6.15. The chief delight of man shall be, therefore, to find some way to impart his spiritual talents and strength, and to the greatest possible number of people. Do not think that preaching to the ignorant is sufficient; but you shall take hold with your own hands and show them how to accomplish. Yet labor alone is not sufficient; for some are so created that you cannot inspire them without rites and ceremonies and music.

18/6.16. Nor shall a man, after having taught and raised up a few, say: Behold, what a good work I have done! But as long as he finds a man or woman or child, who lacks in anything, he shall feel to say: Alas, what I have done is as nothing in the resurrection of my fellows.

18/6.17. For the rule holds for all men alike, to desire exaltation, everlasting liberty, and unlimited power; and unless you are prepared to give these to others, then you cannot attain them yourselves. Neither is it possible for man to turn away from responsibility; to whom the Father has given, from him the Father requires. You have had your kingdoms. Yes, and boasted of them. Your boasts have ascended to etherea. Will you go there and be asked: Where is your kingdom? Shall it be said you shirked from the care of those the Father gave into your keeping?

18/6.18. Consider now, O brothers! When the conscience of man burns inward, there is still darkness slumbering in his soul. The etherean lights will burn him. He whose conscience no longer burns inward, becomes himself a brilliant flame of light. Through him Jehovih speaks.

18/6.19. Osire ceased; and now a brilliant light descended about the throne, and presently Jehovih spoke through Osire, saying:

18/6.20. Times and half‑times I have given to My corporeal worlds and their heavens. In a time I have made a full resurrection to those who aspire to My heavens above. Nor do I go away from any place I created, saying: Go alone for a season. But in a time I manifest a new light, for such, also, are My creations. Do not think that I have given seasons to corporeal worlds only; I gave seasons to atmospherea, also.

18/6.21. Is a summer on the earth not half a time? And the winter half a time? And the two, one full time? So also I created for atmospherea a time of four hundred years, and a half‑time of two hundred years. And in seven times and one half‑time I created one dan'ha.

18/6.22. For thousands of years I sent My Gods to teach these things, so that My angels could know the times of My resurrections. Does a farmer not have knowledge of the resurrection of spring, when I cover the earth over with new‑growing things, which I raise up out of the earth? How much more knowledge should My angels have of My spring‑times, in atmospherea, when My archangels come to gather in My harvests of emancipated souls?

18/6.23. I commanded My etherean hosts, saying: Go to the lower heaven and teach them there is no such thing as individual resurrection. And they came proclaiming My word, showing all people that any number of individuals were as nothing unless united, which is the salvation I provided to all My worlds.

18/6.24. For I created progress to be in compact; nor did I give to any person individual salvation or resurrection. So that men could learn the advantage of compact, I caused mortals to have corporeal languages, and to live in cities. So that you in atmospherea could learn the All Perfection of being one with one another, I gave you the second resurrection; teaching you, through My Gods and Lords, to abnegate self‑aspiration, for self‑aspiration is at the expense of others; but commanding you to learn to assimilate with one another.

18/6.25. And I gave rites and ceremonies, among which was the oath of service to Me and My kingdoms, and to none other, in which many bound themselves, which was, and is, the beginning of liberty. Touching this matter, I created types (of rites and ceremonies) on earth and in the lower heavens, so that even the unlearned might understand Me and My works.

18/6.26. For to him who begets children I gave bondage, to them and to him conjointly. But this is a bondage that does not circumvent liberty in time to come, for they can ascend to heaven, and progress conjointly, better than alone. But some gave themselves up to love earthly things, such as houses, money and kingdoms, which things have no resurrection. Therefore, such bondage holds the person after death to the thing he loved.

18/6.27. Similarly, many have set up kingdoms in the lower heavens, binding themselves to things that have no higher resurrection, which things belong on the plateau of atmospherea where I created them. But to them who have bound themselves to their fellow, saying: I am the salvation! || It is like a young man saying to a maiden: Come, I will be your husband. And she goes to him in confidence. Here, then, is bondage; and she holds him as the way of her salvation. Neither can he alone annul that which has been united, nor yet can they together annul this; for, by their bondage, I am also a party to the contract.

