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(Alias Baugh‑gan‑ghad)





35/X.1. Baugh‑gan‑ghad said: I go forth. All who follow me, are of me. By will only is anything accomplished. I do that which I desire. Without me nothing is done. My name is Might.

35/X.2. B‑G-G. said: Fear is failure. I am without fear. I am the All Es, incorporated on the low earth, having no fear. (The All Es gave forth, having no fear. By this he created the creation. Like a lion, he goes forth. The sun is under his feet; so is the broad earth. |1439| Whatever lives or is dead, flees before his breath. Even Death comes and goes by his command.)












1439  see image i055






  i055 Tablet of Baugh-ghan-ghad. Origin of the astrological sign Leo.   (see image only)



35/X.3. B-G-G. said: Go forth, my sons and daughters, multiply, fearing nothing. To the extent that you do these things, so will I exalt you. To the extent that you do not do these things, I will bind and enslave.

35/X.4. B-G-G. said: Do not think I choose a weak man or a coward to be king. I choose only the valiant, who do not fear. Do not think that I exalt the weak in heaven and make them Gods over mortals; I choose the slayer of men and the death‑dealing.

(At this part of the service the initiates march before the throne.)

35/X.5. B-G-G.: Who dares my power? |1440| Down on your bellies and crawl like serpents before my throne! Down, and speak! I command!

35/X.6. First Initiate: By Rux I swear! I will not down.

35/X.7. Second I: By him who stands above the Sun, I will not down.

35/X.8. Third I: Nor I, though you drink my blood.

(Similar ejaculations from other initiates.)

35/X.9. B-G-G.: Then I must descend from my throne of skulls to raise the seat another row. (To servant:) Bring my battle‑ax here. (The ax is brought, and the Master, clothed in a lion's skin, with a serpent's skin coiled about his head, descends from the throne, and seizing the battle‑ax, falls upon the initiates, who have been previously drilled. During the ceremonies, some of the initiates are killed outright, generally not intentionally. A cellar is underneath, and over this the boards are made to trip [trap doors --ed.]. The Master knows this (but the initiates do not), and has the advantage. The fray of skill lasts about an hour, during which the initiates are mostly sent below.)

35/X.10. B-G-G.: Ha'oot! Ha'oot! With Ghads I fought. With Ghads I am king and brother! Come forth, fallen foes, and live triumphantly! With brothers like these I will go forth and gather skulls to build another temple.

(The servants help all that are alive out of the cellar, and if they are well and strong they are spared, but if they are physically maimed, they are slain with the battle‑ax. All that thus fail to take the first degree, have their skulls scraped and added to the throne, or judgment‑seat. During the ceremonies, and along with the initiates, are two or more who had been previously initiated, and these of course are spared.)

35/X.11. First I: To you and none else, I swear everlastingly. Yours is forever the place of skulls. (Ug'sa'sa.) (Golgotha.)

35/X.12. B-G-G.: Know, then, you Iod'a (Gods), I am descended from Baugh-ghan‑ghad, the All Spirit of Light and Power. By Him incarnate in Mi, virgin of the corporeal world, my blood is fed by the souls of men. In the days before the flood of waters my Sire built a temple a hundred goo'en square; |1441| with skulls he built it, and feasted on their souls, rising up in the firmament, above the sun, companion of the stars. On the spirits of mortals slain, his spirit feasted full of rich strength, till all the world bowed down and called him Master!















1440  i.e., who dares challenge my power; who dares to stand against my power










































1441  See Temple of Skulls images i056, i057, for an example of such a temple.






i056 Temple of Skulls. Distant view of the Temple of Baugh-ghan-ghad, in Ga'haite, 11,000 years B.K. [Allowing a skull to be six by eight inches, the inside and outside walls of a building, as described here, would require eight thousand skulls. --Ed.] [Also see 21/14.2<golgothas>.]

(see image only)






i057 Temple of Skulls close up. Sectional view of Golgotha temple, 11,000 years before kosmon.

(see image only)



35/X.13. Oruhk (the concealed choristers from behind): All hail! All hail! O Master, man and chief of blood! We come from the abode of flying wolves, lions and bears, raised up in the Osk'oe rocks (sky-rocks) that feed the black earth, the thrones of mighty Ghads! Great Baugh‑ghan‑ghad called us forth; for the clang of your battle‑ax shook the stars, saying: Down! Down, you Ghads, to Mi (mother earth). My holy begotten Son, king of men, feeds his throne with dead men's skulls! || Behold, O King of Men, these, your valiant fighters, from their birth, are reared as brother Ghads! O, do not slay them, but teach them that he who would rule in heaven must begin on earth, and send his neighbors bellowing down to dust! Bring them before the altar, smoking in their blood, and on the ark (a chest which contains incense), let them mingle in covenant with the Everlasting Son!

(The marshals now conduct them before the altar, where they cast down their battle‑axes and join hands, encircling the ark. From the east, west, north and south the high priests come forth out of recesses in the walls of the temple, and the priests in twos and fours bear torches and approach the altar and the ark, chanting for the glory of Baugh‑ghan‑ghad, the All Powerful Creator of heaven and earth. The Master and the initiates take of their blood, which issues from their wounds, and mingle it together, and lick with their tongues the commingled blood, saying: Drink it in remembrance of me and of Baugh‑ghan‑ghad, my Sire, the Creator, doing all things for His glory!)

