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Anubis (Old Egyptian)

(See Tablet of Anubis) |1436|

The Haunted Chamber





35/V.0. Antechamber examination omitted.

Second part in the dark chamber, as follows:



1436  see image i051






 i051 Tablet of Anubis. Old Egyptian.   (see image only)



35/V.1. Mars (alias Death): What is this noise and confusion? Who comes here to disturb our haven of rest?

35/V.2. Jupiter (alias Aises, a leader): Listen! I heard a voice! It is true, this place is haunted! Are you spirit or angel? Speak! Who are you?

35/V.3. M: I am Death! All who enter here must die! Are you prepared?

35/V.4. Mercury (alias Saug, heavy): Listen! What fearful words!

35/V.5. M: Silence!

35/V.6. Initiate: Alas, O Death, spare us! Command us as you will, but do not slay us.

35/V.7. M: Impious mortals, do you know this place is consecrated to the spirits of the dead? All who enter here must die!

35/V.8. Mer.: We implore You, O Death! Is there no respite? |1437|

35/V.9. M: I hold the two‑edged sword over your heads. Fear and tremble when I command.

35/V.10. I: Alas, O Death, we and all mortals fear you. What shall we do?

35/V.11. M: There is one respite. Sit at my feet in token of your submission to a higher power than mortals. (The initiates sit down.) Stay there till I call my fellow‑God, Life. You shall know your doom! All hail, O Life! Here, here! Mortal intruders have profaned our sacred chamber! Come and deal with them, so that I may receive their souls!

35/V.12. Sun (alias Dan, a light): Hail, O Death! I come! Mighty you are, O Death! Were it not for you, mortals would esteem themselves to be as Gods. Take me to them, brother.

(M. conducts S. to another part of the chamber.)

S: Mortals, for what purpose are you here? Speak to me, I am Life.

35/V.13. Pity us, O Life! We are friends to the spirits of the dead. We have come here to unite ourselves in a common brotherhood, especially to improve ourselves in spirit communion. Deal mercifully with us and we will be faithful and true.

35/V.14. S: I can save you from Death's hand only on one condition. I have here scales on which I weigh mortals, and you shall be weighed by your words, for all words manifest the spirit within. If, therefore, you repeat after me the words I utter, you shall live. But if you do not so utter them, you shall be handed over to Death. Yet I will not utter anything other than what all good and true men can utter after me.

35/V.15. J.: Speak, O Life! We will repeat after you.

35/V.16. Mer.: We will repeat after you.

35/V.17. Venus (alias due'ji): We will utter your words!

35/V.18. Ceres (alias hyastra): Speak, O Life, your words shall be our words.

(Many of the stars repeat expressions in like manner, the initiates being previously named as some star.)

35/V.19. S: My friends, repeat your own names and then these words (the initiates give their names): Of my own free will, in the presence of these spirits and mortals, I covenant that I will forever keep and never reveal any of the secrets or mysteries I may receive within this chamber. That I will accept as my brethren all who are present here, and all who have been initiated previously, or may be initiated later, as fully and entirely as if they were my own blood and kin. That I will not, from this time forward, utter one slanderous word against these my brethren, nor against any man, woman or child belonging to them or who is dependent on them. That I will protect their honor, virtue and love, as sacredly as I would for my own mother. That I will, from this time forward, engage myself in some useful employment, and from the excess of my wages, contribute to the relief and assistance of any of the brethren who may be helpless or distressed. So keep me, You who make and rule over all. Make me steadfast to keep this, my solemn covenant; and I bind myself under no less a penalty than to forfeit all spirit presence both in this world and the next, and the good‑fellowship of all men, if I should fail to keep this, my holy covenant. By the Pillars of the castle I swear, and by the Sun, and by Uz (Osiris), and by the Sacred Wheel and by the Angle of Gau, yes, by Elohim!

35/V.20. S: My friends, you have been weighed, and the scales bear to your favor. You shall live. What more do you desire!

35/V.21. All: Light! (The ceremony so far being in the dark.)

35/V.22. S: Let my servants make a light. (The servants march about, but make no light.)

35/V.23. First Servant: Alas, O Master, we cannot make a light; the oil will not burn; the lamps are cold.

35/V.24. S: What shall be done in this emergency?

35/V.25. Second Servant: Alas, O Master, we do not know.

35/V.26. S: Let this be a lesson to both spirits and mortals, for as I do now, so in all great trials, you shall do also. (Aside:) Here, O brother God! Here O my brother!

35/V.27. M: Here, O Life! Here, O Life, I come!

(Walking to a different corner.)

35/V.28. S: My attendants cannot make a light. The oil will not burn. The lamps are cold. What shall be done?

35/V.29. M: Let us supplicate Him Who is greater than life and death!

35/V.30. S: It is well.

35/V.31. M. and S. (together): O Almighty and Everlasting Creator of Life, and Master of Death, give us light! Give us light, O Father!

35/V.32. S: Let my servants try once more. (The servants now make a light. The initiates see their strange apparel, which was put on them in the dark.)

