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All glossary images are from the 1882 Oahspe



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Jehovih: See Jehovih 04/. One who can hear Jehovih's voice is Ieue or Iesu. Some scholars have (erroneously?) used the words Jehovih, Elohim and Ieue as synonymous.   (see image only)



000b61a Jehovih glossaryArt

Ji'ay: Semi-light substance in etherea. Less dense than a'ji. [see 35/D.57]   (see image only)



000b62a ji'ay glossaryArt

Judas: From the Persian name Zhoo'da, or Zhoo'das. Betrayer of Zarathustra. [see 21/27.11-14]

(see image only)


000b63a Judas glossaryArt

Kingdom: Synonymous with jov, or an organic association with a head. The head on earth is king, in heaven, jovs, or God, or Jove, or Joss.

(see image only)


000b64a kingdom glossaryArt

Kosmon Era: Kosmon, universal knowledge, corpor and spirit. Universal fellowship in all nations.

(see image only)


000b65a Kosmon Era glossaryArt

Leotonas: Pharaoh's daughter, Moses' protector.

(see image only)


000b66a Leotonas glossaryArt

Loo'is: Angels who provide the pre-natal condition for such mortal births as are designed for special work by the Gods or Lords. Synonymous with masters of generations; next in rank to Lords. Their smallest organization is one hundred thousand members. Next rank above ashars. [see e.g., 28/14.2-11]

(see image only)


000b67a loo'is glossaryArt

Lord: A God of the earth, or a part of the earth; next lower in rank than the God of heaven and earth. The first exalted rank an angel receives in heaven, is asaph; the second is ashar, the third is loo'is, the fourth marshal, the fifth Lord, and the sixth God. Marshals are rather vice-Lords and are not titled [i.e., receive no crown]. The first title is Lord, the second God. God sometimes appoints a Lord to a single city [or district] on earth; sometimes one to a nation. A Lord's minor dominion is one hundred million angels, and a major several billions. [In kosmon,] Lords must have passed beyond the second resurrection before eligibility.

(see image only)


000b68a Lord glossaryArt

Lord God: An angel that fulfills both offices.

(see image only)


000b69a Lord God glossaryArt

Lord-self, or false Lords: As the name implies. (Any angel that announces himself to mortals as an officer in heaven, is false.)   (see image only)



000b70a self Lord glossaryArt

Lusters: Angels who maintain sex in the es world by proximity to mortals. Nocturnal visitors for secret vice. (The cause of the evil habit in men, and also the producers of harlots [prostitutes, whores] among women.)   (see image only)



000b71a lusters glossaryArt

Moses: A basket baby; a "come by chance." See full history of Moses in this work, Arc of Bon 27/13. See 28/16 and 17, Moses in heaven.

(see image only)


000b72a1 Moses glossaryArt

Nebulae: A dense atmosphere of corporeal substance. [see 04/2.8]   (see image only)



000b73a Nebula glossaryArt

Nirvania: [sometimes called Nirvana] Emancipated; etherean heavens; beyond the earth's heavens; the higher heavens.   (see image only)

Nirvanian: One of a council who appoint the Orians their places and duties.



000b74a Nirvania glossaryArt

Oahspe: Sky, earth (corpor) and spirit. The all; the sum of corporeal and spiritual knowledge as at present.   (see image only)

Oe'tan: An angel who had attained to wisdom and power to make worlds. [see 20/17.8]



000b75a1 Oahspe glossaryArt

Orian: A ruler over etherean worlds.

(see image only)


000b76a Orian glossaryArt

Ormazd: Or, light; mazd, master. Master Light; The Master of Light; equivalent to Jehovih.

(see image only)


000b77a Or'mazd glossaryArt

Osire, Osiris: Philosophy of measurement. One who maintains that only what can be measured or weighed is real knowledge. The sun is the largest, therefore, the Sun is the Almightiest. Also a God; see Book of Osiris (18/). There was also a false God Osiris of later date who inspired the building of pyramids. [see 25/49.8-20]   (see image only)


000b78a Osire glossaryArt



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