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Capilya: A deliverer; a man of India, contemporaneous with Moses. And, like Moses, he delivered the Faithists out of bondage, not by migration, but by establishing their freedom throughout India. He also wrought miracles. Sometimes spelt Capella; a star was named after him.   (see image only)



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Chaotics: Deranged angels; such as are killed in war or in anger.   (see image only)

Che'ba: The desire that comes of inspiration. [see 15/1.8]



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Chine: A deliverer; a man of China, contemporaneous with Moses and Capilya. He was to China a great deliverer. He was an iesu by birth, and wrought miracles. The country, China, was named by him after himself. (After his death, and his body was reduced to ashes, Jehovih caused a wind to gather up the ashes, and restore China to life for seven days, during which time he preached before the kings and the people. Then Jehovih sent down a ship of light, and bore Chine up to heaven.) See doctrines of Chine, this work. [see 27/24.3-13; 27/31.1-34; 26/4.11-12; 27/21.1-27/31/34]

(see image only)


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Chinvat: The boundary between the rotating atmosphere of the earth and the ether beyond. Called also Bridge of Chinvat.   (see image only)



000b24a chinvat glossaryArt

Christ, or Kriste: Wisdom, knowledge, education. After the false God, Looeamong, falsely took this name, it became synonymous with warrior.

(see image only)


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Christians, or Kriste'yans: A brotherhood of warriors. One who rushes into a multitude of rioters, and, with a sword, enforces peace, is a true Christian. A people whose faith is in arms and standing armies. (The following words are synonymous; Brahma, budha, christ, kriste, baal ashtaroth, dagon, vishnu, ashdod, knowledge, wisdom, chreshna, light, po, te'in, wah, manito, and, in fact, a score of others.)

(see image only)


000b26a Christians glossaryArt

Corpor: Whatever has length, breadth and thick­ness, and is perceptible to corporeal sight, hearing and feeling; the extreme opposite condition from ether, or solution, or rarefaction. Corporea signifies all corpor anywhere, or the corporeal realm.

(see image only)


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Corporean: A man of the earth; any man, all men. In contradistinction from an angel who is a man of es, a spirit.   (see image only)



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Crucify: To melt; to test by fire; to test by binding. The original form of testing a su'is or sar'gis (medium), was by binding him on a wheel.

(see image only)  [also see image i022 (with text)]

C'Vorkum: The roadway of the Solar Phalanx. Also spelled C'vork'um, Cevorkum, C'warkum. Literally meaning the place and direction of the chief vortex. In practical terms it means the orbit of the sun with its family of planets, or its place in that orbit. The etherean roadway is shown in various images in Oahspe including Cevorkum and Anoad.


000b29a crucify glossaryArt

Dan: Light. A 'cyclic dawn' is dan, as in the Arc of Spe-ta or Arc of Bon; such a dan comes once every three thousand years, and is preceded by spirit-manifestations and by signs and wonders. There are also sub-cycle dans of 200, 400, 600, etc., years. [also see 35/D.17 (Dang)]   (see image only)



000b30a dan glossaryArt

Daveas, or Daevas: Bad angels; spirits who deceive and tempt. A prince of liars. In the Vedic Scriptures, equivalent to devil, in English.

(see image only)


000b31a daveas glossaryArt

Deity, or Dyaus: One of the Gods of the lower heavens, who pretended to be the Creator. He was afterward cast into hell by his own subjects. The false God, Anuhasaj, alias De'yus, alias Lord God, alias Zeus.   (see image only)



000b32a diety glossaryArt

Dibbah: One of the Hebrew seven tetracts (evil dispositions within man); a tattler. [see 10/13.9-11; 11/1.68; 21/11.4]   (see image only)



000b33a dibbah glossaryArt

Div, or Diva, or Divinity: A parliament of Lords in the lower heavens in cycles past. The Divan laws were in use for two cycles, about six thousand years, being the cycles of Fragapatti and Cpenta-armij.

(see image only)


000b34a Div glossaryArt

Druj: Druj applies to an angel, the same as druk to a mortal; low, dark, evil, dangerous.

(see image only)


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Druk: A low mortal; one who desires no spiritual light; one who cannot understand spiritually. An evil man, a warrior.   (see image only)



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Eawahtah, or Hiawatha: A North American Indian, who restored the people to the Great Spirit and who founded the United States of North America, which became a model used to form the United States of America [see 24/24.1-24/27.49]; a contemporary with Abraham, Brahma and Po.

(see image only)

Egisi: Volunteers who may have previously registered themselves for such an excursion. [see 23/1.10]

Emun: Choking atmosphere. [see 10/5.11]

Emuts: Some of the high‑raised officers in etherea devote their labors mostly to affairs in etherea, sel­dom dealing with the affairs of corporeal worlds. Others deal largely with the affairs of corporeal worlds; these latter are called Emuts. [see 10/3.20; 20/27.4]

Eon: Travelers (in the surveys of magnitudes,) who notify the Oe'tans of the available places for new worlds, and the time for dissipating old ones. [see 20/17.1-8]

Eoptian Age: From the time man comes into being on the earth with potential for eternal life, until his race becomes extinct, is the eoptian age of the earth. [see05/22.3]


000b37a Eawahtah glossaryArt

Es: The unseen worlds, i.e., unseen by the corporeal eyes of mortals. This word is used in the feminine; synonymous with the spirit world.

(see image only)


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Es'enaurs: Heavenly musicians, composed of singers and instrument players.   (see image only)

Es'pa: Spiritual food carried up from the earth. [see 25/16.14-15]

E'spe: Spiritual record. [see 28/3.5]

Es'pe: Spiritual history. [see 20/37.15]

Es'tu: Spiritual center. [see 12/7.9]


000b39a Es'enaurs glossaryArt

Es'yan: A newborn spirit. When a mortal dies, and his spirit departs into heaven, it is called an es'yan. This name it retains as long as it is helpless, perhaps a year, or five years, or a hundred years.

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000b40a Es'yan glossaryArt

Ethe: The solvent of corpor; as water is the solvent of salt, so is ethe the solvent of corporeal substance, of which latter, hydrogen is one of the most sublimated. As a corporeal man dwells on the earth, and as an es'yan dwells in atmospherea, so do the advanced angels dwell in ethe, in etherea.

(see image only)


000b41a Ethe glossaryArt

Etherea: Beyond the atmosphere, the great firmament, where are situated the higher heavens, the homes of the Gods and Goddesses. Etherea, as a place, is nirvana (emancipated).   (see image only)



000b42a Etherea glossaryArt


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