18/6.28. In like manner, they who assume kingdoms, professing to be Gods of salvation, and thus enticing My innocent ones to themselves, become bound, not only to their subjects, but to the contract of deliverance to salvation; for so I created them.

18/6.29. The Voice ceased, and Osire said: If a man weds a woman with an evil temper, his glory lies in not going away from her, but in teaching her to overcome her temper; or, if her husband is evil, her glory lies not in going away from him, but in reforming him. It is wise to accomplish whatever work Jehovih has put in your way, rather than to desert it for sake of personal comfort.

18/6.30. Nevertheless, there is a limit to all things, except Jehovih; and with the wise there is power to accomplish much that seems impossible at first. Hear, then, my judgment upon you, which is that:

18/6.31. You shall again assume kingdoms, and everyone shall have all the subjects he had before. And you shall be provided with places and thrones by my archangels, and with councils of my archangels, also. And I will give each and every one of you an assistant God, who shall sit at your right hand for four years, the time of this dawn, teaching how and what to teach.

18/6.32. My hosts will now conduct you to the places prepared for you, around which are erected walls of agni. And when you are safely seated on your thrones, your former subjects shall be brought before you in groups, and adjudged to the labor, and to the schools, and to other places that are suited to them, according to their strength and talents.

18/6.33. And I pronounce it upon you that you shall deliver your respective subjects sufficiently for the third resurrection. And according to your zeal and faithfulness, my hosts will labor with you, to the end that Jehovih may be glorified in your harvests for the emancipated worlds. Attend, therefore, to give the sign, In Jehovih's Name, and prepare to receive ordination from my hands, by the power and wisdom of the Great Spirit.

18/6.34. The sheriffs showed them how to make the sign, and how to stand before the throne; and then Osire said: By Your Wisdom, and Love, and Power, O Jehovih, which rest in me, I anoint these, Your Gods, for Your service, and for the exaltation of Your kingdoms, forever! Amen.

18/6.35. The light was now becoming so brilliant that many of the newly‑made Gods quailed before it. But the marshals conducted them, and they passed before the throne of Osire, where they were crowned and arrayed as Gods of the second resurrection; after which they were again conducted before the Council, and saluted on the sign; and then, to martial music, they were taken to the kingdoms prepared for them.





















470  great darkness occasioned by the falling of nebulae. --1891 glossary. [In this verse umbrae would seem to refer to a type of thick nebula, perhaps thick enough to immobilize the members of the knot. Obviously as these ethereans can manifest sheets of light, likewise they can manifest vast cohesive conglomerations of dense nebulae (umbrae).]










471  Such as pretenders who claim to be more than what they are, as in professing to be Apollo; and, anyone placed above Jehovih and His will, cannot be given respect as to person (i.e., because of name, title, position, etc.); and so, the false ones should not expect favor on that basis.



CHAPTER 7 Osiris





18/7.1. Who shall tell the story of the Gods of heaven! Their mighty kingdoms, overspreading the whole earth! Hundreds and hundreds of them, and thousands! Their libraries of records of valorous and holy deeds! A council chamber of half a million souls! Hundreds of departments; thousands! Here a board to select young students to the colleges of messengers. Another board to select students to the colleges of arts. Another to select students to mathematics. Another for prophecy. Another for great learning. Another for factories. Another for compounding and dissolving elements. Then come the departments of the cosmogony of the stars; then, of the ethereal worlds; then, the roadways of the firmament; then, ji'ya, a'ji, and nebulae; then, se'mu; then, hi'dan and dan; then, the dawn of dan; then, histories of corporeal affairs, and of the affairs of the heavens far and near; then, genealogy of thousands of Orian Chiefs; the creation of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. Yes, just to enumerate |472| even half of what comes before a God and his council would itself fill a book.