35/V.33. M: Behold, O mortals, by the light of heaven, man has risen above the beasts of the field and fowls of the air. If not for the light of Uz (Osiris) your heads [minds --ed.] would have, this day, been like your hoods. (With his sword he knocks off the head‑covering.) Be like beasts no more, but men and women. In token of your fidelity to the covenant, drink this nectar of life. (Because they were saved from death.)

(The cup is then passed from one to another, and all drink from it. In the Algonquin tribes of America the ceremony was the same, except that a pipe was smoked instead of the drink, and to this day it is practiced by them as a pledge of peace and brotherhood.)

35/V.34. S. (making the proper sign, which is withheld from publication, and taking the hand of one of the initiates): Arise, O my brother of the Haunted Chamber, I salute you in the name of --------- (withheld from publication).

35/V.35. M: As you are now raised up on earth, so shall you be raised in heaven, represented by the spirits of the second heavens, where there are scales to weigh the spirits of mortals recently dead. And he who presides over the scales in heaven was called --------- (alas me, how shall I repeat his name?) Let him who conducted you here answer me: Who is the God of the Scales in heaven?

35/V.36. Fourth Servant: I cannot answer; Master.

35/V.37. S: Do you know?

35/V.38. Fourth Servant: I am wise.

35/V.39. S: What is your answer then?

35/V.40. Fourth Servant: (Withheld from publication.) (And when Anubis appears, the Master says:) All words sprang from the fullness of the spirit within. Be exact in observing your covenant, and guarded in your words toward all men, for as you were weighed here by your words, so shall you be weighed both in this world and the next. (The S. and M. now bestow the passwords and signs, here withheld from publication.)

35/V.41. M: Thus ends your initiation, and may the cross of the Wheel of the Great Spirit be the center of your action, and the angle of your behavior toward all men. Amen!

(All respond, Amen!)

35/V.42. First Initiate: Why, this is just the brotherhood we desired!

35/V.43. Second Initiate: Just what we set out to accomplish!

35/V.44. Third Initiate: And better done than we could have done it!

35/V.45. S: Remember, then, this lesson: That in all good works inclining to brotherhood, especially that which inclines to spirit communion, mortals are ever assisted and guided by wise spirits of noble aspirations.

(Manner of dismissal withheld from publication out of respect to existing societies.)




















1437  postponement, reprieve, deferment, suspension




(Alias Egoquim) |1438|

Bible of the Mound-builders





35/W.1. Agoquim said: These are My divisions for the twelve feasts of the Gods of heaven. Observe them in My name, for they are My inheritance, bestowed to enrich the wisdom of men.

35/W.2. All labor is Mine, says Agoquim. By My hand, all that is, moves.

35/W.3. The earth is My footstool, and I have made it square to the north and south, east and west.



1438  see image i052






i052 Bible of the Mound-Builders. Being Guataman (Native American) I'hins. See corresponding Agoquim text. (Read from left to right, beginning at top.)   (see image only)



35/W.4. Three things I made: air, earth and water. The angle with three sides I made in remembrance of them. Three things I bestowed on man: the earth body, which is dark, and none can see through it; the spirit which lives after the earth body is dead; the third part I gave to man is the soul, which joins him to Me.

35/W.5. The sun I made, and I set him high in the firmament so that I could see from afar and observe My earth‑born children. And the lakes, forests, rivers, and caves in the earth, I made for man.

35/W.6. All that I have made is good, and round, or square, according to the place I made for it.

35/W.7. But in the very young days of the world, the impatience of men led them to not perceive Me and My good works, and on their own account they set about to do My labor. And in that way, evil came into the world; but I separated the evil from the good. Into the four corners of the world I separated them. To the evil I gave the places where all is coldness and hunger; where they have invented the evil‑killing bow and the flint dart, destroying My living creatures.

35/W.8. My righteous shall live in mounds of earth, stone, and wood, where the Ugha (serpent, tiger, and all other evil, devouring-beasts) cannot come upon them.

35/W.9. But, for the light of My angels to come and abide with My people, you shall provide the hoogadoah, the well‑covered house, and it shall have only one door, and pieces shall be put in the doorway, so that when My chosen are within, all shall be dark, so that My angels may teach them.

35/W.10. But the dwelling of the Hoonshawassie (the prophet) shall have one Ongji (window).

35/W.11. And he shall have a Mukagawin, the true sign of poverty, and it shall be his jewel, made of copper and gold. For, whom I have made to live in poverty in this world, I will exalt in heaven. I have made only the poor to be My prophets.

35/W.12. Over the mounds My angels shall keep watch against the evil approaching Ugha, and they shall awaken My sleeping children, and they shall not suffer.

35/W.13. Agoquim said: Boats I have provided for the spirits of good men to rise to heaven in, and My angels shall accompany them to a place of light and rest.

35/W.14. Agoquim said: To the priests I have given authority to make My signs and symbols, and to bestow them on My righteous children.






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