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F-I shown below


Faith: A convinced belief; a condition of mind fully satisfied; next to actual knowledge. We have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow morning, but the knowledge cannot be actual until after sunrise.

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Faithist: One who has faith in Jehovih being over all, and within all, to a wise and definite purpose. One who does not have faith in anything but Jehovih. One who endeavors to make himself in unison with Jehovih by doing good to others, and in striving to put away self-gratification. A non-resistant. The opposite from Uzian.   (see image only)


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Fetal: A suckling; also one that gives suck. More especially, an absorbent. As a young child, sleeping with a very old person, is robbed of its vitality. Fetals feed on the imperceptible nutrition; the unseen current of life that passes from one person to another. A healer gives haoma (fetal food) to the sick. A child that dies before birth, has a fetal spirit; it is fetaled on a mortal until it attains development. Many full-grown spirits (angels) fetal themselves on mortals and live so. These are called vampire fetals. Persons who have been drunkards or gormandizers on flesh food, after death, fetal themselves on other mortals, living on their atmosphere, especially of drunkards, smokers, and gross eaters.

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Firmament: The world of space between the stars and planets.   (see image only)



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Fragapatti: A God of the highest rank, a Nirvanian Chief. In the Hindu Scriptures, he is called a Creator. See Fragapatti 20/.   (see image only)



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God, or Iod, or Joss: An angel, in rank next above Lord, and next below Orian Chief. One who is sufficiently wise and powerful to take charge of a planet and its atmospherean heavens. His assistant on the throne is called vice-God. Sub-Gods are those who have charge over a plateau or heaven; but still under the reigning God.   (see image only)



000b48a God glossaryArt

Golgotha: A temple of skulls. (see image only) [also see 35/X.11; 21/14.2; image i056 (with text); image i057 (with text)]

Grade and Ingrade are, Grade, that which now is; Ingrade, that which is coming. [see 37/5.20-35]


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Great Spirit: The universe is earth (corpor), sky and spirit; the three (in one) are Jehovih. As the spirit of a man is to the man, so is the Great Spirit to Jehovih. Though Great Spirit is also used as synonymous with Jehovih.   (see image only)



000b50a GreatSpirit glossaryArt

Guatama: The cosmological name of America. Literally, the last spirit foundation; the last revelation. Sometimes spelt Gotama.

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Hada: Atmospherea, the heavens of the earth. Hada (Hades) also came to mean the lower-grade heavens that rest on or near the earth, as differentiated from the higher-grade atmospherean heavens. Hada, the first place for spirits of the dead.


000b51a Guatama glossaryArt

Ham: Cosmological name of Egypt. The followers of Abram bestowed that country's name on him, after they settled there. One who is black with sunburn.   (see image only)

Han'iv: The prow of a vessel. [A prow is the front end of the body of the ship; hull; bow.] [see05/12.4]



000b52a Ham glossaryArt

Haoma: Food; food for sacrament. Also spiritual food; unseen food. The unseen sustenance that passes from one to another; improperly called magnetism [1880s]. [see 21/11.7]   (see image only)

Heine: Etherean food. [see 22/13.8]


000b53a haoma glossaryArt

Hell: Anarchy in heaven, especially in hada, the lowest heaven, where angels torment one another. When an earthly tyrant dies, evil spirits seize his newborn spirit for vengeance's sake, and cast him into hell.   (see image only)

Hi'dan: Highest light. Hi'dan is a time of the highest etherean light that comes to the earth every 3,000 years (average). [See 10/2.13. All other habitable worlds also have their time of hi'dan or highest light, but do their hi'dan cycles have a different periodicity than 3000 years?]

Hi'dang: High noon, or sun at noon. Also a Faithist ceremony bearing that name. [see 35/D.43; 35/Z]

Hidan Sun: North Star. [see 26/2.1]

Hidan Vortex: The vortex of the North Star. [see 25/48.26]


000b54a hell glossaryArt

Hirom: A Zarathustrian hat; a hat red with blood; a rimless hat. Made famous by Hab-bak, a Faithist, who was cast into a den of lions. The hat was afterward recovered. The master in the lodge wears the hat, during which time he is saluted as cardinal, or Hi-rom, which is the Ahamic word for red hat. A skull cap. Hi-rom was also an atmospherean heavenly kingdom over Africa, E'chad being Lord God over it. [see 20/38.8-12; 20/37.1; 20/37.15-27]

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Homa: Refreshing perfume, more delicate than Haoma. [see 23/3.15]

Ho'tu: Barrenness. [see 04/4.17]


000b55a Hirom glossaryArt

Iesu: A sexless person; one without the possibility of sexual passion. Some men, as Brahma, attain to iesu. Improperly called iesus. The Hebraic word Ieue was made from Iesu; one who can hear the voice of the Great Spirit. Ieue has been improperly confounded with Jehovih. Men who attain iesu are said to have attained the state of woman, i.e., to have changed sex. --Ed.   (see image only)



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I'hins: The race born of a'su and angels; the half breeds, from whom we are the descendants.

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I'hua'Mazda: God of Zarathustra. See God's Word 21/.   (see image only)



000b59a I'hua'Mazda glossaryArt

I'huan: Half breed between I'hins and druks. The copper-colored race.   (see image only) [also see image i014 (with text)]

Imbrele: Poison worms materialized. [See 20/39.10.] Also spelled Imbrael.



000b58a I'huans glossaryArt

Isaah: I's'ah, a Chinese prophet. The word "Isaiah" is of modern Hebrew. Most likely the ancient Phoenicians disguised the Chinese name purposely. Is, faith, A', knowledge, AH, above the earth; a prophet. Is'aac is Faithist in something above the earth; Is'ra'al, Faith in Jehovih. A password in the fourth degree of a lodge of prophets. RA, however, in Hebrew, is evil. [Also spelled in Oahspe as I-sa-ah. Isaah was also the name of a Captain and later one of the 14 Chief Generals under Te-in the false God of China who himself was under the chief false God De'yus; general Isaah was assigned to earth duty, and subsequently, on earth, he was known as a God of China. [see 35/K.45; 25/45.2; 25/16.33]

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Iz‑Zerlites: Isaerites. Israelites. The beginnings of the Israelites was the combining of two peoples, the Iz and the Zerl tribes. Organized by Abraham, the Faithists moved into what would become Egypt, and were called Israelites. Moses led them out of Egypt, and they settled in North Arabinya [Middle East] and they called their new land Israel. Also spelled Iz'Zerlites in Oahspe. [see 25/48.12; 27/13.9; 25/12.12; 35/J.2; 35/I.5.1]


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