Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy







i060 Illustrations of Corporeal Worlds. As seen through corporeal eyes.   (see image only)







i061 Light in Space Illustrated. Expressions of vortices as seen through corporeal eyes.   (see image only)







< i063 Primary Vortex. The power that makes planets. First age of a vortex, and the beginning of cometary existence. A whirlwind in the etherean heavens. Typical diameter from half a million to four million miles. Typical length from 10 million to 300 million miles.   (see image only)



i064 Secondary Vortex. Second age of a vortex. Period of nebulae formation, and conjunction of eccentric course. Also the beginning of cyclic position.   (see image only)




i065 Third Age of Vortex. Now called Wark, because the condensing nebula engenders heat within the embryonic world, forming in the central part. S, S, shows the position of forming moons (satellites).   (see image only)




i066 Fourth Age of Vortex. Now called Inqua, a ball within a ball, or womb of vapor; that is, a ball of corpor within a sphere of air (atmospherea). (Dark area in center of womb is location of planet, but here made transparent in order to show the vortexian currents.) S, S, satellites.  (see image only)




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