18/7.2. Who, then, O Jehovih, shall venture to unveil the labor and wisdom of Your etherean Gods! How shall the second resurrection give up its mysteries? Shall Your recorder follow the young student for messenger, and disclose the training put upon him? How, like a carrier dove, he is taught to go from place to place, but holding the message in his head? Then follow the student in another department, and make a record of how he is taught? And of the multitude of questions that come before the Council from far‑off places. Then the rites and ceremonies, and the unending variety and magnificence of the music. Can a man describe a million men, women and children? A hundred million! A billion! Five billion! Who has seen so great a man, to do this! And yet this is only Your lower heaven, O Jehovih!

18/7.3. A strange voice rises up from the earth, saying: Have they anything to do in heaven? O you Gods! And one half of the earth‑born coming here in infancy! And the countless millions who know little more than the beasts of the field! Yet mortals are falsely taught that these unfortunates would skip off to paradise and possess great learning in the hour of death!

18/7.4. O that |473| their understanding could be opened up to Your kingdoms, You All‑Extending Creator! That their eyes could look upon the greatness of even Your lower heaven! To behold a thousand departments reaching as wide as the earth! And then the hundreds of thousands of branch departments, of hundreds of grades, adapted to every soul that rises up from the earth.

18/7.5. O that they could look into the dark places in atmospherea! That they could see a million souls, plunged into chaos by terrible war! Crazed spirits, wild and battling! Not knowing they are dead! The ceaseless toil of a million nurses and physicians, laboring day and night with them! O the darkness upon them! O the glory of Your exalted ones! Who is there, having seen the magnificence of Your glories, who will not stir himself up every moment to lift up his brother and point the way to Your throne?

18/7.6. O that they could see Your swift Gods of dawn! How they hear a hundred tongues at one time, and frame answers for all of them, and, by a motion of the hand, dispatch messengers to fulfill the same (answer them) in words! How they select officers, to know a hundred at a glance, and know where to place them, so that every one shall fit his place! Who is there, O Father, that can frame into words the proceedings of heaven, so that mortals can comprehend even a fraction of Your great glories!

18/7.7. Shall a man light a candle and say it represents the sun? How, then, can they find the affairs of mortals comparable to Your kingdoms? O that they knew the meaning of the difference between All Light and the darkness of man's judgment!

18/7.8. O that they knew You, You Central Sun of All Light! They have put away Your Person, and they go in any direction. Your Great Gods are only myths to them, because of the darkness of their souls. Behold, they look for a small man with a large sword! The power of great wisdom they do not know.

18/7.9. O that they could observe the coming and going of thousands of messengers, from far‑off kingdoms, before the throne of Your God! How he has answered their matters instantly! And all the while heeded the voices of a thousand marshals! O that man knew the glory of Order! The power of Harmony!

18/7.10. They have seen a clock with a hundred wheels, and the eye of its maker overseeing its every part in motion, and they call it wonderful! But how can they know Your Councils, O Jehovih? Your millions? And Your God on his throne, mantled in Your Light, overseeing a whole heaven! What majesty of words can make mortals comprehend his wisdom, and power, and great labors!






















472  list, perhaps epitomizing or summarizing the subjects


























473  that = 'if only' or 'were it the case that' or 'if it could be the case that;' in other words, expressing a desire or wish that something were true



CHAPTER 8 Osiris





18/8.1. Thus Osire established Vibhraj, the resplendent heaven, with one thousand eight hundred sub‑kingdoms, in atmospherea, all under the commandments of the central kingdom. Then he established the roadways between them, and appointed seven hundred thousand messengers. After that he ordained proper officers for inter‑communion; and the several sub‑kingdoms established their places of learning and places of labor, their hospitals and nurseries, and their innumerable asaphs, the receivers of es'yans, the newborn spirits of the dead of earth.