(And now the Aha'da come, bringing forth strips of flesh from the thighs of those who were slain in the ceremonies, and they bring them to the Master and he puts the strips of flesh under his own thigh, and all the initiates put their hands under his thigh also, for this is swearing an oath by the thigh, and they say: I put my hand under this thigh, and I am sworn. When that is accomplished, the Master takes the strips of flesh and eats some of it, and then hands it to the initiates, saying: This is the flesh of my body, eat of it in remembrance of me and of Baugh‑ghan‑ghad, for in my blood and the flesh of my body I have established the esa‑au‑gau‑hoi (Church militant) over all the world! || Then the initiates take the flesh and eat some of it.)

35/X.14. Kohen (the chief priest): Write your names in blood on this tablet, and swear by these bones and skulls.

35/X.15. Initiates: On the tablet we write our names in blood, and by these bones and skulls we swear.

35/X.16. Kohen and Initiates (together): To keep sacred the oath under the thigh; to preserve the holy words of the feast of flesh and blood, for coming generations, so that the Light and Glory of Baugh‑ghan‑ghad, the Creator, may shine forever. Amen!

(The M'ghan, the women, now come forward, having cloth about the loins, and they bring the dead men and place their bodies on the altar of sacrifice, which has been previously heaped up with dry wood, and when the fire is lit the M'ghan march around the altar of fire, singing and clapping hands. Presently in the smoke and the foul smell of the burnt flesh, the Ogs'uk (evil spirits) appear, so that many can see them, and they eat of the smoke and of the foul smell, which are the food of spirits of darkness, and when they have feasted to their satisfaction, they take of the smoke and the foul smell, and carry them away to hada to their companions, of whom their number is endless.)

35/X.17. Master: Hioot'a! Hioot'a! Behold, my Sire appears in a cloud of smoke and fire. Bow down your heads, M'ghan'a (the women), and invoke His mighty power!

35/X.18. Kohen'a (the high priests): O Almighty Baugh‑ghan‑ghad, Creator of heaven and earth, appear! Appear! You who slays all and feasts upon them, appear! Appear!

(Presently the chief of the Ogs'uk makes a light in the midst of the black smoke, showing a face of fire, and it is a man's face; but the body he shows is dark, and of the form of a lion. And now the people march about within the temple, beating together their battle‑axes and spears of wood, and clapping their hands, singing all the while. The Master reveals himself in the lion's skin, and ascends his throne of skulls, and he is no longer called Master, but Baugh‑ghan‑ghad.)

35/X.19. B-G-G.: As my Sire reigns in heaven, so I reign on earth.

35/X.20. Initiates: Hail, Holy Father, Baugh-ghan‑ghad! Hail, Holy Son, Baugh‑ghan‑ghad!

35/X.21. B-G-G.: I command the earth!

35/X.22. I's: The Son commands the earth.

35/X.23. B-G-G.: I command the mighty waters.

35/X.24. I's: The Son commands the mighty waters.

35/X.25. B-G-G.: I command the air above the earth.

35/X.26. I's: The Son commands the air above the earth.

35/X.27. B-G-G.: For these are mine to keep forever.

35/X.28. I's: For these are the Son's to keep forever.

35/X.29. B-G-G.: I am the Holy Esa‑au‑gau‑hoi. (Church militant.)

35/X.30. I's: The Son is the Holy Esa‑au‑gau‑hoi.

35/X.31. B-G-G.: My holy labor is to subdue nations and tribes of men.

35/X.32. I's: The Son's labor is to subdue nations and tribes of men.

35/X.33. B-G-G.: I make treaties or break them when I will.

35/X.34. I's: The Son makes or breaks treaties when he will.

35/X.35. B-G-G.: For all things on the earth are mine.

35/X.36. I's: For all things on the earth are his.

35/X.37. B-G-G.: I am immaculate, and cannot do wrong.

35/X.38. I's: The Son is immaculate, and cannot do wrong.

35/X.39. B-G-G.: Right and Wrong must be judged by Me.

35/X.40. I's: Right and Wrong must be judged by the Son.

35/X.41. B-G-G.: By My will I make Wrong right, or Right wrong.

35/X.42. I's: By the Son's will, he makes Wrong right, or Right wrong.

35/X.43. B-G-G.: I am the All Holy Standard.

35/X.44. I's: The Son is the All Holy Standard.

35/X.45. B-G-G.: I cannot err. I and My Father are one.

35/X.46. I's: The Son cannot err. The Son and the Father are one.

35/X.47. B-G-G.: I now demand a thousand skulls.

35/X.48. I's: The Son demands a thousand skulls.

35/X.49. B-G-G.: Baugh‑ghan‑ghad demands a thousand skulls.

35/X.50. I's: Baugh‑ghan‑ghad shall have a thousand skulls.

35/X.51. B-G-G.: Baugh‑ghan‑ghad demands a pool of human blood for his Son's silver boat.

35/X.52. I's: Baugh‑ghan‑ghad shall have a pool of human blood for his Son's silver boat.

35/X.53. B-G-G.: Go forth, My brother Iod'a (Gods), and bring the skulls and the blood, for this is the time of the sacred solemn feast!

35/X.54. I's: We will go forth and bring a thousand skulls and the blood for our King! All hail! Mighty King of Men! All hail!

35/X.55. (The Master now rises to his feet, with his battle‑ax outstretched, menacingly. The initiates raise their axes and spears menacingly also, and walking backward, depart out of the temple.)






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