18/8.2. Osire said: Behold, there is order in heaven. Now I will appoint a God to hold dominion two hundred years. For while the dawn of dan yet remains, I will assist him. Let the examiners search, then, among my hosts, and find from those who sprang from the earth, one who stands clear on the record, and chief in rank.

18/8.3. So the examiners searched; and after thirty days, they selected Konas; and when Osire was informed, he sent a thousand of his own attendants in an otevan, and they brought Konas to Vibhraj, to Jehovih's throne. Osire said:

18/8.4. Greeting, in the name of the Father! You are chosen above all others; and, after the dawn of dan is ended, you shall be God of heaven and earth for two hundred years. Prior to the ascent of my hosts and myself, behold, I will crown you. Till then, you shall sit on my throne and fill my place while I am absent.

18/8.5. I have now restored order in heaven, having given all the inhabitants a single purpose in concert, by which, their resurrection is surely founded. Now I will go down to the false Lords' kingdoms, on the earth, and to the mortal kings and queens, and restore order there also.

18/8.6. Konas said: Your will and Jehovih's be done! I am exalted and rejoiced in what is bestowed upon me. Make me strong and wise, O Jehovih, so I may glorify Your kingdoms!

18/8.7. So, after due preparation, Osire departed privately, taking with him one hundred thousand attendants, going down to the earth and to the false Lords' kingdoms, in the cities and temples of mortals.

18/8.8. Seven days Osire spent traveling around the earth, visiting angels and mortals, but telling no one who he was, or what his object was; and then he halted his otevan, which had been built for the purpose, in the regions of the mountains of We‑ont‑ka‑woh, in Western Jaffeth (China). He said:

18/8.9. We‑ont‑ka‑woh shall be my headquarters for a season. Here, then, I will found the first Lord's kingdom for mortals; and because mortals have made an idol of Apollo, I will cast down Apollo and make them know that I, Osire, am Lord of the earth. Then spoke We'taing, saying:

18/8.10. Behold the glory of Jehovih from the start! In our journey around the earth, we have found the I'hins not as idolaters, but still worshippers of the Great Spirit, Jehovih. But as to the half‑breeds, who can understand them? They believe nothing; they believe everything. They ask the idol for rain, and for dry weather! For strength to slay the druks; for flesh to eat, and for famine to be visited on their enemies.

18/8.11. They are as living prey for druj to feast on; they invite the darkest of all evil. And to do their wills in return, the druj, the evil spirits, busy themselves inoculating the air with poison to kill the mortal's enemies.

18/8.12. Osire said: With the I'hins we have little to accomplish; but as to the Ghans and the I'huans, they shall be converted into disbelievers of the presence of all spirits, except two, Jehovih and satan.

18/8.13. To accomplish this, I will give them three figures: The signs of seasons, |474| which shall represent the Creator in all the parts of the living; the sign of the sun, with motion and all life coming forth; and the hand of man. |475|



















































474  Zodiac is called, sometimes, the signs of the seasons. The Osirian religion was really the directing of man's attention to the power and grandeur of corporeal worlds. In other words, the God Osiris' labor was to call mortals away from idol worship and make them scientists. --Ed. [It was also the time when man greatly developed his cognitive, intellectual, reasoning, etc., abilities.]

475  Osiris established and fortified inspiration for man to build in the corporeal field. The fruits of that inspiration continue to this day; and for convenience' sake, adherents can be called Osirians.

The hand of man still represents the ability to accomplish. And in early kosmon, while man considers the sun essential to life, it is no longer viewed as a creator, as earlier Osirians came to believe; but instead, today's Osirians believe in nothingness, or rather random chance occurring in favorable circumstances.

Accordingly, building upon the Osirian past, a teaching to this day is that man has built himself by his own hands, and therefore, by extension, the highest standard used to measure man is man himself---not some mythical God or hallucination of the mind called angels---for the teaching in its strictest sense considers all Gods and angels to be fabrications from the mind of man. Even the sun and universe can be understood by man, and someday mastered, or so the hope of the Osirian is.




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